After all this time they are still at war?

In the bible Israel was blessed a peacemaker,merciful with a pure heart.Are they doing the work of their forefather?Are are they praising them self seeking judgement and blame war and conflict.are they still in bondage to their real ennemy the darkness in the human heart,and saying we have never been in bondage to anny man. Why do you say we will be set free? This also apply to all other nation.

If they do not remember the message of jesus they should listen to this.

Also it seams that muslim do not mind doing war and conflict,that is what this men is saying.Is that what their God is asking? Kill other in my name and kill your self at the same time?Is that a good God?Is their religion based on peace,wisdom,understanding,light,truth,unity,love?

Or is it based on chaos,destruction,foulishness,darkness,division,conflict,hate?

Also it seams that muslim accept jesus in their religion,and this men seams against that.

سكينة God is 'Peace'

asked 08 Feb '13, 08:27

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

edited 10 Feb '13, 22:09

Well that was quick @Barry Allen there are some other question that are alot more similar to other question that have not been closed yet.Is it because it relate to war,religion and politic agenda, and can generate controversy,by waking up a fee people? The other question was about war based on material desire.this question is about this new war based more on religion and politic.

(08 Feb '13, 10:16) white tiger

@white tiger, your original question title was Why are they at war? which simply duplicates the other question. If this intended to be a different question, it is up to you to ensure it is clearly different. If you are aware of other duplicate questions, please provide details and they will be closed also

(08 Feb '13, 11:24) Barry Allen ♦♦

Why shouldn't they be at war?

(08 Feb '13, 11:43) flowsurfer

@Barry Allen thank you and yes i have made it clearly different and more now the subtil difference is more apparent.So will it be open back?

(08 Feb '13, 11:53) white tiger

@flowsurfer should anny one be at war in this world?you want to be at war go play a game,at least there wont be anny victim.will also tell you this if they would use all that energy and ressource that they put to do war to make peace and build a better world this world would be a palace for every one to enjoy.

(08 Feb '13, 11:55) white tiger

@white tiger Victim? What victims? Everyone dies in this world. What difference does it make if they die in combat or from cancer? War is the state of man within society. There is war in Sweden right now. People are always trying to force their will on others, fighting back (or feigning submission), and then retaliating. It's just the way things are on earth. War is not exclusive to the middle east, it is all around us, all the time.

(08 Feb '13, 12:01) flowsurfer

@Barry Allen will give you example the darknight of the soul. we add talk about it more then 1 year ago and last week the poem came asking about the darknight of the soul again.i think it was much more similar then this question do you not agree?Anny how often many question will relate together so at what level do you want to set the similarity to close a question?

(08 Feb '13, 12:04) white tiger

@white tiger The real question is why do you care how other people live their life, and why are you judging them for it?

(08 Feb '13, 12:30) flowsurfer

@white tiger, I've rewritten your question title to make it different and reopened it. Please provide links to the duplicate questions. Thanks

(08 Feb '13, 12:35) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen that is the link as you see it is talking about the darknight of the soul. i do not know if merging duplicate to original question would be better then just closing it all together.Also the level of similarity as i said will often come back on the carpet the more piece of the puzzle is put together the more often you will have similarity all is-

(08 Feb '13, 12:50) white tiger

related after the beguinning you did not find similar question that often but the more it goes and the more you will have similarity and related information it only make sense it is perfectly logical.

(08 Feb '13, 12:52) white tiger

@flowsurfer "War in Sweden"? I live in Sweden if there was a war here someone forgot to tell us.was about 200 years ago that Sweden as attacked another land

(09 Feb '13, 03:45) ursixx

@flowsurfer to answer your question war is not normal it comes from fear and division from the darkness and the ego,from the over flow of the heart from the lack of control on one self that seek to control other for personnal gain. are you more strongh alone or with other? When you are weak people take care of you this happen at different stage of life. with out this their would be no human on this planet. That is the real strenght.War,division,destruction,blaming judging is useless.

(09 Feb '13, 04:19) white tiger

@flowsurfer Would you like to be a victim?Every one will die in this world it does not mean that we should not make this world a good experience for every human being.So that they can enjoy their life in this world to the fullest.There is other ways we all have free will it is for us to wake up and make it happen. It all start from the inside of each of us.

(09 Feb '13, 04:27) white tiger

@ursixx Are there laws in Sweden? Are there people who don't want to obey the laws and do so only because they don't want to be arrested? Are there criminals in Sweden? Are some of those criminals in gangs that fight each other? Is there taxation in Sweden? Are there people who try to evade taxes? Are there people who lose their property (and maybe get arrested?) for evading taxes? Are there men who beat up their wives in Sweden? All these things are in a very literal sense, acts of war.

(09 Feb '13, 05:46) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer You are constating and seing the truth about bad stuff on the earth,what choice will you make to make this a better place?Will you follow the same error or learn from it and get back up and make this world a better place? Where does it start on the inside or the outside?

(09 Feb '13, 06:27) white tiger

where is it working as our our forefathers knew it, or is it sloth that does not have us go back so far. so we choose the history we like to imitate

(11 Feb '13, 20:38) fred

@flowsurfer : what you descibe are criminal acts and yes the similar things can happen under a war . But war is more as I would define it two or more nations in a conflict against each other .From Google: Noun A state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.

(12 Feb '13, 04:55) ursixx

@ursixx Exactly "or different groups within a nation or state". What is a criminal act and who defines what a crime is? Egypt invaded Israel because it claimed the jews in Israel were criminals. Every single invasion involves someone claiming the other side is a criminal. War is not "more" than crime. It either is crime or it is crime-fighting (depending on whose side you are on).

(12 Feb '13, 10:37) flowsurfer
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Why are they still at war? - it is a conflict of deep rooted cultural belief systems that have developed way before any person living on earth today - these belief systems create a localized ambient vibrational state that the child absorbs at a cellular level as soon as it starts to materialize itself into the physical realm - in theory there is an easy solution to this problem, that is, render liquid those beliefs - in practice it involves expansion of consciousness of those concerned; for now just an imaginary island, utopia.


answered 08 Feb '13, 08:57

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ru bis

edited 08 Feb '13, 09:03

So they need to move out from belief to truth with a good heart.

(08 Feb '13, 09:47) white tiger

"truth with a good heart" yes, but what is "truth" if not a "void" from which we create true bliss.

(08 Feb '13, 11:10) ru bis

Truth is what is real from the light.void is emptyness and darkness.yet in this world many are trap in this duality not knowing how they relate together,you are right now standing right in the middle of it,when you go in extremes it does not help you,you get hurt eventually and fall back right in the middle.think about it this way in the light you can travel the path. in darkness you get lost and hurt. if you do not believe me try it. go walk outside in the wood in the day. and go try it at-

(08 Feb '13, 11:32) white tiger

night. at night you will get lost and receive a fee branch in the face and fall a fee time.with out light that is what happen is it not?truth is awareness knowledge with no duality learning ever more getting understanding and wisdom. with out truth one becomes empty and void and divided.

(08 Feb '13, 11:37) white tiger

the symbol of "void" is a circle, that is, plenitude

(09 Feb '13, 04:05) ru bis

The Suñña Sutta,[4] part of the Pāli canon, relates that the monk Ānanda, Buddha's attendant asked,

It is said that the world is empty, the world is empty, lord. In what respect is it said that the world is empty?" The Buddha replied, "Insofar as it is empty of a self or of anything pertaining to a self: Thus it is said, Ānanda, that the world is empty.

(09 Feb '13, 06:38) white tiger

you see with out the light of the self that you are it is really empty. with no awareness,no space as meaning.Circles commonly represent unity, wholeness, and infinity. Without beginning or end, without sides or corners, the circle is also associated with the number one. who is the number one seing the circle?Does not the light of awareness give the fullfillment to the emptiness?Who is the observer and who is the observed?

(09 Feb '13, 06:49) white tiger

The soul is a reflective sphere of the spirit light that you are reflecting it self in every direction to grow in intensity wisdom,love, knowledge and truth.As long as there are no division this is possible. The unborn nameless eternal one with no division see every thing from infinite point of view is soul incompasse all that exist.In him there is no darkness at all no shifting shadow.

(09 Feb '13, 07:22) white tiger
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Check out my question about this here. I asked, "Why has the Middle East always been a source of conflict?..."

I don't know, wtiger, why these people fight and have fought for so long and so hard. I still contend it has to do with the oil, but as someone said, it could be the value of the oil and not its physical presence.

I think that there are so many different cultures there that peace may not be possible. I just watched Lawrence of Arabia and learned a lot from that--there were so many tribes and hatreds there, even so long ago. You asked a real hard question to answer. I just do not know at all.




answered 08 Feb '13, 09:10

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edited 08 Feb '13, 09:27


So they prefer the outside of the cup in the place of the inside of the cup and will destroy both.

(08 Feb '13, 09:46) white tiger

I have to agree white tiger. Why Islam wars and Christians are peaceful. They are both suppose to be peaceful I believe.

Also agree war is bad, people die in war. Without war people live happily.


answered 09 Feb '13, 05:34

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

Who are fighting the Islamic in Mali are French = Christians.

Who is destroying Iraq and tearing it up under the name of democracy, Don't forget the horrible images of 'Abu gharib' prison done by the American soldiers (supporting violence) are American = Christians.

Who created war in Afghanistan are the Americans. After 9/11, Americans leaders declared they are ready to kill everyone who threaten their security, seems like they have some 'Islamic ideas' about killing and creating wars to protect their philosophies, their people and let the whole world burn. There is a joke we keep saying in the 'ugly' middle east: don't joke Americans, they had 1000 killed so they are ready to kill the whole world for that.

Maybe they are 'Islamic' in their roots, by adopting killing as a solution, like what they are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Africa and and...., it is ironically that struggles are only where there are oil, gas and natural resources.

Now to be serious, that poor, painful Middle East needs more objective study, its curse that it is rich naturally which if the Western leaders are Loa appliers will understand that sources are for everyone, it recreates itself, no need to create wars, to support some people against others (which Americans are doing in Syria) in order to weaken their will and distract them. So what are you watching is only actions and reactions. The western world HAS to convince that the time of leadership is over, and the best way to benefit from the natural resources is by sharing them. when someone try to subject someone else, this other will reject and react, by time no one will be secure. no one from the west to the east of this earth, it is LOA, thoughts attract their consequences.

It is not about Islam, Christianity, Jewish or any religion. Muhammad, Jesus and Moses are all cousins, from the same chain, have the same message which is the salvation of the world.

Our world is greedy, Superior, violent. Don't wrong religions, even I am not religious, I support none and find my peace with none, but I am wise to see things in more mature objective way.


answered 12 Feb '13, 03:26

r0la's gravatar image


The greatest destruction that takes place upon your planet, and the greatest sadness that is brought about as a result of it, are your man-made, man-induced wars. And yet, when we feel into the vibration of the masses that are involved (not just the leaders, but the masses that are involved) within the conflict, it is a satisfying adventure. Wars are created because they are satisfying something within large numbers of people—or it would not be.

--- Abraham

(12 Feb '13, 05:04) ursixx

it goes much deeper then that @Rula those people have been fighting for thousand of years long before the american people ever existed.So the american are not the one that created the war in the middle East. Someone in power is lying to people in the middle East and creating war and conflict.Even one of the first Jihad said that the leader over there created jihad saying that once they remove jews All could live in peace and freedom in islam with no more leader controlling them.Yet it continue-

(12 Feb '13, 05:15) white tiger

iran and iraq leader both called them self jews or christian to wage war agaisnt each other. Who is calling stranger the infidele the enemy and demons,to make fear in the human heart,it is their own leader in the middle East that use scripture and religion to serve their own perpace,out of the darkness of their heart,The real enemy is closer to them that they think.They should remember that Jinns and demon are deceivers that feeds on negative emotion.The more division and judgement war and

(12 Feb '13, 05:55) white tiger

conflict there is the more those jinns and demon are happy.So stop feeding them and playing their games.

(12 Feb '13, 05:59) white tiger

@ursixx, then we can consider the same conclusion to 9/11, bombs in Europe and such.

(12 Feb '13, 06:47) r0la

@white tiger, I would love and appreciate a lot if we could be led to a way of thinking to help Middle East people, to change something in their mind so they can reach their peace, because they really deserve it.

I don't support any way of violence but as Middle East habitant didn't find yet any convincible reading to Middle East issue, and still believe the role of west in increasing these struggles.

(12 Feb '13, 07:28) r0la

Yes loa is responding to their thoughts of suffer, they only believe in pain to gain, and they are getting it.

It is a life and values of massive number of people who differ from one country to other, for example in my original sect we don’t believe in Jihad and Jihad is made against us too, we don’t adopt it but we still have wars., so this area need deep scan than a report on CNN before judged on

(12 Feb '13, 07:29) r0la

In Lebanon for instance the main struggle is the border with Israel, whatever may happen, the ‘dear’ America only judged us and in her eyes Israel never commit wrongs, never! As she is blessed from the sky.

(12 Feb '13, 07:29) r0la

So as a reaction people here turn to violent and power to get their rules because America will never judge Israel, Lebanon defend it self, Israel respond, America threaten and shouts with no logic, conflict start, the three are responsible in their thoughts and action, Lebanon will suffer, Israel too and America for their citizens will be threaten in this area, they all attract conflict and deserve it.

(12 Feb '13, 07:30) r0la

Here are three kinds of religions: Islam, Christianity & Jewish. When the judge is made: Islam is a violent religion. And that a sad conclusion.

(12 Feb '13, 07:30) r0la

I don’t support any religions, I born Muslim, studied Christianity & Jewish, but didn’t find my rest in all of them. But happy to be objective when dealing with them and that what my study of LOA taught me to melt in the whole universe, we all one, we all part from the universe but I still believe that Islam is wrong from many.

Guys just give it another study, loa was mentioned in it, telepathy, universal laws and many, study it to the benefit of yours.

(12 Feb '13, 07:31) r0la

@rula The fact is that every one as free will and is responsible of it. Until they can be aware of this outside and inside.and be at peace. they will always fall. since you cannot go against someone free will.You can only help them to understand,and point them to the path so they become responsible of their own free will,learn and grow in peace,harmony, understanding wisdom,truth and love.That is what many of those leader lack,that is why they use fear and keep people ignorant and cause conflict

(12 Feb '13, 09:01) white tiger

Yet some are not ready for the truth and are still double minded mind,and that can cause chaos and more division more judging and blaming. So like everything else it as to start by the beguinning and grow like a lotus flower. once it can stay at the water level it can Be what it is.

(12 Feb '13, 09:09) white tiger

May peace reach everyone.

(12 Feb '13, 12:30) r0la
(13 Feb '13, 17:48) ursixx
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