I've always been fascinated by links between spirituality and technology.

One product that I've been aware of for a few years but never tried is Holosync, which is basically about achieving meditative states using sound.

One quote on their website states:

"You told me I'd meditate like a Zen monk literally at the touch of a button, and it's true!
This is like meditation on steroids!"

I know we have at least one (perhaps more) users of Holosync here and since I keep coming across ("attracting") references to it, I thought I would ask to see what long-term users think of it.

So what are your experiences of Holosync? Is it worth trying?

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true meditation needs no technology....

(04 Nov '10, 19:58) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics - Perhaps there is some truth in that. But technology is still a physical manifestation of human desires so if it satisfies people's wishes for an easier way to attain relaxed, meditative states, I don't really see an issue with it.

(04 Nov '10, 21:31) Stingray

@Back2Basics - You may be right, but I'm also a human being even though I'm on a spiritual journey - if I find something that helps or enhances both my human and spiritual experience, then I'm more than happy to utilize it.

(05 Nov '10, 02:18) Michaela
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I have been using Holosync pretty much daily now for two years - obviously I'm finding it beneficial to my spiritual growth since I'm still using it. Prior to using it I had difficulty getting still during meditation and have definitely found it has helped my focus.

It does claim to accelerate the benefits of normal meditation - personally I do think my awareness lately has been growing at an accelerated rate, and I would probably attribute this both to Holosync and my own dedication in all areas to my spiritual growth.

I think it is definitely beneficial to those looking for increased awareness and optimum growth and the courage to confront all those issues that have previously not been within their conscious awareness - I don't think it's for the fainthearted as, with any spiritual growth methods, it will push you to look at what you've previously suppressed in order to let it go.( I'm not sure you really need that Stingray as it seems as though you've already done your inner work - only you know the answer to that). If you're looking for a recommendation, I would recommend it without a doubt :)

I can't say I meditate like a zen monk but my meditations are, indubitably, deeper and more enjoyable.


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Thanks Michaela. I had no idea these were such a significant part of your life.

(04 Nov '10, 21:21) Stingray

You're very welcome And actually I enjoy a lot of what Bill Harris ( Holosync's founder) writes even though I don't always agree with it.

(04 Nov '10, 22:16) Michaela

Well if your like me and like to really check things out here is also another GNU program for doing your own Binaural Beats

I have not written/produced any of my own but there are many available at the forum and that come with the download

Does it work? I don't know I have not sat down everyday to listen to them but the times that I have taken the time I find them very relaxing .

This is a copy of the text file that follows the program

SBaGen -- Sequenced Binaural Beat


This is my utility, released under the GNU GPL v2 (see the file COPYING), that generates pink noise and binaural tones through your soundcard in real-time according to a 24-hour programmed sequence read from a file. It can also be used to play a sequence on demand, rather than according to the clock. MP3 or OGG soundtracks may also be mixed in instead of pink noise.

The original idea was to program a set of tones to play overnight as I slept, hoping to improve dreaming and dream-recall. That way, I could also program the sequence to bring me up into alpha rhythms to hopefully have a good start to the day. More recently I have been working with shorter, more focussed sessions of about an hour, which I listen to either during the day or at night.

Some of the more interesting uses (for me) of binaural tones I've read about include: improving dream-recall, entering lucid dreaming, facilitating meditation, accessing intuition, exploring consciousness, emotional clearing, and training in altered states.




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Thanks for the information

(04 Nov '10, 21:33) Stingray

I have been using Holosync for almost two years, without making too much progress with it. I ordered the whole personalized set (which comes embedded with affirmations made in ones own voice) and am only on about the 4th CD. Why? Nightmares for one thing! Secondly they are very relaxing, and rather than meditating, I tend to fall asleep. The third problem is that I find it hard to carve a whole hour out of my day without interruptions....most of the time I do not need an entire hour for meditation or interior work anyway. I have tried, at various times to be more faithful about it, but it ends up feeling more like a chore rather than something I look forward to. I have just never been able to really "get into it"! That's my personal experience, but I know others have really benefited.

There is a free trial CD, and I would suggest to anyone else, to try that for awhile, or perhaps purchase just one, and see how you feel about it in time before springing for the whole set as I did on a friend's suggestion. (I see the change in her, but it hasn't done the same for me!)


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LeeAnn 1

Thanks for sharing. So the nightmares came about when you fell asleep listening to the CDs?

(04 Nov '10, 21:20) Stingray

@ LeeAnn - Since beginning a spiritual journey, I can say my dreams have at times become very intense almost to the point of nightmares at times. However, when closely examined I am beginning to find that they always contain a message either from my subconscious or they are revealing something within me that I wasn't previously willing to look at. In other words the nightmares could actually be a very vital part of your spiritual growth if you're willing to look at them. The message isn't always obvious but with a willingness to see it, it will be there :)

(04 Nov '10, 22:14) Michaela

Stingray, the nightmares don't come while listening to the CD's...the sleep during them seems light; they come that night. (Ordinarily I seldom have nightmares) Perhaps it is as Michaela says, that my subconscious is working through something, or showing me something, I don't know. But since I don't enjoy the CD's, it's hard to continue!

(04 Nov '10, 23:57) LeeAnn 1

@ LeeAnn - If you don't enjoy them,then I'd agree there's no sense continuing - "Different strokes for different folks".There's such a wide variety of growth material available and everyone has to use what resonates best with them:)

(05 Nov '10, 02:25) Michaela
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I don't know but I have their free Cd lying somewhere around in my drawers LOL... because that time my CD drive was spoiled.

If I remember correctly, you can request for a free trial on one of their CDs.. FREE shipping too!


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Holosync uses a technique called brainwave entrainment, specifically the Binaural Beats variety.

The way it works is you put two tones, one in each ear, at slightly different frequencies (cycles per second, or hz). The difference in the two frequencies creates a beat frequency at the frequency you want to entrain. For example, a frequency in the left ear of 700hz and a frequency in the right ear of 707hz will produce an entrainment frequency of 7hz, which is right around the Theta range. The Theta frequency range is associated with hypnagogic imagery and deep meditative states.

I have tried Holosync a number of times for short durations. I haven't felt much. On a couple of occasions I actually found it disorienting. Honestly, I find a genre of music called "ambient" much more effective at inducing a meditative state.

In the near future I plan to experiment more with binaural beats using Holosync CD's, and there is also software available that can create these frequencies. I'll let you know how it goes.


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Yes, I've been using ambient-type music too, specifically one album for years, Aeoliah's Angel Love ( http://www.amazon.com/Angel-Love-Aeoliah/dp/B000003U8H ), as background music to meditate to. But I do find these binaural beats approaches quite fascinating

(04 Nov '10, 18:21) Stingray

@ Ves, I also found it disorienting, and I will never use it again.

(05 Nov '10, 00:48) Inactive User ♦♦

I've been using Holosync for a couple of years now and I LOVE it. I think it has been a fantastic tool in helping me gain an understanding of meditation and its benefits. I used to try to meditate but I had trouble actually getting there. I still use the Holosync, but now I am able to meditate more easily and quickly than ever before without it as well. Now, I do a combination of both. :o)

It's worth a try..especially since they will send you a trial version free.


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Thanks for sharing, Miranda

(04 Nov '10, 21:21) Stingray

@ Stingray: After you mentioned about it, I tried it out as one of my friend had the CD.

Personally, I didn't feel anything great about it. I have tried 4 tracks till now and none of these put me even close to a meditative state. It surely has a relaxing and calming after effect, however I cannot say this for all the tracks.

I have heard mixed reviews about it from people, some have loved it and some have hated it. Probably, I will share my experience once again after a month or so, assuming it might take some time to start showing benefits.

Hope this helps :)


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Thanks Sourabh.

(06 Nov '10, 12:49) Stingray

Sourabh...did you ever post your after results to this?

(27 Feb '12, 09:22) glamazon

I've used Holosync for a period of time once in my life when I was going through a difficult and stressful time a few years ago. At the time I was quite on edge and couldn't cope with things like people talking loudly or arguing or any kind of additional stress. Listening to the Holosync at the time was very beneficial. After a few sessions of listening it seemed to calm me down and brought me down from that 'on-edge' feeling. I haven't really felt like I've needed or wanted to use it after that, but it was certainly beneficial during that time of my life. Perhaps it helps most when your nervous system is in a heightened or disrupted state and less so in those who are already meditating.


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