I've personally found it extremely useful to make the first & foremost authority that I seek guidance from is my future self. It seemed pretty natural to me that the me who has traveled down the road I'm on would be the authority for sharing insight about whether my decisions took me somewhere I was comfortable with or not.

I noticed my personal state of being in the now has a large influence on the quality of information I receive back from future self. For example, if in the moment I find myself losing motivation on a topic of interest I will be less inspired in it than if I were to embrace it as if it were to be a skill I would keep and use for my entire existence.

My personal area of trouble here is keeping up confidence to embrace unpredictable situations, which is a highly contradictory concept to the entire purpose of everything I've explained up until now. Does anyone have any advice on how to help balance the dispute between being prepared for and accepting of any possible outcome of any scenario in the now while keeping my focus & intention on pursuing my goals & dreams without losing motivation?

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Wade Casaldi


@Snow please make the body of the question match the head of the question or the head match the body. I am not sure which to answer. I myself have channeled many times. But this connecting with your future self seems interesting too. Not sure which to answer.

(18 Apr '13, 00:53) Wade Casaldi

The question head would be extremely long, and would equate to the bolded section. If anyone feels it necessary to edit it to match they're encouraged to do so, I left it ambiguous because I try to leave things open to be framed from someone's own approach because this opens doors to ways of thinking I may not have encountered as easily on my own. It's all good to me, do what you think works. ;)

(18 Apr '13, 00:58) Snow

Ah I figured it out! It did match, it is just when read could be two entirely different meanings. I think I made it clearer now. :-)

(18 Apr '13, 01:23) Wade Casaldi
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Snow, I think it's about letting go of outcome, and living for the experience itself. If you're in it to win it, you can be disappointed. If you're in it for kicks, you can't lose. :)

I know that sounds a bit flippant, but I mean it seriously. I call it moving from being goal oriented to experience oriented, and making that shift has been a huge help to me. Never having been what anyone would call an over-achiever living goal oriented, as what I think of as "my society" does, it was an easy decision which one I'd do better at, once I saw the choice. It doesn't mean I have no goals, it just means I enjoy the journey much more now.

As to channeling myself, yes, I do. My higher self has a better perspective on my overall path, she isn't weighed down by the little things that can bother me, and she loves me dearly. I trust her. :)


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great advise! i myself found that letting go and enjoying the experience resulted in taking the most action i ever did in my life... becuase i dropped judgements and earlier i used to check for results too soon, or had too much noise that caused the action to be 2nd guessed etc... i was needling it too much lol

(18 Apr '13, 17:11) abrahamloa

I have channeled a lot over the years. I know that this is a success technique. Envision your future self after making it, then like a newspaper reporter ask that future self just what his story is, how did he make it?

The interesting thing is since all is one you are right now talking to yourself. Any channeling we do, no strike that any communication we have is with ourselves.


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Wade Casaldi

Well, if you subscribe to the view that all other people you see are lives you have either already lived or will in the future live then I'm sure what you're saying makes sense to you.

I personally don't, but from your standpoint the question could be rephrased to "Have you ever channeled versions of yourself on the same identity, timeline, and progression as you but who makes optimal choices from a moment to moment basis."

But like I said, I don't believe everyone lives me or vice verse.

(18 Apr '13, 18:46) Snow

Do you mean lie think about how you think your future self would feel about a certain outcome??

(18 Apr '13, 21:00) Dragonflybreeze

No, I actually follow my own footsteps from as close to my future self's direction as I can. I was just asking this question to provoke some thought inspired by other people's words than my own, it helps me think about things deeper.

For me personally I set my focus on however far in the future I seek direction from. Very short intervals for instances where reflex is necessary, very large intervals where I am trying to seek wisdom or clarity on making the best decisions regarding outcomes.

(18 Apr '13, 21:23) Snow

No... I mean there only is God, all of us interacting, are like fragments of that same consciousness communicating with each other. This would of course include, past, present and future.

(18 Apr '13, 21:55) Wade Casaldi

Don't understand either concept so I will back out of this conversation.... Thank you Wade and Snow for your input. ;)

(18 Apr '13, 22:23) Dragonflybreeze
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I'm tempted to go a bit wacky with this answer and will probably discover many people who can successfully, intellectually out smart me here.

Has the thought ever come to you to stop setting goals?

You must be, firstly, really crystal clear what you are referring to when you say goal/dream/benchmark/future reality/dead line, because, due to our unique amalgum of belief systems, you may find me or somebody else giving you ideas not relevant to your question.

I stopped setting goals a while ago, and I feel my life is much more smooth and easy without them. To me, goals come with a subtle bag of effort and hard, undesirable, painful work. It implies going on a rough process of unwanted suffering to achieve a fantisized, glamourised visualisation.

That's no way to live life. Living is the degree to which you are enjoying the process of pursuing the goal, in a sense, you are either living or dying, there is no in between (James Arthur Ray)

My desires and my sharpening of desires changes over the elpase of time. 12 months ago I strived for certain desires, to this day some of that haven't manifested and that's only because I have no desire for them at all anymore.

So...if you feel your "motivation" (a better word I feel would be "interest") is dropping, I would focus more not necessarily on the end goal, but on the current process. The process is the means to the end goal, and it needs to be modified so your interest and passion is keeping up with it.

As a further exercise, you can ponder how the dream/goal/manifestation you are chasing for will inevitably make you feel emotionally once you attain it (to elaborate, I'm not telling you to get the feeling, I'm telling you to ask yourself how it will make you feel after you have it), or you can sum up how it will change your beliefs about the world or how you will be a different person in the future and respond to events differently. Doing this will pinpoint what you really want, instead of what your initial physical mind thought it needed to have that satisfaction.

Utilising those two ideas mentioned above, you'll find your description for your true desire has changed (probably a long time ago as well) or otherwise you'll fall in love with the process again.

I feel I've left out many things here, but I'm up to debate and need to do so to strengthen my beliefs and knowledge as well, so please, comment/argue/debate :)

update example

I'll use this example to illustrate the point, because we are both young men here and I think you Snow would relate to this easily.

Meet Freddy. 23 years old, he's a Libra, enjoys long walks on the beach and loves his focus blocks.

Freddy has a desire to get 6-pack abs.

From his mixture of beliefs, for him to get abs, he would have to jog for 20 minutes a day, take a protein and creatine drink and commit to 3 weekly hour long ab and oblique exercise sessions. In his head, following this religious schedule, it will take him roughly 3 months to get chiselled. He prints out pictures of Mr Olympia and several mens health models and places them in his bedroom for "motivation when he's down."

A week into this routine, Fred, shall we say, "gives up." He stops all of these incremental tricks that create the process of attaining the 'goal' and continues on his daily life. Yet he still has desire for the 6 pack, and beats himself up psychologically for not being "disciplined enough" for sticking with his actions.

Alternativly, Freddy could question why he wants a 6-pack...Attention? Acknowledgement? Acceptance from others? A read an article somewhere that humourosly, but truthfully stated that men who have 6-packs are probably the most boring people that exist, meaning, all they do is pursue fitness 24/7. Even celebrities whom you've seen ripped credit they just muscles up for the acting role they were playing, and wouldn't stick with a diet/exercise routine in their regular lives.

Now let's imagine Freddy has pinpointed that he just wanted better social skills. In his mind, when he visualises having the ripped body and beaming smile, he links that image to him being socially amazing, able to brighten up people's days, and being viewed in his head as 'the man.' He loves helping others and making others days, but for Freddy it's just his mind is associated being muscular with being social and happy (maybe from some movies he's watched). At this point, he sees how silly the 6-pack thing is for his desire and instead signs up for online dating, goes out with his friends every weekend and attends some self-esteem seminars. Regardless that his desires have changed, he is enjoying the process.

Or let's imagine that Freddy still wants the 6-pack, but to enjoy the process a bit more, Feddy cultivates instead he'll go for a jog on the beach every evening and sign up for a weekly fitness boxing class. He enjoys the sight of the beach and the sunset and loves interacting and socialising with other people at fit boxing. Without his awarness, suddenly, all of a sudden he comes out of the shower and observes he has a 6 pack. "Meh" he says and continues on :)

If Freddy really wanted a 6-pack and was that passionate about his initial actions and was enjoying the process so much, he wouldn't actually care if he got the 6-pack or not really. It's the process that paradoxially is the end goal, pursued in a constant stream of 'the NOW.

I hope that answers your contemplations.


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I have not channeled myself. But i have channeled different characteristics i want in myself from someone else.

To answer your question:

if you strengthen your belief about Universe/Source Energy being able to take you to the right outcomes and any desire you want, then it would lessen your Noise/worry about what outcome might happen in the future. You can do that with whatever tools you resonate with. Example for me its meditation and reading a lot about this Source energy etc. When i meditate and sit quiet i believe that then i get in touch with the Divine Force and if i allow things freely by being guided by this quiet Inner Self force then everything will be done with Divine Will and not my ego forcing any outcome. I do that everyday 15 mins so i keep this muscle strong of being in touch and being led by the Divine force. By that i have soothed any fears of outcomes that i dont want etc.. the fear or worry is gone. I graciously accept whatver comes my way. But i go forward with full force and leave the rest to the Universe's way. Other tools are following your joy - like you can develop a hobby that gives you joy like dancing. then you dont need to technically meditate but you can give this act of dancing as being in touch with Divine too.

my cheatsheet is something like this (again there is no 1 formula):

1) meditate for a little bit whatever you are comfortable even 5-15 mins with intention that you will be in touch with Divine and that force will guide you. this will give you answers about your goals and dreams. It will keep you motivated if they are right for you. You will get more insights and creative ideas by the quitening of your mind.

2) Follow your joy - i saw that a hobby like dancing is more helpful since dancing is like an ocean - you can spend your whole lifetime in learning it and dancing it. So its continuous. Same with music, and other creative fields. Of course in short term you can watch a movie or eat a nice dinner, hang out with friends. But i found a solid hobby has more potent strength. So i am hoping that your goal/dreams does it give some level of joy. And you want to amplify that without casting doubts and worries. Focus only on beautiful things that are already happening with your goals. Or even that you are able to pursue it!

3) they say Love is the answer to all - so be easy on yourself and remove judgements on a daily basis. Love others that come your way, help them in small ways whatver you can. Be grateful for everyday things happening in your life. Maintain a gratitude list and fill in at least 5-10 items everyday if you can. ex - i was assigned on jury duty and dont get paid. But i love it since its new experience. So instead of complaining i had a great time developing connections with other jury members, we had great laughs, i learnt more about legal process. i was grateful.. I did not utter one word about not getting paid and it sucks. If you do gratitude list towards your goals then it will amplify your joy and love of even pursuing your goals and dreams. It will take your focus towards joy and passion of your goal instead of worry or fear of them not happening.

these 3 things i almost do on everyday basis. I believe this transformed my life when i was in deep hole. I believe this through total personal experience that things shifted by being more loving and by being more true to my inner self. Again there is no right way. You need to see what resonates to you and go with those tools and pursuits.


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;) Wise words well written. Thanks for sharing. ^_^y

(18 Apr '13, 00:23) Snow
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