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I know this question will be quite sensitive and may cause many different ideas based on their study background but it's good to know. There are lots of ways or skills for meditation which so called lead us finally enlightenment like using breath skill, mantras with sound or vibration, and imagination, or contemplating on a certain topic etc,, If someone ask you choose only one option among all kinds of meditation skills and technique, Which do you most prefer and why?

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Cosmic autumn

Which one do you perfer Cosmic autumn?

(21 Oct '09, 18:17) flowingwater
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Well their is not ONE way or ONE method to do it. If their was their would be only ONE person.

As I see it we are all climbing a mountain. Everyone of us is going on a diffrent route. While at the top is the same the ways of going there are Infinite.

So what might seem to work for one person might be ineffective for another one, but there are of course some general "tools" for re-membering who we really are.

One of those is meditation. The technoques are various and they vary from individual to individual.

Other things are emotions. Emotions of:




are the all cleansing and all healing emotions. By practicing them you can profoundly accelerate yor change and cleansing.

Fasting is another way for cleansing your body. Fasting for 3 to four days 2 times a year helps your body to get rid of toxins in your body. Also intaking foods that are most fresh like vegetables and fruit will be highly advisable.

Understanding what Enlightment means --. Lighten up! Lightning up on yourself, your surroundings and situations.

Following your excitement, your bliss. It's the most profound thing we can do. See Bashar on youtube for further explanations.

And using your IMAGINATION. That is the most powerful tool you have, because it can show you your OWN technique your OWN way to get where you say you want to go the fastest way possible.

Leave your expectations.

The journey is the goal, not getting anywhere.

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If I were to choose just one option, I would have to say that it would be the act of quieting the mind, of "being still" as the Bible says.

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From what I've experienced so far Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism in particular, has the clearest road-map for enlightenment. So if I personally had to pick one now, it would certainly be Buddhism but luckily we live in an abundant universe and I am free to explore it. :)

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answered 22 Oct '09, 07:18

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