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Dear guys and girls, my dear swans :)

Some time ago I encountered a really magical technology. If I heard about it and not experienced this myself, I think I wouldn't believe it - I couldn't believe even when I did experience it. :)

I spoke about it in a reply here - and this was just one of those magical things, I experienced several more since then and now became their new upcoming Human Light System course administrator and a support person on those Translighters.

The beauty of this technology is that it allows to feel better, easier. To find better feeling thoughts easier. Not even to speak about the other influences, this one is truly magical for me.

I always thought, we live in truly attraction world, so how could any assertion be possible? How could any card have any influence on me, on my energy?

Interesting, by the way, I once thought - when I go to a dentist, she does something physical to me and I don't question her influence :) but the energy - I start denying the possibility of it. :) They say other translighters have an influence on the people's life - they harmonize circumstances etc. How could that be possible?? Yet, inside I feel that it's true, I just feel that it's a kind of a co-creation.

Finally I came up with my own theory-suggestion, that when a person has it in their energy, that life becomes better and all kinds of other magic is happening, then this card is coming to them as an implementation of this possibility. Kind of like I explained it in the post about rich people. I see myself, that when I do my vibrational (thought) work, I feel that with these cards I start feeling much better, than if I would do my thought work without them. They work like magnifier - again, not to speak of all their other described influences - read about even one of them, the Eureka. They say we're light, for me it's hard to comprehend, yet. :)

Why I'm writing to you about it now? Because on November 11 there will be a free webinar with Dr. Sergey Avdeev, the creator of those magical things, he will be speaking about the Translighters Technology, and if you're curious, you can listen and ask your questions, too.

Here's more about that event. You're welcome. :)

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Olga Farber

Yes @Olga these technologies work as if by magic ...magic is the oldest science in the world, chemistry evolved from the ancient art of alchemy.....Maths is rooted in ancien egyptian books and the hebrew kabbalah.

Magicians have long known how to harness the invisible using shapes, sounds, movements, colors, intention ... nowadays we're beginning to understand and explain subtle energy phenomena such as reiki, radionics, energy medecines, human magnestism ... here's a video that demystifies subtle energies showing a real link between the visible and the invisible


answered 21 May '20, 11:05

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