How to Lose your mind and Create a new one . By Dr Joe Dispenza

I've just downloaded the Ebook and apparently he is teaching beyond Knowing to Knowing How , in simple terms . Gives Scientific background and the practical . I was hoping for some feedback from anyone who might have read or used his system

Thanks in advance my lovelies ♥♥♥

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Thanks Baz for the edit , loves ya ♥ Well folks , I am only up to page 26 in this book and loving it . If like me you need the science behind things, Dr Joe gives it to you and if you decide to go ahead and get his book , as he advises read all of it so you have the background to what he wants you to know , I guarantee you won't be disappointed and just in case you are wondering , lol, no I am NOT affilliated with him ♥

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Well i haven't read the book but i have just looked at this youtube

where Dr. Joe Dispenza introduces his new book "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself". He clearly explains the mechanism of the law of attraction and takes us one step further, for those who are ready, into the world of conscious creation ... yes in my view, well worth a look :)


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ru bis

I did not read the book but I saw one of his interviews about it. He seems to say the same thing that others like Neville Goddard say. Meaning, to change your reality you have to close the door of the senses and retrain your mind by imagining yourself into the state you desire. The lose your mind part is basically about removing external stimulation so your body stays passive instead of leading you. This is something I have tried to apply for a while but my experience is that it's a tough skill to develop.


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The losing your mind part is much more than removing external stimuli and if you ever get a chance to read it , you'll find that it is different to Neville Goddard , science has come along way since then , however I do respect Neville's teachings.The purpose of Dipenza's book is to teach how not, to make this a tough skill ;-)

(14 Feb '13, 07:31) Starlight

@Starlight I don't expect to be able to read this book anytime soon. Can you share in a nutshell in what way it differs from Neville's? Can you give one example of how Joe makes things easier? Because what I heard was more or less verbatim Goddard.

(14 Feb '13, 09:52) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer , I can't imagine how a 300 odd page book can be compressed into an interveiw , however if you give me the link and when I finish reading the book , I am sure I can comply with your wishes :-)

(14 Feb '13, 10:40) Starlight

@Starlight The interview was this one . I also saw a couple of other videos but they didn't go into any more detail than this. Mostly I am interested in the "teach how not, to make this a tough skill ;-)" part, so I would appreciate what you could share as far as that is concerned. I know his language is different from Neville but he seems to say exactly the same things.

(14 Feb '13, 11:01) flowsurfer
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