I am going through The Master Key System but the no. of paragraphs which I am not able to understand are increasing. Especially after chapter 10. That is, Im not able to absorb completely.

I don't feel like posting each and every paragraph that I get confused with, as a question.

kindly tell me if there is any simplified or summarised edition of TMKS?


asked 25 Jan '13, 11:31

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Anonymous User

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Im not aware of any simplified version of the Master Key System but there have been many questions asked on IQ about it with some excellent answers. I hope this helps.



answered 25 Jan '13, 16:47

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Yes there is as I remember a home study course on http://www.Psitek.net

Simon put that on there for us, it is free too.

I just clicked on your link and it took me right to it. I'd delete this if I could since you don't need the main link home link.

Well there are a lot of good books here not just The Master Key.

Enjoy the home page, it is still there. :-)


answered 25 Jan '13, 21:41

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Wade Casaldi

edited 26 Jan '13, 11:20

@Wade Casaldi, the correct address is http://www.PsiTek.net rather than http://www.PsiTek.com

(26 Jan '13, 09:51) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen thanks so much and what a relief! I can tell things have changed, new books to read! Yeah! :-)

(26 Jan '13, 11:22) Wade Casaldi
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