What are some of the more accepted criticisms of Objectivism and Ayn Rand's philosophy that man's life is the highest value possible, and that materialism, achievement, self-worth, and above all thinking are the primary means of happiness.

This theory seems very contrary to other eastern world views and certainly conflicts with the self-sacrifice required in most other religions, so what are the weaker points in these claims?

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I guess I need to brush up on my Ayn Rand.

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Hi OfficeQuestions.com. While you are obviously free to call yourself whatever you choose, I think I perhaps ought to point out that using your username to promote your website might raise suspicions in the minds of some that your participation might be motivated by your desire to promote your site. I'm sure this is probably not the case but I thought I should point it out in case you don't get as much involvement from the community here as you might be expecting.

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If you are just looking for criticisms, there is a wealth of information here:


I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss her views. Although I can see how some of her ideas could be unpopular (especially her dismissal of religious and spiritual views), the kind of "enlightened self-interest" she advocates is basically the same set of core beliefs that form the rugged individualism and free market capitalism on which America is based.

That said, her philosophies seem to be distinctly "left-brain"; in her world, reason is the supreme authority, a belief underpinned by the assumption that people will behave rationally, which is not always the case. Even Alan Greenspan (who went to Ayn Rand's funeral) stated that he made a critical error when he assumed that banks would act in their own best interests by recognizing that mortgage-backed securities were too risky, and avoid them.


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