First of all I would like to thank the creators and owners of this board for the opportunity to ask questions here and read so many wonderful insights!

So here goes my first ever post on here -

How is it that the same unconscious that so wisely and reliably regulates the life sustaining processes in our organs, causes us to behave irrationaly and harmfully to our health and well-being - the irrational need to smoke, overeat, angry outbursts, etc. All sorts of automatic actions, habits that are so, so difficult to break as they are coming from the unconscious mind?

Not to speak of negative programming it so stubbornly clings to. It is precisely because our negative, harmful beliefs have a seat in our unconscious that is so difficult to overcome them. How many times it happens that you adopt a new belief, attitude and embrace it with all heart, but it is unable to penetrate deeper, because all those opposing, deep rooted influences coming from the unconscious!

Something fresh and new, no matter how heartfelt doesn't stand a chance against the age-old monsters down below. They throw you off-balance and the new, positive attitude is sabotaged.

It is difficult for me to reconcile those 2 opposing aspects of the unconscious. Wise benevolent force and self-destructive one.

I would very much appreciate if someone has insight into this, as I really feel it is a stumbling block to me.

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Have you heard of a technique called Faster Eft created by Robert Smith? I think you may find benefit in it.

Also raising you vibration frequently with meditation will help you to become more aware of "unconscious" limiting beliefs. Welcome to IQ:)

(10 Jun '13, 15:40) Satori

it is the subconscious programmed from your past. if it be not working take a piece at a time update it and return it to do it's thing. another part of your subconscious includes wisdom

(10 Jun '13, 18:48) fred

I also am on the Faster EFT bandwagon! I have been using it for the last month and had excellent results with negative attitudes. Robert Smith is a Most excellent teacher and the 7 day Fast Start Course will put you right on the road to making changes you thought were impossible. I even helped a friend with back pain with Faster EFT. Robert has over 600 videos of him doing work with people covering everything you can think of. I say dive head first into it! Sign up here...

(11 Jun '13, 14:38) Rindor
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Thank you, Satori! I will watch the video.

As for being aware and understanding limiting beliefs and how the subconscious is programmed... I think I understand it. It was not exactly my question. I guess I wanted to say that as I see it - if our subconscious woud behave in regards to our bodily functions the same way it interacts with our mind, we would be dead, no? It is not neutral and passive when it makes sure we breathe in our sleep or that our liver functions. It is actively benevolent then. Why can't it take as good care of us in other respects?

While I was typing this I think I got it... it has to do with free will probably... oh.... The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. 2 different trees. If our subconscious would provide for our mind as it provides for our body, we'd have no free will! It is interesting how sometimes by asking a question you come to the answer!


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Our bodies functioning is run by a higher aspect of ourselves (source energy). However the conscious and unconscious mind (thinking mind) can disrupt this normal functioning of the body as thinking mind and body are closely linked also. I could be wrong but the term sub-conscious is just a part of the thinking mind that is operating that were not aware of. These are emotions/ beliefs that we have got so used to thinking that we don't know we're thinking them.

(11 Jun '13, 06:52) Satori

Do not be too much worried about conscious and sub-conscious mind! I will show you why? You think you are what you see in the mirror—a physical form with a mind! But your body is a bundle of foods you gathered; and your mind is a bundle of impressions you gathered. What about the more important thing, something fundamental that holds both these things, something that still works even when you are asleep, the one you feel from inside, the real essence of who you are, something that is called by different names such as the pure essence, the pure I, the pure consciousness, the soul .. etc.?

That substratum is the self that observes all the activities of our waking hours. At night too, when we enter the deep sleep state, the Self oversees all the activities of the body such as digestion, various circulations, separation of vitamins and waste, renewal of cells ... etc., and in the morning, reports to us on our dream-experiences and the blissful oblivion of sleep. That is why we are called human BEING! ( hūmānus, Latin, means earthly, from the ground; BEING means conscious existence.).

Human is merely descriptive of our physical costume whereas BEING is the substratum on which the body exists! Hence substratum is more pronounced, more important than what is being sustained. This realization helps us to find out the answer to the greatest question: Who am I?

Let us not speculate. Rather, let us start from what we know from our first hand experience! We all came THROUGH our fleshly parents—not from them! Take this backward indefinitely, your parents, their parents ....each one came through his parents, finally we will reach our Heavenly Father FROM whom we came! Hence we are actually the children of the Heavenly Father, THE SPIRIT. (John 4:24) All the children of a Father who is THE SPIRIT are SPIRITual children, primarily spiritual, or same in essence for the simple reason that the effect (copy seed) contains the essence of the cause (Master Seed)! Hence we are all spiritual beings having a human experience!

This means , in the core, you are divine, pure “I”, a pure consciousness. God, the Supreme Soul, is the Ruler of the macro universe, whereas every one’s soul is the ruler of the micro universe called body. The only difference is that Father who is the Supreme Soul is unlimited in His qualities, whereas His children are limited in qualities, just as each drop has the same properties of the ocean. This is what is called self-realization!

You don’t need to be a scholar to know this! Just close your eyes, and see what happens! Whether male or female, you all have the same experience. You will find a traffic of thoughts that are like clouds, which come and go. Now look at the gap between thoughts, and slowly widen the gap between them, then gradually go beyond your thoughts, and you begin to feel your true being, the substratum of your body.

There you find that there is no longer thinking, and a great shift occurs in your feeling! So far you were feeling peaceful, but now you experience you ARE peace, happiness and bliss... and so on. You never knew these were already there deep within you—hence you were searching for them outside! These new experience is the expression of this substratum, the pure self or the soul. Anything that happens from the outside will change our feelings.

If we wish, we can continue maintaining the same feelings and with our attention inwards, we will feel loosing of mine-ness, or will feel “poor in spirit,” (Mathew 5:3) or non-possessive and non-attached to our own body, assets and relatives (all of which appear, stay for a time and disappear after a while).

At the same time, you will experience a richness as you feel now you ARE the very wisdom, purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss and power in miniature—the very “seven” highlights of your Heavenly Father (compare Revelation 4:5). You feel so relieved as you now feel a oneness—a feeling of one Father and one world-family; and you will see that your behavior changes automatically. That is, the “virtues” emerge and will begin to radiate from you for the rest of the day, making others feel they are in God’s kingdom when they are with you. What a blessed condition this is for you and others to be in!

What is in store for him who thus effectively radiates the above qualities of his heavenly Father? He continues to live even after he has left his body, the physical costume, without experiencing a gap in between. (2 Corinthians 5:1-10) Jesus unequivocally declares: he “has crossed over from death to life.”—John 5:24.


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