Throughout the day, is there a particular affirmation or word(s) or action (something that you physically do) to bring yourself back in the NOW? I'd love your feedback, as this is how we all expand and grow through sharing. Thanks!!

asked 09 Aug '10, 16:57

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Great answers!! I tend to say CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL...if I find my mind wandering in the wrong direction and to bring my attention back into the Present/Now.

(10 Aug '10, 15:11) figure8shape

I was inspired to create this reminder as a shortcut to the now moment and use it daily: Notice me - I'm always there - Every when - Every where

(11 Aug '10, 06:58) Eddie

Just breathe. Follow your breath.

(23 Mar '13, 00:41) ele
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Take a few deep and conscious breaths with a big smile on your face. I also remind myself that this world of material is just an illusion.


answered 09 Aug '10, 22:45

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I concur - becoming conscious of the breath is the quickest way for me too :-)

(10 Aug '10, 02:56) Michaela

When I catch myself remebering something of the past that makes me feel sad, or I start thinking negative things or maybe being overly critical, I exclame (to myself): "PIVOT, PIVOT!!!" As if an alarm were crying: DANGER, DANGER, or something. :) Bit silly, but I come back to the 'NOW' moment.



answered 09 Aug '10, 22:52

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Not silly if it works :-)

(10 Aug '10, 02:55) Michaela

Think yes, breath consciously, feel my heart beating and the blood coursing through my body, enter into the timeless animal vibration :)


answered 02 Mar '13, 03:43

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ru bis

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Love this!

(23 Mar '13, 00:40) ele

I remind myself that this reality is a dream. Knowing that, I have control over this dream. I know that my thoughts create, which keeps me in the moment...


answered 23 Mar '13, 03:02

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The Knights Alchemy

I tell myself "Wake the F up!". I then do some quick deep breathing, a small prayer and bring my focus back to the now.

I also remind myself

"Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

it gives me motivation to stay in the NOW. If I don't I could fall prey to many things.

Other things that always help are exercise and jumping into the ocean.


answered 09 Aug '10, 18:05

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