I completely understand why she left me as I realise now that my thoughts had been on wrong frequency. But now I have a 'hate' feeling for her and a envy + hate + humiliated feel for her new bf.

I understand that I have to get these feelings out, completely out. But I'm unable to get rid of them.

I tried to find solution on Rhonda's "The power" which suggested to "put love or feel love for them"

But being honest I cannot love them. So I want to atleast get nuetral feel for them.

These negative feelings are messing up other parts of my life too.

I want to get them out of my subconcious, or make them unactive. Even sometime they manifest in my dreams which I think is a sign that my predominant attitude is on wrong frequency (I read about Evaluating dreams from 'Ask and its given')

I know I can and must change my dominant mindset. Even many time I am enthusiastic and feel high which I love to.

Actually, Im on a 50-50 level. 50% of the time I am on frequency that pleases me but during remaining 50% time I get low and full of anger

I tried meditating and that helped but Im not satisfied with it.

I tried resisting my thoughts but that only lead to worse, so I quit resisting them.

I don't find focus block kind of method usefull.

Kindly tell me some method,
which keeps me on good frequency and not to think about this specific incident or divert me as soon as possible.

Im able to keep me up myself if something goes wrong and make it right using law-of-attraction but I can't in this case. so I thought of asking on IQ.

Thank you!

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Trying to avoid and/or resist the hatred that has gathered, which sums not only hatred towards her, her bf, but yourself and the ways this all came about is far worse than the hatred itself.

It's like bleeding and pretending nothing's happening. The pretend itself will harm you more than the bleeding.

Everyone talks about "allowing", but paradoxically most of them attempt to avoid allowing in case of negativity.

My suggestion is simple, boxing bag, boxing gloves and let your hatred out.

(20 Mar '13, 06:04) CalonLan

try to forgive n forget. take this affair as a learning experience n don't forget the lesson u learned from her. "what goes comes around" so, if ur hating them ..precisely ur attracting more hatred in return ..so, don't give ne energy to them. remind urself again n again, somewhere a far better girl is in store for u..

(20 Mar '13, 12:39) supergirl

u she wld be definately far far better than ur ex. so..simplyy let go..and trust on God n its awesome plans. may u get out of this as soon as possible. love,light n blessings ur wayy..:)))

(20 Mar '13, 12:39) supergirl
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How to avoid focusing on a failure

The reason you feel bad is that you see yourself as a failure. But you could also see your breakup as a good and necessary experience that will help you tremendously in future relationships.

So what's happening when you see yourself as a failure?

It means that you see yourself as being worthless...forever! And you can do nothing about it.

What happens when you feel worthless?

Your inner guidance protests against that belief because it knows that you are worthy. And therefore you feel insecurity/guilt/unworthiness. This feeling is a signal that you are thinking something that is not true about you. Because you are totally worthy and you are a joyous being by nature.

Kindly tell me some method, which keeps me on good frequency and not to think about this specific incident or divert me as soon as possible.

I will suggest two methods for your specific problem but it is very important that you try to intensify those feelings first. Write down everything why you think you are unworthy or why you did something wrong in your relationship or why you think her new bf is better/more worthy etc. Even try to make things up to make this unworthiness feeling more intense. Use all your tricks and fantasies to intensify it.

For instance if it is a 5 in intensity on a scale of 1-10 now, try to make it a 10 or a 11.

This step is the most crucial one. Don't resist anything!

Then first do the Core Technique as described in this video.


Do this until you become completely neutral about your breakup issue. It might take 10-50 minutes or longer.

Afterwards do Abraham's Positive Aspects about your breakup until you feel joyful. It might take 10-15 minutes.

Repeat those 3 steps for about 14 days every day (preferably every morning).

  1. Try to intensify your bad feelings and make them a 10 or a 11 in intensity using all your tricks
  2. Do the Core Techniue
  3. Do positive aspects about your breakup

You might find that tomorrow you still feel joyful if you think about your breakup issue. Then it's ok to just go on with your life immediately. But if you feel even just a little bit anything less then good, go to step 1 immediately.

You will see that this issue won't control you anymore and you will just feel happy and see the truth about your worthiness when you think about this relationship.


answered 20 Mar '13, 11:59

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