I stop being creative, my voice shakes, my hand starts to shake as well. My face starts to be red. My way of speaking appears aggressive. And it happens only when I face people in mass and may be much awaited people as well (when there is too much emotion). I don't know how to come out of this problem. I believe that there is problem with my emotional aspect (too much emotion) and psychological aspect (my own childhood). How can I overcome? Gratitude for valuable suggestion :)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Mass as in church, or mass as in large groups?

(27 Oct '12, 10:50) Fairy Princess

It is mass as group of people - and fear is only when to speak before them @Fairy Princess

(28 Oct '12, 08:36) ZDCobran

@Barry Allen : Thank you for making it clear :)

(29 Oct '12, 15:44) ZDCobran
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i can relate to this problem because i had the same anxiety a few years ago. now i can even speak in public and in front of large groups without problems. the best method i came across to overcome your fears is imo the mc2 method. it eliminates fears and even fears of having fears :)

you can listen to the audio course for free. just go to



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@releaser99 : Thank you very much. Feels grateful to you - let me try :D Prayers for blissful moments ahead :)

(28 Oct '12, 08:37) ZDCobran

@releaser99- can u pls explain alittle abt mc2 method? i have heard it for the first time?

(28 Oct '12, 10:17) supergirl

@ZDCobran your welcome. @supergirl yes, but stringray very accurately explained the core concept of the mc2 method here. i couldn't explain it as well as he already did :).

(28 Oct '12, 10:30) releaser99
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hi... i l tell u how i overcomed it- when i had same feeling while performing on stage.., i simply closed my eyes n thought that my parents n almighty God is sitting in front me.n just performed..., cos when there is God n God's strngth with u.., nothing can ever go against u...,n UR THE WINNER. n i tell u when i tried this, everytime.."i won the singing competition"..., simply visualize that God is there with u, with in u, above u, below u.., thts it.., take it easy n see u l overcome it.., it is tht easy.., i hope this helps.., love,light n blessings to u..:)))


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Thanks @Supergirl for your wonderful suggestion. Prayers for blissful moment ahead :)

(28 Oct '12, 08:36) ZDCobran

@ZDCobran- ur welcome :)))

(28 Oct '12, 10:14) supergirl

Ok the first thing is to remove the emotional charge for sure. I also want to share a story cause I used to have this problem and I actually failed really miserably in a presentation before I was able to make an awesome presentation. So I want to tell you about an awesome presentation I did that might help you feel better.

In my senior year of school I had to present a 45 minute dissertation presentation on research I had done for about a year or two on this really heady philosophical subject- it had pretty heavy implications in the class I was working on and possibly could have disputed all of the research that everyone had done up until then so it was a bold move of me- for one to even present in the first place, almost like a taboo idea- but I deeply believed in it and I also knew and believed that I understood what I was talking about as well as the context and history leading up to it. One of the aspects of the project- which I'll try to make really simple- but basically what I was saying in a different way was that in my particular field the structure of dominance (think teacher/student authority relationship) in this particular field was going to soon be irrelevant- and more towards open source/sharing economy. Thats the general gist although its more complicated than that but ANYWAYS- so this was in a class where I was the lowly student saying this to a roundtable of tenured faculty 3 times my age, who were very much rooted in old school sensibilities-i.e. classical capitalism sort of thinking- so my saying that sharing economy is the new progress was a bold move for these guys and for a young twenty some doing that up in front of all the "authority"- probably would have horrified anyone.

But this is what I did. Since I knew my project was about sort of the uselessness of old school thinking in this new paradigm, what I did was I deliberately told myself "ok I seem to be pretty confident in this lets see what I can do to make my statement pretty clear" and I went to my presentation with my hair uncombed, I had holes in my shoes, stain on my t shirt. My peers were all in high business attire and I came basically looking like a homeless urchin. I wasn't thinking "what do they think of me" Cause I didn't care. I knew what I thought of me and I wanted to lead as an positive example- by character and passion. I knew Everyone in that room was so uptight, is there a way I could deffinately stick out as the only one who wasn't uptight whatsoever? I was looking to stick out. So I asked what do these people need to see/hear from me? How can I make my message clear?

I got up there, spoke amazingly, confidently and non-arrogantly. I focused on what I was passionate about, accepted failure before I even went up there and was totally comfortable even if I bombed because I knew in the scheme of things it wouldn't matter.I focused on what mattered to me- my passion and light and not their thoughts, which I had no control over anyways so whats the use. I said Ok Im gonna fail and its gonna be awesome and I just went for it! Of course I got some dark stares when I went up there intially, of course I had some questioned asked. I laughed most of it off and again focused on my belief in the material and what aspect of it was passionate to me to share to others. Everything else I said #### thier opinions, I dont give a #### I'm doing and sharing my light thats all that matters. They aren' up here sharing their light so it doesn't matter. I'm proud of my courage and vulnerability and my imperfection. I flaunted my flaws like you would not believe! The flaws are the feature, its what makes us unique.

Guess what? I got the highest score that year in the dissertation round. And I made a good point by demonstrating it and after that everyone was all chatty and happy and feeling great, like the pressure was released off of them. It changed the entire atmosphere of the last few weeks of those presentations, people weren't uptight anymore once they saw that they didn't have to be perfect.

Just know ahead of time- make it actually deliberate that you say the wrong thing, maybe do the wrong thing. Maybe go out of your way to make a few mistakes initially and you'll actually end up looking pretty well- those mistakes will be natural- even if you have to intend them at first- cause you can plan for them that way. Maybe even start off with like 10 seconds of silence and see how it makes the room feel uncomfortable on purpose. And then laugh about it.

So what you do, is you take your acne, you take your cold hands, you take your sweaty shirt and you put it out there and you go hey this is whats up I'm human! Its awesome and you can eat it cause I'm on stage right now and I don't care cause youve had a sweaty shirt before person in the third row and you've DEFFINATELY had acne, girl in the back, and I'm here to be awesome to show you that you can too, acne, sweating etc. and all!

I think you could do this exact thing and you would have no problem.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Kanda : I am thankful for your answer :)

(29 Oct '12, 15:45) ZDCobran

I fear all my answers are to simple for this site. I don't know where you live but in Canada we have a group called Toast Masters. Learning on-line is ok but then you have to practice. Toast Masters will help because they've been their.


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@suds : I am thankful for your answer. I have been looking for ToastMasters as well - here in Finland. I liked the idea since my friend introduced me about it, but I have not found it in my place around.

(29 Oct '12, 15:46) ZDCobran

Use Two Hands Touching with EZ Deletion Sequence and other techniques like this

Do THT. Say, "Delete all the ways I feel about and hold in my body speaking before a group of people." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the physical and psychological causes and affects of speaking before a group of people." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the mental and emotional causes and affects of speaking before a group of people." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the psychic/epmathic and spiritual causes and affects of speaking before a group of people." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the unknown and remaining causes and affects of speaking before a group of people." Do THT.

Do THT. Say, "Delete all the ways I feel about and hold in my body fear." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the physical and psychological causes and affects of fear." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the mental and emotional causes and affects of fear." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the psychic/epmathic and spiritual causes and affects of fear." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the unknown and remaining causes and affects of fear." Do THT.

Say, "I am a confident speaker." Do THT.

Visualize yourself speaking elegantly in front a huge mass of people. Do THT.

Feel the exhileration of just finnishing the best speech ever with high fives and all. Do THT

If anything uncomfortable pops up, put it aside and clear it too when you are done with the section, ending with the possitive affirmation/s or visualizing the perfect version of what you want without anything uncomfortable popping up.


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Fairy Princess

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Thank you @Fairy Princess - I have to see how THT works as well :D

(29 Oct '12, 15:47) ZDCobran
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