Can anyone explain to me why every hospital room I have ever inhabited (and there have been many) were all painted a shade of pinkish grey? It neither soothed me nor pleased my eye. Schools, too, used to be pretty bad, but the new ones being built are better.

What is it about color that affects our moods?



asked 18 Feb '13, 19:43

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It could be that it is cheaper. it seams that red cost more.also red is not a color that relax you.Red is the color of blood, rubies, and strawberries.[5] Next to orange at the end of the visible spectrum of light, red is commonly associated with danger, sacrifice, passion, fire, beauty, blood, anger, socialism and communism, and in China and many other cultures, with happiness.

(18 Feb '13, 19:55) white tiger

Rubies & Strawberries, two of my favorite things.......

(19 Feb '13, 04:37) ele

It's just got to be due to vibrations, each color has it's own specific frequency, red excites the base chakra for example

(19 Feb '13, 04:44) ru bis

@ru bis ~ Rubis is French for Ruby. I believe bis means encore in French. Not sure about ru. Not sure about the space. Ooh, I know it represents the invisible. No matter, a ruby is my fav gem! (I'll stop hitting the cancel button & get it right this time)

(19 Feb '13, 04:48) ele

@ele - it represents whatever you wish :)

(19 Feb '13, 04:53) ru bis

@ru bis My French is not so good. I should have prefaced it by sayin' I think. All I know is I said I love rubies & by magic a ruby appeared... The invisible became visible ~ my 'whatever'.

(19 Feb '13, 05:01) ele

@ele - so why not ru bis short for true bliss :)

(19 Feb '13, 05:04) ru bis

@ru ~ that works for me.... Bliss is even better than rubies...(I can't believe I did that again & again) the missing letters spell lets (or something entirely different in French) ~ yes, lets call you True Bliss.

(19 Feb '13, 05:12) ele

@ele - thanks, love it :D

(19 Feb '13, 05:32) ru bis
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I personally think that colors do not really affect your mood, otherwise why do color-blind people sometimes feel the same way as people who are not color-blind in the same colored room?

So what is the main reason why colors affect your mood? Well, I feel that it is because our minds have associated different colors with different feelings since we were young, and it is something which is difficult to unlearn.

For instance, since young, you might have often seen cartoons where bulls charged at red cloths, or gory movies with a lot of blood. Hence, naturally your mind started to associate the color red with danger, drive, etc. Over the years, all of the movies and shows are still the same, so it only further reinforces this association.

The color blue - everybody likes a great weather, and when the weather is great, we see a lot of blue all around us. Hence, naturally our mind also start to associate the color blue with peace, tranquil and happiness.

And so on for the rest of the colors.


answered 20 Feb '13, 07:50

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I totally agree with you Kakaboo. It is the way we see them that matters!

(20 Feb '13, 15:50) LeeAnn 1

Colors that we can perceive are a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, they are the "visible" part of the spectrum

there are other colors that humans cannot see that extend into the infrared and ultraviolet zones. All is a matter of wavelength and frequency _ for example blue corresponds to the zone 450-495nm and frequency of 670-610 Thz, red corresponds to 620-740nm and a frequency of 480-400 Thz, microwaves correspond to 1000-0.1 cm and a frequency of 0.3-300Ghz and their color is invisible to humans. In other words when we speak of color we are really talking of specific vibrations, this is how blind people often learn to feel colors. Red energizes us because it excites our base chakra, the vibration of the color is sensed by our aura and we enter into resonance with it, blue induces calm ...


answered 20 Feb '13, 08:16

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ru bis

edited 20 Feb '13, 10:16

Thank you for mentioning chakras. I think that colors may influence directly through the chakras. This is a good point! <3

(20 Feb '13, 10:40) Jaianniah

There's a direct relationship between sound and light ... moving the frequency up one octave at a time, the quality of a note will cease to be something that can be heard. It will move into ultra sounds, radio frequencies, VHF, UHF, microwaves, colours and then higher harmonics of colours. Each value will retain the same quality of the note as picked up by the relevant sense, like the sense of sight for the colours. .

(05 Dec '15, 10:47) jaz

Here's more detailed info;

in other words colors are in direct resonance with "higher realms"

(05 Dec '15, 10:49) jaz

Hi Jaz

As always,very interesting & something I've been thinking about. Gray is the color associated with negative green & some say gray represents no emotion or maybe balance. In your opinion, what does the color 'gray' mean & why other than the color of the 'observable visible universe' ? Thanks

(05 Dec '15, 19:00) ele

Hi @ele on the spectrum that represents the 12 different energy qualities green is between yellow and blue, mixing yellow and blue gives green ... negative green is between black and white, mixing black and white gives gray so it seems logical that negative green would be gray :) the invisible colors being invisible to human eyes but detectable by the human aura. Here's some info about negative green

(06 Dec '15, 02:17) jaz

"logic" . . . very funny for more reasons than you know :D I realize when you mix black & white together it will make gray. I've looked at the link several times & again earlier. That wasn't my question unless your answer is negative green & what it represents. What is the color of logic ?

(06 Dec '15, 03:09) ele

.. and what color do you associate with a person who is 'rational'? Rationality meaning A) acting according to "reason" or in accordance with the facts of reality or B) a state of being. It goes w/o saying the former would be subjective & the later could be subject to change.

(06 Dec '15, 03:24) ele

I would say that gray corresponds to a balanced state of being that fans out and englobes the whole spectrum of energies

(06 Dec '15, 04:00) jaz

I hope what I said did not influence your answer. That's was my thought also. Thank You !

(06 Dec '15, 04:18) ele

The 12 colors or 12 different qualities of energies of the complete spectrum can also be described in many other ways. For example Owen Waters speaks of the 12 dimensions of creation, servranx describe it graphically as being the 9 vehicules of a complete human the center of which is represented by an equilateral triangle (trinity) ...

(09 Dec '15, 01:13) jaz
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Red is not supposed to be relaxing. It is a sign of caution such as seeing blood.

Green is relaxing and soothing for the eyes, and also blue.

Green means "healthy" in nature and blue means "sky" and "water" which are also natural , open, healthy things.


answered 23 Feb '13, 03:37

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Hi Ja

I believe we are affected by colours. While on the subject of colours, where does the colour pink come from? Pink isn't in the rainbow colours, so, where does it come from. It isn't in the spectrum of light.

If you went to a christening and the baby was dressed in black instead of white how would feel about it? Would it put you in a good mood or bad mood?

Why carn't you get a red coloured budgie? You can get a blue budgie and a yellow budgie, two of the three primary colours, so why not red? Maybe they wouldn't find the colour attractive?

The colours that we see and even the ones we carn't see are here for a reason. Wasps like the colour yellow and bees don't like the colour blue.

I use to have a friend at school and his fave colour was transparent. Is transparent a colour? I don't have a fave colour, but I like colours that glow, like neon colours, Shop signs etc. They appeal to me, but carn't explain to you why.

Hope this helps, take care Chris


answered 01 May '16, 15:35

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Chris Fowler

Hi @Chris on the subject of colours and animals here's an article about fish

(02 May '16, 02:44) jaz

Thank you for your article on fish. I found it interesting. Take care Chris

(02 May '16, 03:25) Chris Fowler
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