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It happened after reading a question about dreams a few days later I was in a used book store in another town.I found a book called The Wordsworth Dictionary Of Dreams thought would be fun to have as a reference book on dreams .I know it isn't accurate as such but is is a fun book. And in the preface (I just started reading the book) It quotes from characters from the past and how dreams have and possibly should have influenced there lives.

I personally can not remember myself taking any deliberate action after a dream. I think that I might have been observant to the dream and possibly observed the goings on at the time. But not to the point where I didn't do anything or not do.

Has a dream ever influenced you to do or not to do something?

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I know it kind of similar to Jai's but yet still different

(26 Aug '11, 13:39) ursixx

As I wrote on the other thread (the one you linked to above) dreaming that my Dad was going to die, and soon, really helped me to prepare for that. Without the dream, I would not have prepared and would have gone on normally. We all believed my Dad would be around for a long time; he was in great shape. As a retired military person and retired police officer, he was very fit and seemed healthy. We all thought we had many more years to enjoy his company.

Once I had the dream, it affected every decision about him afterwards. When Christmas time came I saved the card that he sent and I began saving his weekly e-mails. I grew more attentive and we had many interesting and enjoyable talks on the phone. And at the first indication to him that something might be wrong with his health, my sister and I traveled to where he was living to be with him. Without the dream certainly we would not have taken it very seriously and probably would not have gone in person so many miles just for a medical test. And we both spent as much time up there as possible over the next two weeks, when he was diagnosed, got much worse, and passed over. We got to say good bye and got to be supportive, and I wouldn't take that time back for anything. The dream shaped every decision we made at that time.


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Thanks for sharing that . Did you share this with him or your sister?

(26 Aug '11, 17:02) ursixx

I did tell my sister after a few days, and thankfully she took it seriously, but I didn't tell my Father, thinking that any fear about it he might have would only make matters worse and possibly weaken him physically. I'm not sure if that was the right decision, but at the time, I was sure it was!

(26 Aug '11, 20:36) LeeAnn 1

Well, I'll share this because it's absolutely true, but you are going to laugh. :)

Recently I dreamed that I had a party at an old apartment that I lived in years ago. In the dream, it was empty of most of my belongings, just a little furniture was still there. I didn't seem to live there anymore, but I was throwing this party anyway.

You were all there. We all had sleeping bags and things all over the floor; it was apparently a big sleep-over; I have no idea why. I remember thinking - I wonder if I've got clean towels for everyone in the morning (See, I told you you'd laugh!)

After doing something in the kichen - I think getting ice for people's drinks - I sat down at the kichen table to chat with people, (@Catherine, you and @Fairy Princess were there, and I think Rob's wife) and I got into this deep conversation with our Rob, who channells our @TReb Bor yit-NE. I'd never met him before, and he was telling me about how he channelled several other entities in addition to TReb, and about their different personalities and strengths, saying that he can go to different ones according to the sort of question he wants to ask.. I had never seen any reference to them here before. Rob welcomed my curiosity, and answered all my nosey questions.

He was so kind and gracious, and so easy to talk to, in the dream, that I put aside my shyness at approaching him on this site (we've not chatted before), and I asked him if the dream were true, if he did channel other entities, to which he of course graciously responded that he does indeed, TReb is just the most dominant.

It turned out, btw that I had his personal appearance totally wrong. In my dream, Rob had light hair that was long, and in a ponytail. And glasses. Still, I believe I met him in some way, and percieved that he was kind and "safe" for me to talk to. I feel nothing but peace about Rob and TReb now, and I have a suspision I could talk to them about anything. :)

The dream ended with me, Rob, and @Stingray going on a beer run. :) I remember wondering (ok, to be honest, fretting :p) over whether I'd be able to find anything in the local store that Stingray would like, because I had an idea he had very good taste in beer... I've never had the guts to ask Stingray if that part of the dream were true or not....

Rob, the only reason I haven't come and said hello is that Facebook and my tablet computer don't seem to get along. I'm working on it...:)

Just for the sake of the curiosity I'd feel if I were reading this, and for any passionate dream interpreters out there: For most of this dream, @Stingray, @The Traveller, @Dollar Bill and @Eddie were standing in the living room talking, @Xoomaville, @Catherine and @Satori were in the kitchen with me, @Jaianniah and @Wade Casaldi, you were sitting on the living room sofa together, along with someone who may have been @LapisLazuli, and someone else I am not sure of... another lady. Someone else was getting the sleeping bags organized in the bedroom..can't quite see who.... Someone else outside on the deck talking about how it might be nice to sleep out there, can't quite see them either, but I'll keep my mind open, it may come back to me... I think that's all I can remember right now...


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I must have been at work in your dream ;) @Grace. And your right Rob is one of the "mellowest" persons I have had conversations with.Thanks for sharing too!

(13 Aug '12, 01:31) ursixx

@ursixx, yeah bummer for me, I would love to meet you. :) But maybe you were one of the people out on the deck, talking about sleeping outside! Do you like sleeping under the stars?

(13 Aug '12, 01:42) Grace
(13 Aug '12, 02:07) ursixx

@Grace This sounds very similar to our spiritual retreat center that is for the moment still in the works of God bringing it to us. This is a dream of Jai and I's for a few years now to have a spiritual retreat center. But to have this party with us all what a cool idea! It would be a big thing though considering IQ is worldwide! But it would be very fun I am sure! :-)

(14 Aug '12, 10:03) Wade Casaldi

@Grace-Bet you had me doing the washing up Grace?:) Thanks for sharing.

(15 Aug '12, 16:01) Satori

@Grace - Love it - and yes, you'll always find me in the kitchen at parties - mainly talking in a small group away from the loud music .... thanks for sharing it with us.

(15 Aug '12, 16:21) Catherine

@Wade Casaldi - I would love that. Can you imagine all of these characters in one room? I can picture us all gathered around the fire... What a dream. I would buy a ticket to that. :)

(17 Aug '12, 15:20) Grace

@Satori - Oh, heck no! DJ Sator-i and the Votex Linx would be knocking back Patrón Silver Tequila shooters with me before heading back to the music! :D

(17 Aug '12, 15:22) Grace

@Catherine - It's always the quiet ones you gotta watch....:)

(17 Aug '12, 15:23) Grace

@ursixx, I loved that link, thank you. Happy, happy music. Made me feel good. :)

(17 Aug '12, 15:24) Grace

@Treb - "I believe I met him in some way, and percieved that he was kind and "safe" for me to talk to. I feel nothing but peace about Rob and TReb now, and I have a suspision I could talk to them about anything. :)" Wow I did meet you in that dream. Now that I know you better, I can see how true this was! :)

(14 Jun '13, 23:59) Grace

@grace- u didn't see me in the dream.. ..?...huhmm.. (in saddy..mood);)

(15 Jun '13, 01:06) supergirl

@grace- it is said tht dreams are the premonitions for something thts gonna happen in future. may be its the our future tht u have seen. well.., its my dream to meet all of u in my life..n i am sure it will come true one day. but,,plss let me know haa, abt ths meet, though i am youngest here.(lolzz).yh, along with @snow., i wil come ..for sure.. :))

(15 Jun '13, 01:10) supergirl

u won't believe but..u knw @grace..u knw, iam so much attached to u guys tht..i can't express it in words. IQ seems my home now. n u all are my actual compannions. i can't imagine my single day without IQ n u all.. love u all..:))

(15 Jun '13, 01:13) supergirl

@supergirl (in saddy..mood) Don't be sad - you weren't a member of IQ yet. Perhaps you were the woman Grace did not recognize in her dream. You forgot @Nikulas - he joined as a mere teen - now he is wise beyond his yrs.

(18 Jun '13, 17:11) ele
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I at fisrt thought you had meant by dreams aspirations. But when Jai saw this big answer I was writing you she showed me you mean night time sleeping dreams not aspirations. In an instant zap I erased everything I wrote as it would have been an answer to the wrong question! Even though it was a good answer for the question I thought you meant. lol

I have had many dreams of fighting devils, so many in fact that now it is a piece of cake. This has given me the confidence as a Christian to cast out devils from homes, buildings and people in real life. I have done this over and over. Once, when I treated a friend's back, he saw me versus the devil. He saw us sitting across from each other, like in a challenge, staring into each other's eyes! At first he saw this devil laughing like this is nothing but then this devil turned into a statue and sand was blowing across it until the face of this was nearly gone. When I finished he said it opened its eyes, I said I can get rid of that too, he said he was okay. He asked how I beat his devil, he is so terrified of. This is someone that had satanic abuse as a child now. I said to him I have Christ in me; with God for me who can be against me? He was surprised and wished he could feel the same as I do. That time I treated him I burned my finger prints into his back, second degree burns. So that devil was fighting hard I guess.

I have cast and delivered many people and homes and places. It doesn't matter I'll clear it.

You can see more of my answer here on the question Has a dream ever changed your life? Actually that has some dream stuff I had long forgotten about. This question has more detail about that healing I did on my friend.


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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks @Wade Casaldi for sharing

(13 Aug '12, 01:27) ursixx

@wade- ur a wonderful person wade n i appreciate u n ur work with all my heart. u always helped me thrgh ur work. u see, my mom is completely healed now. she is in her perfect health n thts all cos of u.., "a big thank u" to u for this..

(15 Jun '13, 01:16) supergirl

@supergirl Wonderful News! I am so glad to read this news. Soon I'll help your dad too. :-)

(15 Jun '13, 12:36) Wade Casaldi

@supergirl I agree, this is wonderful news. I would love to hear more if you would care to share. Or @Wade - care to share?

(18 Jun '13, 17:05) ele
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