We are said in LOA books that we must live in the 'NOW' 'cause we shouldn't focus on the past and it's better not to think in the future as it's only illusory. But we're also told to hold a feeling of expectation to manifest things more quickly.

Expectation is it not future-based? I will need some clarification, please! Thank you!


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It is true that thinking about the future takes us out of the now moment. But a feeling of expectation stems, not from wondering about what will happen next, but from the absolute assurance that you know what will happen next.

That kind of expectation takes the worry out of what is going to happen, and brings you back into the present. People don't wonder about the future when they already know what it is.


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AweSoMe!!! Love it!!

(08 Nov '10, 18:09) figure8shape

@Thanks, Vesuvius. Everything's clear now. Was a bit confused... Your answer is very clear!

(09 Nov '10, 12:30) BridgetJones09

I was about to post this question: Do we base our decisions on what is happening in the Now, or our expectations of possible futures?

Looks like that question fits in here.

My supposition is that, for the most part, we can be content with what we are experiencing. For example a difficult relationship. I have heard people say, "He has been hard to deal with, I could handle that, but when I saw he was getting worse, I decided I had to bail."

I am beginning to change my perspective on this. If what I am experiencing right now does not make me happy, right now, I am more and more moving toward something that makes me happy.

It is an interesting conundrum that people say to me, you are successful, therefore you can do what makes you happy. I believe that the happiness, which I have always felt, is the primary agent for making my life successful.

An ex once said to me, "You don't do ANYTHING you don't like to do!" I said, "Wow! You FINALLY understand me!"

Let's keep it in the Now.


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The future is created in the now hence all plans and expectations for the future must be created in the now. The output of the expectation is future based but the thought of the expectation can only exist in the now.


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Yes and Yes.

Dichotomy says one does not have to be false for the other to remain true. Looks like we live in a more of an "and" universe than a "but" one.

We only have now and need to learn an acceptance of it. That does not mean we should not plan for our future, for that is a very important process to navigate our creations. Past present future all happen now. For time is just an illusion any way. When relating to the future, which is needed often, can be very helpful as long as you leave out worry fear and anxiety.

Cake and eat it too? Yes please.



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Thanks, Michael! :)

(09 Nov '10, 12:29) BridgetJones09
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