As already discussed on this site that we notice 11:11 and like figures because we expect to notice such figures and the subconscious mind catches those numbers or draws our attention when the numbers appear.

here two questions arise.

  1. what if we program our subconscious mind to see our bank account or wallet full of money as we program or expect or are curious to see such numbers...?? will it draw more money to our account?

  2. can subconscious mind just show us ways to get desired thing, or has it the power to attract the thing itself?

i am sorry if the questions seem too basic

i just want to clear my concepts about subconscious mind.

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Actuall, that's a very good question! thank you zulu

(08 Nov '10, 16:44) daniele
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Imagine if we all had a friend who knew each of us personally.

This friend became our go-between and made all the necessary arrangements so that if any one of us had a need and another among us was capable of satisfying this need, this go-between would bring those two people together.

All we had to do was contact this mutual friend among all of us and each of us make our individual requests, and our mutual friend will take care of all the details.

We have such a friend and we have a mechanism of making the request.

The friend is the creator.

The mechanism is consciousness.

What are the capabilities of this mechanism?

Anything and everything that is humanly possible by the individual and through the coordinated participation of others.

Now comes the part that you are not going to like so much.

We can all run, but not all of us are marathon runners.

We can all think, but not all of us are brilliantly intelligent.

We can all attract, manifest, etc. but most of us are reactive attractors, not proactive attractors.

We are learning to become proactive attractors, but it only improves with continuous and deliberate effort.

One can read & comprehend everything in this forum and still not experience change if no effort is made.

1% effort throughout the day, every day is more powerful than 100% effort just in the morning during meditation.

Because every moment in your consciousness you are in constant meditation.


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The Traveller

" 1% effort throughout the day, every day is more powerful than 100% effort just in the morning during meditation." - This sentence speaks volumes, well said :)

(08 Nov '10, 12:21) Michaela

Thank You Michaela!

(08 Nov '10, 15:34) The Traveller

Very deep! thank you

(08 Nov '10, 16:43) daniele

I love. Thank you for your answer.

(21 Dec '10, 15:53) Aphrodite
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Answer to question 1 is yes.Question 2 is the latter( or former if you want )

The subconscious mind will act on what its fed. If you consistently feed it thoughts about money it will attract money for can do nothing else. In fact its been working perfectly in your life up to date. Always producing what its fed upon.Desired things and circumstances or undesired.

It can show you the way or give you the manifestation directly. It can do both but personally i prefer the latter. The results are more thrilling to me.

Remember the your sub conscious mind is eternally linked to God. You are literally one with the creative power an personality that built you and your planet. Your subconscious mind is the most powerful force in nature and spirit. It will give you back exactly what you put into it.It contains ( by virtue of being one with Gods mind ) ALL knowledge.There simply isnt anything to know outside of it. Nothing!!

It will do this despite your belief or wishes.It will do this despite your colour,religion,background or level of percieved spirituality. It works as well for the athiest as it does for the religious type. Its always working,always will be working and always has been working.

The bible says guard your heart for out of it spring the issues or forces of life.

Your subconscious mind can kill you or cure you. It can prosper you or ruin you.Its up to you to guard it jealously and plant in it ONLY what you want to get back.



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Monty Riviera

I just finished reading "Think and Grow Rich".
Based on his findings and research yes, the subconscious is very strong in attracting what it is given.

However, even though that is the main theme of the book, there are 12 other chapters the accompany using the subconscious mind. So I think usign the subconscious mind is a big part of it but not all.


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