Since I started using the Manifesting "Box" I have suddenly started finding tools and inspired ideas such as working on my own beliefs, discovering EFT etc. For the past couple of days I have this persisitent vision that a lot of joy that is destined for me is gathering up in the Universe like tiny light bulbs lighting up one by one and all moving towards me. Whenever I think of this it makes me smile - and I havent done that in a long time. My question is that if we are supposed to make our request and forget about it, does my persistently thinking about this image slow down the process?

asked 04 May '10, 11:19

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

How you feel is a huge component in the manifestation process, so anything that helps you feel better is a help and not a hindrance in the process.

Rather than making your request slow down, I think you are probably helping to speed it up because your positive image is helping you feel good. I love your description of tiny light bulbs lighting up one by one and moving toward you.


answered 04 May '10, 11:39

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Thanks Michaela:-) Its really wierd but within 48 hours my whole outlook has changed and I find a little giggle rising within me whereas just 2 days ago I had almost forgotten what it was like to laugh.

(04 May '10, 19:02) I Think Therefore I Am
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