Always seem to lack something to that happiness is complete. If we have this, we need the other, etc. If we have health, we need money and vice versa seems that human beings are greedy all the time.

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Well, this is more than a bit "spiritual" for an answer, but we're not meant to be here permanently. We're here to learn, reflect lessons for each other, etc. So, it makes sense that some are greedy and need to learn more about not being so.

Many people think renouncing desire and attachment is the answer to absolute happiness. I dunno...I look at happiness from an emotional perspective. By that I mean, I don't think renouncing this experience - the human life - is the key to happiness. But as with all things here, sometimes you're happy and sometimes you experience the flip side of the coin - unhappiness. It's impossible to define one experience without the other.

So bottom line is, you're meant to be unhappy sometimes down here. The key is - what do you do when that feeling hits? Do you cave in, or do you meet the feeling head on, engage and question "Why?"

Sometimes I cave in (feel sorry for myself) and other times I embrace the challenge. Depends on the day, I suppose. :)


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Kheiron Quayle

Nice answer...Welcome to the website!

(16 Apr '10, 21:28) Vesuvius

When happiness is dependent on an outside element it will always feel incomplete or relative because that is not really happiness. When we seek happiness in those things, we will never find it because we are just trying to fill a void with the thing ( be it money, job, new car or whatever ).

Happiness is a state of being and can only come from within. However, Kheiron made a very good point - sometimes we have to feel unhappiness in order to realize happiness. Often it is how we react to that unhappiness that determines whether or not we realize happiness.

When we feel that something is missing and we try to fill that lack or that empty feeling with something, we will never succeed in doing so and will keep chasing after meaningless things because that void can only be filled from within.

When we are feeling unhappy or as though something is missing, it is an indicator that we should take the time for self contemplation and get in touch with our Source or Higher Self.


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Why happiness is always relative and not absolute?

Because that's what life is - a perspective; and it will NEVER be anything but that.

You see, if you believe that right until this moment, your life has been a series of failures you're right. Your experience of your life is that of hurt, guilt, jealousy and all those things you can ponder in your imagination.

But what if, one day, you would wake up and start seeing your life from a different perspective. Maybe your life isn't a set of failures, but a set of tests, and in fact it was leading you to a point in your life that you are now in, that is perfect and always has been. What then? You would be right too.

You see, I used to think that my life was a set of random circumstances just coming up and going and I thought I couldn't do nothing about that.

But at my "moment of clarity", which is a conscious choice of an individuals need to change and taking responsibility for his or her life in the process, I created a thought, a feeling that started a whole new ball rolling.

I didn't realize at that time the importance of that event, but is in fact one of the MOST important things you can do in your life. Another major step is losing your self-pity and self-importance, and I write about how to do it in my book which you can download for FREE here

So my "moment of clarity" has set me off on a quest, a quest of self-discovery. So was I happy all the time after it happened? On the contrary.

You see what happens after that you start to incorporate more and more experiences and emotions in your life that you didn't want to acknowledge or didn't want to take responsibility for. So, all the guilt, all the traumas, all the jealousy, all the anger, has to eventually surface. It can't happen any other way, at least not that I know of, because before you can really start living in the Now, in the present, you have to first make peace with the past.

And how do you do that? By accepting it, by thanking it for a great friend and teacher it has been, for you are unique and you have co-created every single circumstance in your life and you are, and always has been, in the perfect place and time.

So what happens next? What is this "happiness" that everyone's after? It is one easy word

EN_LIGHTENMENT which simply means LIGHTEN UP!

When you stop taking life so seriously you will see how funny and joyful it really is. Most people think that life is a struggle, but it's not, it's a challenge. It's a challenge to see behind appearances, to see "the bigger picture". It's easier to just put your hands in your pockets and say "I can't do this; it's too hard."

Well those who don't try never achieve anything. Edison had to fail 999 times, before at the 1000th time he would invent the light bulb. But he might have quit many, many times before, but he didn't and thank God he didn't.

So ask yourself: What happiness means to me? When I'm happy the most? And start LIVING it. Follow your excitement to the best of your ability at any given moment and you will be exactly when you need to be when you need to be there and your life will become an explosion of bliss and excitement; I promise you that.


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In spite of the happenings, I like your answer. What I verry don't like and don't agree, are the "games behind scenes".

(16 Apr '10, 11:29) Gleam

What games have you got in mind, Gleam?

(16 Apr '10, 15:13) wildlife

Hi Wildlife, in case you are not aware, there has been a discussion about the promotional links in your answers at . Please feel free to contribute to the discussion if you wish to do so

(16 Apr '10, 19:42) Simon Templeton ♦♦

Thanks Simon for letting me know, because I was truly not aware of that so I've put a post as a reply. I published it, though I don't see it there. Maybe it needs time, I don't know.

(17 Apr '10, 05:18) wildlife
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Absolute in the universe is only one single: THE CHANGE

The hapiness is a feeling, therefore it is an affective process; by definition, it is a development of resonance between two variables: the world and the sensitive living being. Affectivity represents the resonance of world in the subject and the vibration of the the subject into his world. Each is changing moment-by-moment separately (being submited to action - reaction - interaction with different parameters), and their resonance interaction is also variable. This is because maintain the level of hapiness, or love, or success, or any kind state, is much more difficultly than earn this level for a "moment".


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I'm sorry for the conjuncture which causes this comment, but I think it isn't a fact for say nothing.Before with a half hour I had 742 points, and now they are 727. This isn't seems to be a too "clean" manner. I am not a points hunter, although I could also posting two conventional aentences to each question. Insteed, I don't economized the votings. If in this site is so big need of points, I donate all my points to the wanters. But what about the honesty inthe site? (A spirituality site??). I truly loved this site. Maybe you are irrezistible asks to take this? Will you post tis protest?

(16 Apr '10, 02:31) Gleam

Hi Gleam - I think what happened was that Robert had originally ticked your answer as his accepted one and then changed his mind and accepted a different one. I'm sure there wasn't anything personal or dishonest intended, but the way the site is set up the 15 points you received for accepted answer had to be subtracted and given to Wildlife, whose answer is now the accepted one. Please don't take it personally or let it deter you from interacting here - your insights are invaluable :-)

(16 Apr '10, 15:12) Michaela

Hello Gleam had not read this comment of yours, that is why I answer now. As Michaela says there was no bad intention or anything personal. It was only a change of heart has nothing to do with yourself. I hope that all misunderstandings have been corrected. The opinion of all is important and respect must be the guide that leads to this page. We are all seekers of truth, whatever it is. And over there we should get together. Sincerely Robert

(19 Apr '10, 02:34) Robert
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