happiness is like water in a fist ... The harder we try to grasp it, it goes faster is a fact. The more we look for happiness, the faster it eludes us ... could it be that happiness is not a goal in itself but the way?

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John Sheridan ♦

"Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of travelling."

Without a doubt, happiness is not something we can chase but more a way of being. Most of us think we can find happiness in things or the right relationship or the right job or if we have enough money. However our appetite for happiness will never be sated until we look within and realize that we can be happy now, irregardless of circumstances - only then will everything else fall into place.


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I totally agree with you Michaela!

(11 Apr '10, 20:47) LeeAnn 1

Thanks LeeAnn :-)

(11 Apr '10, 21:58) Michaela

I like your answer.

(12 Apr '10, 01:15) Gleam

Thnaks Gleam:-)

(12 Apr '10, 11:11) Michaela

Nice, agreed. And happiness can be reached through appreciation. You just gotta love it 8-)

(12 Apr '10, 13:51) Eddie

This answer made me happy thanks :D peace

(04 May '10, 17:45) ursixx

Always feels good to make someone happy - Thanks Ursixx :-)

(05 May '10, 01:17) Michaela

I agree with you Michaela.

(08 Aug '12, 09:46) Fairy Princess

“My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations.” Michael J Fox.

(08 Aug '12, 14:30) Satori
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harmony, balance, perceptiveness of
nature as a more active way to learn
when we know or become more conscious
of who we are there is
more abundance of happiness

or must it be forced into a way


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"Happiness is the by-product of right living."

Alcoholics Anonymous "The Big Book", used by Sober people all around the world....

Jai ♥


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Hi Jai, Happines is not something you get. Happinnes is. You are happiness all you have to do is learn how to feel it and project it onto your outer world.

God/Love/Joy/Happines is within us all but to feel it and project it takes some work. Ask and ye shall find said the man from Nazareth. Look for happy people, beautiful things and nature and use all your senses to awaken for that will awaken the joy and happiness within you.

The kingdom of heaven is within. I wish you happiness.


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Paulina 1

This same thing could be said of love as well, William Shakespeare expressed it very well in a play I once saw. When the man tried chasing after love, love avoided him. But when he did not want love it chased him.

This seems to fit very well with what Jesus said, "To those that have they will receive more and to those that haven't they will lose what little they do have." It is the place the mind is set in. What are are we paying attention to, what we do not have and do not want? We will experience more of that by the more attention we give it. When he was chasing love his mind was on wanting, needing and lack, so he kept experiencing wanting needing and lack. Now when the other girl chased after him his mind was on, she is everywhere I am, I need to get away but she is always there in my face, I don't want her!

Interestingly enough had he changed his mind to exactly the opposite, then that opposite would have manifested. Sort of like I wrote about fearing what you do actually want so you can't fear not having it. Had he chased after the girl that wanted him thinking she always tries to avoid me! Also running away from the girl that he wanted while thinking she is everywhere always in my face, he would have ended up with the results he actually wanted.

So if we try to run away from happiness while fearing that happiness chases us, that everywhere we go we find happiness no matter how much we try to avoid happiness the next thing we know we'll be happy. This is because what is on our minds is happiness.


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Wade Casaldi

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