It is said that the fate of each is already written. But in a relative world, our decisions in a second can change the circumstances of the future, something like the butterfly effect, which says that a flutter of a butterfly in florida can cause a hurricane in Indonesia.

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"It is said that..." - Who said it?

(22 Aug '10, 21:09) Vesuvius

Maybe you should contact whoever has said that "the fate of each is already written" and give them the following links.

I think after piling up a few deliberate manifestations of their own, the idea of fate will fall rapidly by the wayside.

I know it's a cheap plug for the previous Manifesting Experiments but Manifesting Experiment 3 is now definitely in development so I'm drumming up some advance publicity :)

Yes, you can change your just have to decide what destiny you want instead.

The thing is that you are so free, you can choose to imprison yourself in belief systems that don't allow that freedom.

Isn't that the ultimate have the power to choose to have none?


answered 22 Aug '10, 18:20

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Nice answer! And I am looking forward to Manifesting Experiment 3 :D

(24 Aug '10, 15:03) BridgetJones09

It's on the way...and this one will be a little different because I'm building some computer software to go with it.

(25 Aug '10, 06:44) Stingray

maybe your future is projected from the time of your manifestation into form,
burn off more of the predicted rate of bad karma,
change, hasten your unfoldment,
you may change the future


answered 23 Aug '10, 00:41

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I have heard this also. I like your answer Fred. Thank you very much.

(24 Aug '10, 04:02) GS415

Everybody's destiny is set to some default based on birth, environment, country, parents' vocation, parent's financial situation. This is fate & no one can change it.

If you don't do anything, it is likely to unfold itself in to some default outcomes.

But you should not accept it as your destiny as destiny is alterable reality & fate is not alterable reality.

For example you can die if your private jet crashes, that is fate. But you can have your own private jet, that is the destiny you altered for yourself :-)

  • Jatin Gandhi

answered 25 Aug '10, 09:21

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I think that if you believe what Jesus said ie that you can ask the Father and receive then surely with that rationale you must beleive that you can change your destiny or more accurately whast happening in your life at present by simply praying or affirming or both. If your destinys already written then whats the point of it all.Also why would a very intelligent God create you to simply follow a pre destined path that you had no control over.If this was the case i suppose that your free will wouldnt be REALLY free would it. And if that was the case God could have just as easily created you as a robot.Choice seems to be the factor here and lets face it we get hundreds of those every day. Graham


answered 02 Sep '10, 13:19

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Monty Riviera

I think some of us have different lots in life. I don't know the percentage breakdown but, I think a certain percentage has a set destiny, some open to randomness, and some people can create their destiny through metaphysics.


answered 24 Nov '10, 04:10

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Lee 2

Can we humans really change the future, or are we doing what we are expected to do for the future? I am human, you are human, but who decided that both you and I should be humans in this living world? Who decided that both you and I are going to be humans, and we are going to live to perhaps 100, or even 900 years?

Is it really possible for us to control our destiny and to decide the how, what, where, and when in totality, or are we limited to what we can create in our reality to a certain degree?

Personally, I think that all humans are limited to what they can do in their life here on earth and this is why they need the help of each other to succeed in their life purpose!

But in totality, we are like a fish swimming in a Pond of water not knowing what lies ahead!


answered 27 Nov '10, 07:54

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Inactive User ♦♦

Vee I have to disagree. We are not fish in a pond. We have a higher conscious and mostly we can tell what lies ahead. If this we not true than there would be no word for unexpected. When our day does not go the way we thought it would then we experience the unexpected. The unexpected does not occur all the time. If a person examined their core beliefs they would be able to fast forward and experience their future. The future may come about differently. but the outcome would be similar. Yes a bomb could drop out of the sky, but how often. I believe If can get clear enough and stay clear I can controll my destiny.


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Since everybody is allowed to have an opinion:

The fate IS written. The free will IS an illusion. But you CAN change things. What "you" "do" in the "present" "affects" the "future".

Here's how: when I say "you can't lift your hand right now" -- your reaction will probably be to lift your hand. Or to not lift you hand. But it will be caused by my words (plus your predisposition at the moment, which is determined by your experience). My words in their turn are determined by other causes.

Now, if I tell you "please be nice to other people because when they are hurt they feel emotional pain just like you do when you are hurt", you will most likely have another tiny reason to be nice. But if I tell you "it does not fucking matter, so enjoy yourself" then you will most likely have another reason to hurt somebody.

So depending on what I say, I will change somebody's future for better or worse.

Now, even if I don't REALLY have free-will to decide what to say to others, the cause of my actions propagates through the world just as well. This knowledge is what makes me prefer saying positive stuff over negative stuff.

At the end, what I do will change the world for the best.


answered 30 Nov '10, 20:56

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