I met some friends today after work for drinks. And honestly this has been such an amazing week, probably the best week of this year as far as my feelings are concerned. This is also the first week that I have used the processes form Ask and it is Given.

I was talking to my friends just about how my life is changing and how good i'm feeling and just different examples of things that have happened in my life as a result of my new found knowledge. And it was like fighting a boxing match. some things they were receptive to but other things they weren't

The night ended with a friend agruing about how much she hated her job and me trying my best to explain why its best or would serve her to think about the positives of her job.

This was an uphill battle.

Another friend ended the night telling me that he has been where I am and it's a dangerous place because i could lose my morality. And how he has known this stuff for 10 years(yet his life is not a reflection of using this material effectively)

I don't know. Am I losing my friends?? It seems has if I just don't connect with ppl the way that I used to. but I feel like i'm on the right track but they were telling me that "these books i'm reading don't tell the whole story" and that I can lost my self in these books and adopt beliefs and lose mine(which i'm actaully wiling to do because my beliefs didn't serve me)

Thank you for reading my long post. It just caught me off guard because the other ppl I talked to about my new zest for life and the different examples where really happy for me and it was the opposite with this group all i got was warnings of what could happen if I get to deep into "my books"

any encouragement would help?

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Chris 2

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Again that old adage springs to mind When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. It sounds as though your friends are not ready to hear your new found knowledge and you really have to be okay with that. If and when they're ready you can share with them then, but you have to respect where they're at on their journey and be thankful that you have awakened to these wonderful new possibilities.

In my own personal experience I have found that a lot of my old acquaintances don't play such a prominent role in my life anymore, simply because we are on different frequencies. I don't feel a need to push my beliefs on to them because I don't think they're ready to hear them - if they were they would be asking in some way. I think everyone comes into our life for a reason and I am thankful for many of the times we had together. However, new and wonderful people are now coming into my life who are more in alignment with my new beliefs and I get to create wonderful, new relationships - I think you will find this happening very soon too.

Remember that anything your friends say about your new found belief, they say out of fear and it is not really worth arguing with them because they will not hear you from that place of fear - in their own minds they are right and you can't convince them otherwise if they're not ready to hear.

You have two options and only you can decide which works best for your own personal growth - Let go of the old relationships if you feel that they are really pulling you down or respect where they are at and don't try to convince them of anything right now; there might come a time in the future when they are asking and if so you can enlighten them then.


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I never speak with any friend about spirituality, and that's why I never have problems like that. That is it for me, but I don't expect that it will be it for you too.

The only advice I can give you is to abandon people that are not worthy enough to be friends. You have Law of Attraction so you can be choosy. That's what I do, I have 3 friends I love and I simply leave behind those I don't like. I treat those not-liked with respect and I am always willing to help, but not necesarilly I want to go out with them or become friends.

The night ended with a friend agruing about how much she hated her job and me trying my best to explain why its best or would serve her to think about the positives of her job.

You are eager after reading materials about Law of Attraction, but it is hardly possible to change a mood of a person like that. I am sure you know yourself how it is to be in a bad mood. You go deeper and deeper in this feeling and the last thing you want to do is become positive. Put yourself in her shoes and you will understand.

Sad and frustrated people only want to be understood. They want someone to listen to them and nod. The method to deal with people in bad mood is to repeat the meaning of their sentence in another words:

Person: I hate my job so much. My boss is so rude.
You: So you don't like your job because of your boss.
Person: Exactly!, but also...

Not trying to make them positive:

Person: I hate my job so much. My boss is so rude.
You: But think about the bright side. Find something you like in your job, and focus on it. You will slowly begin to attract...
Person: ...what can you know! I have been working like that for 10 years! ...! ....!

Suprising is the fact that after their "fuel" is gone, you achieve the result you wanted to get! They become relieved and more positive.

Read "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk" by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish. I know it says it is about children, but I think this is rather more self-development stuff. You can get a lot of interpersonal skills from this book. Law of Attraction isn't everything. ;)

Another friend ended the night telling me that he has been where I am and it's a dangerous place because i could lose my morality. And how he has known this stuff for 10 years(yet his life is not a reflection of using this material effectively)

Big-headed, lecturing others one. Thinks he knows best. Not worthy to be your friend.


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You don't have to lose your friends over this.

You are changing and your friends are sharing their point of view from the only reference point that is available to them. Can you blame them for it?

If you are looking for validity for what you believe by discussing these ideas with your friends and hoping for an acknowledgment from them, you will likely end up in a place of not knowing what to believe and what to do.

The type of information we discuss here cannot be understood through winning arguments and debating with others. It actually has to be tested through personal experience. Until then you only have an opinion on something.

You question already shows that you are coming from a place of personal experience and real knowledge. Don't test the validity of what you know from a personal experience by discussing it with others without this experience.

I'm not saying don't discuss it. Go ahead and talk about it with everyone you know if you want. But don't judge the validity of what you know by discussing it with those who don't have any idea.

And at the same time, don't dismiss their criticism. They may have a point. Remember the members of the Branch Dravidian Cult who ate poisoned pudding and killed themselves so that they could leave before the world came to an end. Now if they had listened to their more critical friends, they may have still been alive.

Criticism of what you know to be true is not a bad thing. It gives you a more balanced reference point of where you are. after all you can't completely abandon the reality that surrounds you because of criticism.

The more confident you are in what you believe, the easier it is to handle the complete dismissal of these concepts from others. And that kind of confidence only comes from actually applying these ideas in your own life and testing them for the truthfulness within them.

Believe me, there is a lot of nonsense out there that is riding under the cloak of spiritual guidance. This is why testing is important.


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The Traveller

This last comment is so true, its one of the reasons why ive joined Inward Quest. The manifesting/L.O.A business is fine, but you should never be afaid to question it or test it. Thats how you get to see it really does exist.

(01 Aug '10, 10:29) Mile3 1

What are the qualities about your friends that attracted you to them in the first place? Do those same qualities still apply today, or have you changed to the point where your friends are no longer a vibrational match to you?

Think about the relationship you had with them before you discovered the principle that your thoughts affect the way your life unfolds. Did you commiserate with them? Did you sympatize with your friends' work and personal problems? If you did, and you now believe that this kind of thinking is unproductive (a legitimate point of view, by the way), do they no longer have anything in common with you?

Your friends are the same people they always were. But your new point of view may make it seem like you are unsympathetic. Like politics and religion, some topics just shouldn't be discussed with some people, and if your friends can no longer cry on your shoulder (and that was the basis for their relationship with you in the first place), you may have to find new ways to relate to them, or new friends.


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OMW This is just what I was looking for. Over the past two weeks I've been attracting what I really want in life- 2 job opportunities and a lot more happiness and ways of doings things that previously I hated doing. In all seriousness though, I'm losing a few people as well. It's almost as if they're kicking themselves out of my life and I'm seeing what was previously hiding. Still feel sad about the fact that some people I could really connect with before are leaving and with them they leave harsh comments about how I've changed or the like, on the other end of the scale, I have a few pictures of my best friends on a vision board and am getting so much closer to them.

Here's what I'd say Chris ( and what I do), Put a picture of your friends on a vision board but a moment when you guys were completely happy, Don't force the Law Of Attraction onto them but slowly throw in things like " Yeah so guys I was thinking, theres a seminar next weekend on LOA, wanna come?" or email them one of your favourite LOA articles thats also inspirational :) It won't hurt to visualize everyone together and happy- the way you & they want things to be :)

All the best guys and heres my blog if you're keen to learn more about my thoughts www.leaptofly.blogspot.com :) Thanks so much for putting this up!


answered 27 Sep '11, 06:31

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Bavinash Pillay

One thing that changed for me before the true change occured in me (when I actualy started to see things), was that all my friends where gone all of the sudden.. wich tells me maybe they where not my friends to start with... or where too narrow minded to change frecuency as well.. another thing that changed for me during the journey was that I lost the need to fit in.. the one you have in high school has been long gone for me about a decade before my change.. I always believe that whomever needs to be here is here right now.. and that is the law of attraction.. I believe it works both ways.. not just attracting things, people and situations towards you but also repelling them if you dont need them.. maybe you believe you do but maybe your super you knows better.. and I repeat whomever needs to be here is here right now.. because everything is perfect in the eternal present that you are creating.. sometimes you think that the situation you are in is not the one you desire but maybe it is the one that is best for what you are living right now.. when you close a door another one opens wide.. be ready to receive new things that you didnt even imagine.. new people and new situations.. new beginings are exilerating.. and if people dont appriciate you as more?.. LIVE.. LOVE.. LET GO.. :)


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As long as you stay true to your own personal path of what feels good to you, then it really doesn't matter who comes and goes in your life. Being pressured into others beliefs or being swayed away from your own by peer pressure is what gets us off track a lot of the time. In human society it seems much easier and safer to go along with the heard instead of being the so called different one.

I am currently still in the process of using these principles myself. I understand how hard it can be to break away from the normal way of looking at or doing things. I've had a few instances where I tried to give my family members advice on how they can change certain circumstances with positive thinking and Law of Attraction concepts. I mostly got odd looks or the yeah yeah yeah whatever you say pal kinda response. One person even got a little upset at me because it just felt awkward to them so that was my signal to start keeping these ideas to myself from now on.

I realized that instead of trying to change others realities, even if I really cared about their well being, it would be better to just focus on myself and all the other stuff will fall into place. It's okay to be a little selfish sometimes, especially when it deals with your thoughts, desires, beliefs, and emotions.

When someone is at a different vibrational level, they can't hear what you say in some instances. They only feel comfortable with where they are at on the vibrational scale. It's up to you and you alone in the end to decide which side of the scale to tip yourself towards.


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I agree with you cory, relationships with others have a lot to do with the frecuency you are in.. unfortunetly, when people are in different frecuencies it is hard to communicate and understand each other, I also dont waste my breath anymore when it is not needed and I let people live the journey they chose for themselves at the pace they want and how they want it.. it is hard to see people stubborn and keep living the same cycle over and over again no matter if it has never worked, all you can do is bless them and hope they find there way out of the cycle if not maybe they are happy that way.

(29 Sep '11, 02:59) jinxx
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