I was recently reading about how we can charge our auras with personal magnetism, so that we can influence others e.g. if one was a speaker, he could influence his audience into liking him or becoming more receptive.

I haven't really tried it myself, but I am keen to hear if anyone has tried it and had success with it.


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Pat W

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Very interesting answers. Thank you Pat for asking this question.

(19 Nov '09, 03:46) Celine
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Yes, as your aura becomes stronger, and radiates further from the body as a result, it does start to influence others and bring about that quality of personal magnetism.

And, yes, you find that people just start liking you for no obvious reason.

There are also other benefits to having a powerful aura such as the ability to heal others with your hands.

This is because the fingertips (the first three of each hand) are "outlets" for excess aura energy which can be used to "charge" others who may feel depleted.

There is also one other significant overflow outlet for a powerful aura. That is on the left side of the head and it can eventually form a complete ring.

Those who are sensitive to seeing auras can, in those highly-developed people, see that ring around the head...now you know what a halo really is :)


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Wow. Stingray, do you know any techniques for charging one's aura? I am currently learning basic tai chi and it seems to me to have some similarities with the gathering of one's chi. But how do I send it into my aura? Is it just a matter of concentrating and imagining it? Like a purely mental thing?

(18 Nov '09, 07:55) Pat W

There are plenty of techniques around. If you are approaching this from the Tai Chi/Chi Kung perspective then look for exercises that focus on the Dan Tien. In Western terms, this equates roughly to the Solar Plexus area.

(18 Nov '09, 18:44) Stingray

Yes. Many people do it almost automatically, such as when exercising or when speaking about something they are passionate about. As to deliberately doing it, that is also certainly possible. I personally enjoy public speaking - in fact, more than almost anything else (which is apparently very odd according to most I talk to)...and others enjoy me speaking.

I have always had a rather er...silent magnetic pull on others. This increased dramatically once I got involved in all "this stuff" (at about 11 or so). Normal healthy living i.e. regular vigorous exercise, plenty of water, plenty of raw foods do a fair bit of work themselves. Yogic pranayama is also very effective for this. Since you said you were reading, and you're at this site - I'm going to assume you may be reading Hashnu O. Hara or Atkinson's (Dumont's) writings on it. Both of those are good.

As to personal experiences...it has just become a daily thing - and I don't care to speak too much about my experiences really. But, for example, I have moved people to various emotional frenzies when speaking - to just a room of two or three. (and any person who enjoys speaking will be willing to agree that this is harder with small numbers - I prefer at least 50-100) The majority of what I experience daily is similar to what Wade above me mentioned. :)


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I am so glad to hear this you experience it too, "The majority of what I experience daily is similar to what Wade above me mentioned. :) " I don't feel like why me anymore I not alone in this seeming strange to most people. lol Thanks

(18 Nov '09, 10:07) Wade Casaldi

I have done this a few times, not on purpose and without even realizing I did it.

One time I was at a store and looking at something behind a girl that was working there. I was just about to ask her if I could see it and she turned around grabbed it and handed it to me to look at. I had not asked her and she reacted as if I had asked her.

Another time at a restaurant I ordered I'll say Iced Tea (it could have been some kind of soda I don't remember now) Right after I ordered and she walked away I thought oh man I should have ordered Lemon-Aid that is what I am really thirsty for! She brought me back Lemon-Aid like I had ordered Lemon-Aid, I said "You brought me Lemon-Aid" she said "yes that is what you ordered" I said "that is what I wanted thanks."

I have no idea how this happened but I can say I do and always did a lot of work with my aura and mind so maybe at those times I was like a powerful broadcasting station so loud that the thought overpowered the words and in the first case even pre-seeded the words so strongly I didn't even need to speak!


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Wade Casaldi

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Hi Wade - would you mind sharing about what kind of work you do with your aura and mind, which has led you to develop this ability to influence?

(18 Nov '09, 09:14) Pat W

Pat I got heavy into God Consciousness Experiments, I even created a yahoo group by the same name. I do stuff like for example off the top of my mind. Say I am here, then I look at something and say I am here, I look at thousands of places and say I am here, far and close places. That is one way, it knocks at the limitation belief that I am only at a fixed location in time and space.

(18 Nov '09, 10:12) Wade Casaldi

Here is one for aura specifically, this is on the imaginative level, imagine right now you are this body here, now take this imagination outward as we have an aura and now imagine you are a big bubble of light you are in. Imagine this is as big as the room so now you are the room you are in, expand this more you are the house the surrounding property, the town, go all the way out until you reach the universe imagine this is you too. This is a long meditation it may take over an hour or more. each time feel this space that is you.

(19 Nov '09, 08:05) Wade Casaldi
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to influence other his easy. to not influence them his harder. they have free will same has you. so influence them to help them. but do not influence them out from ego because you become in part responsible of their choice. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

This may not sound to spiritual but influence the hell out of them it's their responsibility to run their lives not yours. I personally would only use a power to influence someone in a way that was not to unreasonable for them to decide in my favor anyway. Some how I fell it's their responsibility to protect themselves It's funny to have people a lot older then me open the door for me. No I don't ask silently. They just do it. People in wheelchairs signal me to go first. I look in the mirror to change lanes and they are waving me over. I love it. I like to return this favor by waving others over.


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