It always fasicnated me that many so called charismatic people can enter a room and immediately make others feel good and secure. What is charisma? Is it a side benefit of spiritual growth?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It IS a state of BEING.Love and Light

(23 Jan '13, 17:55) Roy

I don't think so, maybe just a different gift of the spirit.

(24 Jan '13, 07:18) clearheart

release, they have learned to use or stumbled upon a way to use the Divine power within creation to be impressive to the eyes their peers

(27 Jan '13, 06:24) fred

I love the example of a greatly charismatic and witty character, which is Christolph Waltz in the new Tarantino flick Django. Actually reminds me of @Stingray

(27 Jan '13, 20:42) Nikulas

@Nikulas Waltz is great in Django unchained. I find his role charismatic too like many other characters in tarantino movies :) . Oh, and Samuel Jackson is actually very spiritual in that role :)

(27 Jan '13, 20:53) releaser99

@releaser99 - I have a long-running argument with old friends. They are an older couple whom I've known for 20 years now. They insist that I have "it" - that I light up every room I walk into... I however, have noticed that it is only the people who dearly love me, as they do, who say things like this lol! So I argue that it is all really much more in the eye of the beholder, when you see the way that light attaches to a girl. :)

(27 Jan '13, 22:23) Grace

@Grace No need to argue. I think one can sense your positive aura even through the internet. But you are right in one point. As @Satori mentioned already, everybody's definition of charisma is different. In hindsight i can see that my question was very vague.

(27 Jan '13, 22:42) releaser99

Good question, regardless. You asked what is charisma? It got us all thinking about it and defining it for ourselves, which is how we found out that we all have different definitions, which is in itself a definition of charisma! :) That indefinable "something". Your question, IMO, has illustrated that point perfectly.

(27 Jan '13, 22:53) Grace

@Grace Good point :)! Maybe law of attraction defines what charismatic actually means for each person. A hangman will probably find other characters pleasant and charismatic than one who is passionately engaged in charities for instance.

(27 Jan '13, 23:06) releaser99
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Releaser 99, your question , sparked a remembrance and so I thought , why not add a little humour to our often serious delving , I hope you all enjoy this little memento from the past ..............

Once upon a time there was a village. All of the people in the village got along very well. There was kindness, love, compassion, and justice. Every person in the village owned a special bag. It was given to them by their parents at the age of 3. Inside this bag were hundreds of warm fuzzies. Warm fuzzies were soft, cuddly, cottony little puffs. When you gave someone a warm fuzzy, they felt warm and fuzzy inside. People in the village gave each other warm fuzzies anytime they wanted to let someone know they were loved. When someone received a warm fuzzy, they put it in their bag.

One day, an evil sorceress came to town. She saw that everyone was giving out these warm fuzzies from their bags and she didn’t like it. She went up to one villager and said, “Why do you keep giving away your warm fuzzies? Aren’t you afraid you’re going to run out? Here, take this bag of cold pricklies and give these to the people in your village instead, and keep all your warm fuzzies for yourself.” The villager took the bag because he believed the sorceress’ tale. The next time he ran into a friend, he handed him one of the cold pricklies from his new bag. A cold prickly made someone feel cold and prickly inside, like they were swallowing a pin cushion. Soon all the villagers went to the sorceress and asked for their own bag of cold pricklies since they didn’t want to be the only people handing out warm fuzzies if everyone else was going to hand out cold pricklies. Once you had a cold prickly, you wanted to give it away to someone else as fast as possible.

The sorceress was pleased. Her plan was working perfectly. Now the village was in a state of fear and panic. Everyone started avoiding everyone else so they wouldn’t be given a cold prickly. People hoarded their small supply of warm fuzzies and didn’t give them out to anyone anymore. But no one was happy anymore either.

One day a prince arrived in town and almost immediately someone handed him a cold prickly from their bag. The prince, recognizing the cold prickly, refused to take it. The villager was surprised and tried again. The prince handed the person a warm fuzzy from his bag. The villager was surprised, and a little ashamed that he had tried to give this warm prince a cold prickly and instead received a warm fuzzy.

The prince addressed the crowd and said, “Why do you give each other cold pricklies?” One villager said, “Why should we give away all of our warm fuzzies? Shouldn’t we keep them for ourselves?” Other villagers agreed. But the prince said, “Every time you give away a warm fuzzy a new one is created in your own bag. Don’t you see? The more you give away, the more you will have.”

To demonstrate, the prince had everyone put down their bag of cold pricklies and retrieve their bag of warm fuzzies from their homes. He asked everyone to take out a warm fuzzy from their bag and hand it to a neighbor. This they did, but warily. Then the prince told them to notice that they all still had the same amount of warm fuzzies in their bags as before. People started giving away more warm fuzzies and noticed their bag was never empty. There were indeed enough warm fuzzies for everyone.

The sorceress was very upset and tried to interrupt the prince and get everyone to give out cold pricklies again. But the villagers didn’t want to listen anymore. They threw all their bags of cold pricklies into a wagon, set the sorceress inside it, and sent her out of town.

The villagers realized they’d learned a valuable lesson.

When you give someone a warm fuzzy, they in turn will give it to someone else. Eventually, it will come back around to you.

What do you carry in your bag?

alt text

Forgive me Wade , here to correct the imbalance 2 versions of Cold Prickly

alt text

alt text


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@Starlight I love this story. I think i will tell this one to children so they can cultivate a giver mentality. Thank you!:)

(24 Jan '13, 20:33) releaser99

I love that I can now discern when someone is giving me one or the other. And also myself giving the same :)

(24 Jan '13, 20:49) clearheart

LOL this was a funny story, I like the warm fuzzies photo!

Where is the cold pricklies photo?

(24 Jan '13, 21:12) Wade Casaldi

Wow I'll take a warm fuzzy any day over a cold prickly! But maybe all a cold prickly needs is some love to turn into a warm fuzzy... Then again I have to think of the short story in the Monster Club movie of the town of ghouls. There was a record of a pastor that found a ghoul and tried taking care of it and loving it but he found out the hard way, bad decision!

(24 Jan '13, 22:24) Wade Casaldi

Glad you like it dear fellow Questers , it's so easy really to do Warm Fuzzies , dont ya fink ;-)

(25 Jan '13, 18:05) Starlight

@Starlight - Loved this story, thanks for sharing. Here.... have a Warm Fuzzy. ;)

(25 Jan '13, 23:25) Grace

@Grace , thank you muchly and right back atcha ;-)

(27 Jan '13, 22:25) Starlight
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No it is more a motivational thing but not necessarily spiritual. A football coach gets his players fired up to play but he may not be very spiritual. An Army general gets his battalion all fired up to go do battle but is not spiritual. Enthusiasm is controlling to many people, if you make them feel good you can get them to do what you want. Send in your donations, go to war, buy our product now, invest in your future with our company, etc....

I can't think of anyone more charismatic than Danny K was, I think he was hyper-active, today we would say ADHD. A more recent example would be Robbin Williams.

I think they have a great love for what they do. This can be spiritual driven or ego driven or even conquest driven.


answered 23 Jan '13, 18:11

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi I think you are right. There are actually many forms of being charismatic. Some would call lovely Mother theresa charismatic while others would call Hitler as being charismatic like a drill sargent. I should have defined what i mean by charismatic.

(24 Jan '13, 18:21) releaser99

I used to think that was the case, until recently.

I would say that Eckhart Tolle is regarded as being quite a spiritual chap. He was i believe voted the most spiritually influential person in the world recently. Not that that proves anything, BUT it does seem he IS regarded as being a spiritual heavyweight.

I like the guy, he makes sense . But hell.....hes not what i would call charismatic. Hes not a Mike Dooley or a Rev Ike is he?

But he does command a large audience and his ideas are well received.

So my answers no.



answered 24 Jan '13, 11:22

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Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera hahaha yeah i agree :). Calling Eckhart Tolle charismatic would be like saying a turtle is a fast runner. But he is actually a good leader. So this means a leader doesn't have to be charismatic to be successful.

(24 Jan '13, 18:25) releaser99

Some people are one or the other or both. From my experience most people I would define as charismatic are generally in a good feeling place and give out good vibes, so they are more in alignment with their Higher Self. Maybe that is the link?

But you don't have to know about spirituality to feel good. :)


answered 24 Jan '13, 12:00

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Smiling here as I type, I have been accused of having "charisma" , yet all I see or feel it as. is feeling good and people pick up on that and in turn it lifts their vibes, not about manipulation or motivating people . Had a nice Dr tell me once he was at a conference with other medico's and the tea break chat was about.......

(24 Jan '13, 18:15) Starlight some patients no matter what always left him feeling yucky, others neutral and then ones like myself who actually left the Dr feeling better after their visit,thought it was great of him to share that and in turn it made me "feel good " Am I spiritual , I like to think so , but I don't believe they are mutually exclusive

(24 Jan '13, 18:16) Starlight

@Satori "more in alignment with their Higher Self". Very good point. Maybe we could add "...more in alignment in every social situation"? Maybe charismatic people are always in alignment while being with others!? So they don't have - fears of rejection - feelings of separateness - fear of doing something wrong in social situations

(24 Jan '13, 18:32) releaser99

@Starlight -"I don't believe they are mutually exclusive". Exactly :) "I have been accused of having "charisma". I definitely agree with that starlight. It shines through in your writing. :)

(25 Jan '13, 16:23) Satori

@Releaser99- Well said. I think you have it spot on there. On hindsight I have also realised that everybody's definition of a charismatic person may also differ :)

(25 Jan '13, 16:30) Satori

@Satori , thank you :-) I belong to an Abraham Hicks group on facebook and one of our members Steven posted this high energy youtube vid , I want to share it with you coz it "feels so good" Music is "Levitate" and I promise you well worth the look see

People are awesome 2013

(25 Jan '13, 18:06) Starlight

@Starlight - Thank you for sharing that video. Great music and probably the most amazing compilation of stunts I've ever seen. I didn't think some of this stuff was possible:)

(25 Jan '13, 19:21) Satori

@Satori ,most welcome glad you enjoyed and me neither re stunts :-)

(25 Jan '13, 19:30) Starlight

@Satori - Agreed on our @Starlight's shining charisma. :)

(25 Jan '13, 23:16) Grace

@Starlight - Loved the video wow! I'm thinking I could probably slide down a flight of carpeted stairs for the right sippy-cup, but that's about it for me.... @Nikulas? How about you?

(25 Jan '13, 23:21) Grace

I wonder if cats watch these crazy human videos and laugh and laugh...

(25 Jan '13, 23:23) Grace

@Grace - My cat loves watching TV lol:)

(27 Jan '13, 16:28) Satori
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