I was never big on taking pictures. I also never got in the habit of carrying pictures of my son with me, because when he was little, he went everywhere I went, so I didn't need to show pictures. I do take some pictures and videos now, mostly with my son's ipod. I enjoy spending the time with him in the photo shoots. But when I take video of him at his martial arts tournaments, I miss getting to watch him in the moment except on a tiny screen.

I sometimes would even feel guilty when would I see all the photos and videos people take of their children. I would think about how I won't have all these pictures and videos of my son when he was little to look at when he grows up and moves out. That would turn into a sadness that he will be gone some day. This did not feel good.

So I looked at the beliefs in there and realized they aren't even true. Just because he grows up doesn't mean he will vanish. We will just have a different relationship. He will go on to create his own wonderful life. Then I feel good that I have given him the tools he needs to create the life of his dreams. That feels good. Way better than looking at pictures from the past.

So do you think that looking at pictures of loved ones in their absence really makes you feel better? Or do you think that taking pictures of loved ones keeps you trapped in the past?

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Fairy Princess


@Fairy Princess - I feel exactly the same. My boy is grown and moved out, and I look at him and our lives now, not pictures. You will, too. You'll have a close relationship no matter how old he is, that's for sure.

(27 Aug '12, 18:28) Grace

Thanks @Grace :)

(27 Aug '12, 18:53) Fairy Princess
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It depends on how it makes you feel- and so the answer would probably vary from individual to individual and from person to person. Does the photo inspire positive feelings, raising your vibration, or a sense of separation and loss, lowering it? I would say that having/taking photos is neutral in and of itself. Remember, the technology to take photos is relatively recent in the greater scheme of things, although the urge to express creatively is not. Most parents go through separation anxiety in some form or another, personally, I see no reason to feel guilty for natural feelings. What others do or have done is not a great yardstick for measuring your own success. As you pointed out, your relationship will grow and change. If it raises your vibration, perhaps you can find another medium for celebrating the basis (the past history) of the wonderful and ongoing relationship with your son.


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@Peplumen- Nice answer:) @Fairy Princess- Glad your feeling better about this. As you say your stockpiling plenty of pic's and vid's now and he could be around for a while yet. You will have loads. If you were missing your son and then you looked through old pic's would you it really make you feel any better? :) It's so easy to keep in contact with people nowadays anyway:)

(27 Aug '12, 18:23) Satori

Thank you @peplumen sweet :) Thank you @Satori

(27 Aug '12, 18:55) Fairy Princess

It all depends on your own perspective. Some look at photos and feel sad, some feel happy. And maybe it even depends on the mood of the person looking at the time, and of the scene(s) in the photo (s).


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LeeAnn 1

Photographs are meant for "records" or a visual reminder. If they make you feel trapped in the past, that would be negative. Perhaps use the photos for positive visualization.

Personally, I do use photos of my partner and I from years ago (which brings me smiles and warmth) to visualize our future together. Instead of thinking, how I wish we can go back to those times.........

The fantastic thing is most of the time, we take photos of celebrations and happy moments. We take photos of weddings (instead of funeral), happy times (instead of quarrels).

Just sharing :)


answered 27 Aug '12, 22:55

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