I know that a lot of the world stops fighting at Christmas, but not all people observe the same holidays and not all people may understand, but what do you think would happen? Do you think anyone would learn anything? ("....and World Peace," said Miss Congeniality....)

Miss Congenial, (LOL) Jai

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Thank you, Vesuvius, for the suggestion to change the wording of my question. I appreciate it. Blessings and Peace, Jai

(27 Feb '10, 07:13) Jaianniah

You're welcome. It's your question; sometimes I withold my opinion when I ask a question, because I want to see what other people's opinions are first, before giving my own.

(27 Feb '10, 07:27) Vesuvius
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If you mean in meditation James Twyman has done a few of these gathering the people of the world for a meditation on world peace, I participated in one at home. But there were many that met at sacred places around the world for these.


Wow I didn't realize it has been so many years! We need a great experiment 2.

On Christmas day 1914 during the heat of World War I the Welsh and Germans put down their guns and played a game of Foot Ball in peace and comradeship.

Here is a video of the actual event! An event of spontaneous peace!

These are more links this is the movie

Here is the song about the event

Here is the Paul McCartney music video of this amazing event called "Pipes of Peace"


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Wade Casaldi

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We DO need another "Great Experiment II" !!! Thanks for the answer. Love, Jai...P.S. I cannot believe they have not tried this since 1998...

(27 Feb '10, 05:48) Jaianniah

+1 For your support!

(27 Feb '10, 05:51) Jaianniah

I have to explain why I asked this question, already knowing that people have tried this (World Peace Days), with mixed results:

My Father, who was the son of Norwegian Immigrants, got engaged. At the time (!955), there was still a LOT of Anti-German sentiment in the world. My Grandmother's first question to my Dad was, "Well, what is she?" meaning , what ethnicity was she? Was she Norwegian? My father said, "No, she is 100% German. She is the Granddaughter of German immigrants."

My Grandmother made my father's life a living Hell from that point on. She cried for a week.

I thought it was normal that at each holiday, we had two celebrations- Germans and Norwegians never mixing. My poor Mother had to make two feasts for each Christmas, Easter, birthdays, etc. My two Grandmothers HATED each other.

So it is no wonder that I long for World Peace. I didn't ever have it at home.

Blessings, for World Peace (and Peace in our homes), Jai

P.S. I was hoping, in asking this question, that we would think about peace even here on Inward Quest. Please go easy on each other. It's a start. Who knows where it will lead? Jai


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Your question would have been far more thought provoking had you included this info in the question. But I appreciate you sharing your story.

(27 Feb '10, 06:47) Vesuvius

I am less optimistic about the usefulness of such an event than others on this board might be. It's been tried so many times before, and people forget the next day. Human nature is immutable; people find peace only when it is, ultimately, more compelling than waging war.

(27 Feb '10, 06:53) Vesuvius

I just thank God that I live in a country where I don't have to think about whether or not it is safe to drive to work every day, like people in some other countries do. We must never take that for granted.

(27 Feb '10, 06:57) Vesuvius

Believe it or not, Vesuvius, I think the same thought when I drive. I am soooo grateful that I live where I do...I think of the movie, "The Hunt for Red October"...Sam Neill's character wants to defect and live in Montana. He asks Sean Connery, the Captain, "And when you pass from state to state, there are no papers to present?" "And the Captain replies, "No papers!" Our Founding Fathers were guided, I am sure, when they wrote the Constitution. Each state has its fans, but we are ALL one country. Look at 9/11 or Katrina if you have any doubts...Thanks again, many thanks, Jai

(27 Feb '10, 08:12) Jaianniah
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We bring more peace into the world by feeling the feelings of peace in our hearts as much as we can till one day we are peace. It's a decision to be made by each individual to lead by example every second of the day. We can think of it like any other habit or career we choose to practice. Everyone has their own coping strategies. When someone chooses to quit smoking they realize that they've had enough so they make a choice to stop. Emotions can be viewed the same way. Some people are addicted to anger, but one day they may decide they've had enough so they choose peace. I highly recommend the book by Thich Nhat Hanh called "Peace is Every Step" because he outlines a bunch of great practices for cultivating peace in life.


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