It seems that as we manage more information more unhappy we are .. that is why our anxiety to be first in everything, to be the more and better prepared ,keep us away from the essence of happiness, which is only exist, to BE only..

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It's difficult to answer your question as it seems to be based on your personal perspective. I'm happy 95% of the time and of course, the law of attraction has lined up many friend's, who're normally happy for me and it's lined me up for them :-) Just BE happy NOW...

(08 Aug '10, 12:45) Eddie

Hello Robert!

Perhaps the answer depends on what you mean by happiness - you'd have to define what constitutes happiness in your view. A dalek definition would be a 'general and persistent sense of personal well-being' ... and that is very definitely achievable!

So there's a built-in assumption in your query, that "man can not achieve happiness". But that perception is at best a loose generalisation, rather than some kind of universal Truth, and as such it's incorrect. Oddly enough, the entirely opposite proposition that "man can achieve happiness!" is much closer to Reality.

All The Best!


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Account closed

Maybe define happiness would be a good new question :-)

(08 Aug '10, 12:39) Eddie

I think because most human beings are looking for happiness in all the wrong places, we perceive it as being hard to achieve.

Happiness cannot be found anywhere except within one's own being and we can spend too much time looking to everything and everyone else to find it.

All we really need to do is become still and realize the happiness that is already within. Anything we want to experience without must first be realized within or it will be short lived.

Happiness is already within each and everyone of us and when we stop looking to other people and material things to bring us this sense of happiness, we become much closer to realizing it.

Happiness is a way of being - "Happiness is the journey, not the destination"


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Michaela, you're right on!

(09 Aug '10, 16:47) figure8shape

It must be remembered happiness is not a thing, it is not a goal. In other words I don't find happiness and own it, okay I found happiness now I'll always be happy because I own it I'll always keep it right here locked in my safe completely safe and sound mine forever.

Happiness is a feeling, think of feelings in esoteric form as water, water changes you bump it the slightest and upset the calm. The calm must be maintained, move a little to the right or left and the next thing you know you are spilling water! The form is constantly unstable unless you remain absolutely still while holding the glass.

Here is the question you find happiness, now can you freeze in that moment forever or do you move from that spot in time and space? We are animate beings even breathing is movement, so we move and this means that this happiness may get lost. The thing is even if we find true happiness say for example I get an Audi, it is perfect! It has a convertible roof it has both AC and Heat, it has an AM/FM radio, power locks, power windows, power steering, and is an automatic transmission! Everything is perfect with this car I love it it is the best, I enjoy driving it every day, now years go by. Does my Audi still give me that great happiness or is it just my mode of transportation? Happiness needs to be fueled to stay fulfilled so it is like my container for happiness has holes in it and the happiness leaks out I need to keep filling the glass with more water or filling my self with more happiness.

This is the same with value creation which by the way, creates happiness. As I create something to benefit humanity and make me money as well, once that is done I am not "Set For Life!" No, now I see something else I can do to create more values, and this continues even if I become a billionaire I need to continue to create and this continual creation to the service of humanity creates happiness that continues as long as I have something I am working on, I am equally working on my own happiness and fulfillment.


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Wade Casaldi

well thanks a lot,that was very useful to me..

(09 Aug '10, 11:20) Robert

I am happy to be of help.

(12 Aug '10, 05:02) Wade Casaldi

It's easy to feel unsettled during this "information age" especially if one is not in the habit of positive thinking, or if one is in the habit of paying attention to news, on the TV, or internet or radio. Most people are not taught to focus elsewhere and since most of the news is "bad news" those who pay the most attention to it are those most unhappy.


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LeeAnn, I agree with you. Once I stopped tuning in to daily news, I instantly made a shift..a positive shift. I think in general society is taught to do things one way (you must know and stay abreast of current events-which are typically negative in nature or else...) and it's up to us to define what works for us individually and what creates syngery and flow and "happiness" in our lives...

(09 Aug '10, 16:50) figure8shape

ops!two wrong spelled words: into/synergy : )

(09 Aug '10, 16:51) figure8shape

Because not everyone can "see" spiritually. It is like having blinders on and driving the fastest most advanced race car.


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Happiness is a state of the mind. Like any other emotion. It is not dependent on external things. There is a saying- pain and pleasure come and go, happiness is beyond both. Satisfying one's senses by external things is seeking pleasure, not happiness.


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harmony helps create happiness.
if we choose to live in the physical world, that is a type of happiness.
being able to live toghether without anyone suffering on our behalf, that is a type of happiness.
expecting to always get what i want, that is a type of happiness.
have you really given thought to what happiness is to you?


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“Man’s Everlasting Happiness”

Happiness lives on, and grows with us daily.

It is love, and pain rolled into one

It is sadness, and joy mixed with fear.

It is sickness, and health with recovery in sight.

It is technology a new to enlighten your mind.

It is new discoveries of nature, and science alike.

It is wealth with big and little treasures for you.

It is everyone sharing a life together as one.

It is people every where wearing a smiling face.

It is the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning time.

It is Pancakes with melted butter, topped with Maple Syrup waiting for you.

It is the smile of a new mother and a new father to share a new life.

It is the first cry of new born baby to bring joy into your life.

It is the nature of the blooming trees in the field to greet you once.

It is a field of beautiful flowers waiting to welcome you home at last.

It is peace and good will to all men alike making an everlasting change alright.

Happiness is everything, and nothing lost in time, happiness is everyday alike!

Hope you like my poem about happiness.


answered 30 Jan '11, 04:05

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