If there is only now, the present, does this mean all future, past, and alternate now's also exist 'presently' (for lack of a better word; meaning to imply 'already created, corporeal, solid, established, etc.') or instead that the present is the only 'solid' moment, and every moment before and every moment to come is dynamic, created and sustained by energy (as All is energy) and so the past and the future can be reshaped by either removing or redirecting the energy currently invested in sustaining those events, which is only sustained from the now?

"Change.. is the only constant."

asked 18 Apr '13, 15:31

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this is great question. I always wondered whether it just perceptional or really as you asked. I will wait for some good answers! I feel they should NOT say past, present and future happens now if its only a perception. Meaning if the past already happened - the feelings of what happened we can change it. Meaning if i had a sad past - then now if i am happiest ever, then my feelings of past can now be alleviated and i may not look at it as i suffered a lot and instead say it was good learning.

(18 Apr '13, 17:25) abrahamloa

but that does not mean Past, present and future happens now to me. It just means that perception of it can be changed. That means if a car accident happened and it was traumatic then i can change the past feeling and not feel trauma but still the accident happened. Anyway i am going to wait to check some answers on this!! thx for asking

(18 Apr '13, 17:27) abrahamloa

I have my own answer to this question based on my understanding of reality, but I'm holding out on that till I get some other input because this is a topic I am unable to view in a perception outside of my own, so I don't want to share mine until I hear someone else's to expand my viewpoints. ^_^y

Thanks for sharing your input. =]

(18 Apr '13, 18:42) Snow

when i read Seth material, it felt as though a future event was having an affect on that past. Example - A guy in 1800s was a painter. He got a dream inspiration and painted it. But a future life of his in the 2400s, did something and that event triggered the past dream inspiration. so this was not just a perception at all... But these are hard to prove...

(18 Apr '13, 19:11) abrahamloa

I have heard some spiritual teachers say this but unfortunately not illustrating the exact meaning. i feels if its only perception/feeling changing they should not say Past, Present and Future is happening at same time. Which is bullshit to me. Why dont you just say the perception can change and avoid confusion people will otherwise feel.

(18 Apr '13, 19:11) abrahamloa

lol, cause I think they like to confuse us.....

(18 Apr '13, 19:40) Dragonflybreeze

Actually, I think it is difficult to explain sometimes in words when you are "that" connected to a higher Spiritual Source.. I have noticed that when they are That connected, they often speak in phrases, metaphor's, parables, etc....

(18 Apr '13, 19:44) Dragonflybreeze

Trying to communicate with someone who doesn't know your language when your own language lacks the vocabulary to articulate the thoughts and expressions to begin with.. Quite a task. =]

(18 Apr '13, 19:45) Snow

i have had some confusions like that but later settled to the fact that its best to be General in what you want. and be easy let things be given by Universe and just be happy with it. There is already lot of magic Universe delivers so we dont need to insist on things.

(18 Apr '13, 19:48) abrahamloa

Example - they say Ask and Its Given. But then frankly that to me means if someone is dead i can Ask that they come back too unless i assume there is a FINE PRINT ...lol. So its not really Ask and Its Given. Ask and Its Given is more general that you can get that States and feelings and emotions that you seek and want and not every specific detail exactly as you want. RIght?

(18 Apr '13, 19:49) abrahamloa

I have ask and it is given, but sometimes HOW it is given and WHAT exactly is given is not always Exactly what We had in mind... which is why many religions say God knows best. But, ya, if the universe is limitless, then the resources are all there.. getting them in this world can bit more difficult however....

(18 Apr '13, 21:42) Dragonflybreeze

But 'God' is up to your selection. You decide who designs your life, who writes your story, whether you decide it to be yourself or someone else. You can allow yourself to take the route with more bumps and bruises but stories to tell, or the route with the most wise choices and ultimate 'happy ending'. Or you can 'wing it' and write your own story as you go, be your own creator of life and destiny. I try to find a happy balance, in favor of enjoying every moment of life to the fullest.

(18 Apr '13, 21:57) Snow

Everything that follows, is only result of what you see here

That being said @abrahamloa, you might see something that hasn't happened yet, but will happen because of seeing it. It's like perpetuum-mobile. Also it might be that the event is not directly the reason for it happening in the future, sort of a deja-vu, where being on a certain path you get to see and forget the moments ahead of you. The events are set and based on what you do now. So it's inevitable to happen.

(19 Apr '13, 02:13) CalonLan

your future has numerous possibilies based on has happened in the past, but is not crystalized until you choose in the now

(19 Apr '13, 05:44) fred

LOL,@ snow you crack me the #### up... this isn't a I like you I hate you thing so don't get it twisted I don't know you to cast that opinion I only know of you as do everyone who views your posts. I sat back once before as you belittled the same audience that you were looking so hungrily to get a answer from. This time uh hu!! you say your own language lacks the vocabulary to articulate!! you are a ###### clown, in later days you were called a pharisee.Anyway,I only find words pointless

(01 May '13, 14:04) Popi Bearcat Gibson

when describing God , because my mind be like God is so good , and that is still a understatement. But you and your vocabulary that you are speaking of is as articulate as you want it to be. I love English always excelled there, but people around me didn't were not in tuned to the same vocab that I WAS USING ; and I thought everyone knew the words I was saying but I was over there head. I then learned it doesn't matter how long your vocab is if no one understands it it doesn't even matter.

(01 May '13, 14:11) Popi Bearcat Gibson

like a college student talking to a head start student using 13 letter words. Communication is only effective to those that understand it. You ask #### that you don't even know!! then you put the #### on here and say people are dum and you cant communicate to them . YOU AINT FOOLING ME . Aint you tired of the phony #### ? telling lies like you bored with the truth ,figure that out ..

(01 May '13, 14:15) Popi Bearcat Gibson

I don't know about 'clown', but I'm glad you're entertained by what is apparently unintentional humor on my behalf. ^_^

I don't believe I ever called anyone here dumb, or stupid, nor would I. I greatly respect much of the community here, even when my opinions don't align with theirs it gives me insight into a standpoint that is not my own.

I also don't know what you mean by being phony, or spreading lies. I don't know all the answers.. That is why I ask questions..

(01 May '13, 18:17) Snow

As for belittling the audience I sought an answer from, I mention in our other back and forth that I've said and done things I'm not proud of. Who hasn't? Not everything I've posted here was in line with a perfect expression of how I truly feel, and there's been many times where I am simply writing to myself and getting feedback on thoughts I have trouble sifting through on my own.

If I did belittle anyone here or elsewhere it wasn't my intention, or if it was my intention at the time it isn't~

(01 May '13, 18:22) Snow

...~ An expression of how I actually feel or something I'd want to do now.

But again, who doesn't have mood swings? Who doesn't make mistakes?

I'm very intrigued by your comments as of late. I really wish I knew what was going through your head.. =) At least we can say we're both entertained by one another. I think you're funny if nothing else. =]

As for calling me a phony.. No more or less than anyone else as far as I know. All I can be is who I am, who can be what they aren't anyway?

(01 May '13, 18:24) Snow

Oh and one last thing regarded your judgement of my behavior at whatever time you are referring to: One of the biggest lessons I learned is vast majority of the time, people's behaviors and actions are entirely because of themselves. People lash out or attack others because they're insecure or weak themselves. If I was belittling anyone, there's a strong chance it was because I was afraid or insecure myself.

Rule 2..


(01 May '13, 18:34) Snow
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Everything exists now.

The moment you decided to ask this question exists right now. The moment when you typed in your first letter into the question box exists now. Your version of last Christmas exists now. Your infinite alternative versions of last Christmas exist now. What can happen in the future exists now.

It's like with photo albums. You have hundreds of pictures in your album at the same time. Even if you can only focus on one picture at a time, you know that there are other pictures that exist as well at the same time.

alt text

Time is an illusion.

Take the example of the photo album. You can look at pictures of your life chronologically. And sometimes when you are so deeply focused and walk down memory lane, the time sequence could be experienced as real. It could be experienced as experiencing a real timeline from past to present.

But there is no past, present and future. All pictures exist now. There is only now. You simply look at the pictures in a chronological sequence and create the illusion of time.

We could also look at a picture that is at the end first, then at a picture in the beginning and then at a picture that is in the middle.

The universe is an entire photo album too.

But the photo album of the universe has infinite amounts of pictures. And they exist now at the same "time".

We simply jump from one now moment to another now moment, to another and another and another... and this way on earth we create the illusion of time.

So it is in theory possible to jump to your reality of yesterday (or an alternative yesterday). But on earth we created the illusion that we can't do that. We experience the illusion of time. So we are limited. We have beliefs and general agreements that limit us. Also our ability to focus is limited. We can only focus on one now moment (picture) "at a time".

I believe that when we make our transition (or croaking experience as Abraham would say) to source again, we can experience all now moments that exist at the same time... in no time:)

But yet I haven't thought about what to do next then when it gets boring some time later :).


answered 18 Apr '13, 19:13

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edited 18 Apr '13, 19:49

thx thats really great... can you tell me where i can read more about this kind of stuff??

My question then is why do they say you have move on in certain sitiautions... lets mother loses a child.. then mother has to move on with her life. If everthing exists in the now.... and the mother has a vision or imagination or go to the Picture in the Universe where the child is alive and with her - can she go to that ?? JUICY topic!! lol

(18 Apr '13, 19:22) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa This information about time is from Bashar. If you are further interested I would suggest watching videos on youtube or read some transcripts of his seminars.

Regarding your example. Yes, it is possible. But it is not probable because of our beliefs. We believe that something like that cannot happen. It is also possible to defy the laws of gravity and fly. But it is not probable. Instead we can honor our belief systems and simply go by plane. It's the path of least resistance.

(18 Apr '13, 19:42) releaser99

yes i resonate with what you are saying. Abraham also answers same way when a guy if he thinks everyday can he fly.... that yes if he is congruent with his thinking... .. and yes lot of things in the world that seem impossible and magical has happened...

(18 Apr '13, 19:56) abrahamloa

but wow i loved your answer that you said YES the mother can be with the child even after death!! thats very sweet if she can do that...

(18 Apr '13, 19:57) abrahamloa

i will check into Bashar...

(18 Apr '13, 19:57) abrahamloa

And if we do not want to honor our belief systems but discard them? Many times I have felt hope in suicide as a symbolic gesture to detach from rules that I do not wish to follow anymore. Yet if I can do that (detach from certain rules), I shouldn't need to do something I fear would make things worse to do it. If the loss of her child makes life unbearable and worthless to the mother, and this isn't that unusual, how does she decide to get the child back into her life?

(12 Oct '13, 03:45) flowsurfer
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How about this angle:

Because there’s only Now, in truth there’s no-time in which anything new can be created; thus creation is already infinitely and eternally complete. Therefore, all of the infinite possible realities already exist as potential, although we’re limited to experiencing infinite probable realities :)

Which part of creation you will experience is determined by you:

In a self-chosen (imagined) reality that’s comprised solely of your own consciousness (lower physical self + higher non-physical or spiritual self); therefore then, everything in that reality is You, including both the questioner and the answerer.

Linear time and - by definition - space are illusions; therefore, everything is happening right Here and right Now in the present moment.

You asked a question in the present moment of Now and because there is only you in your Universe, you answered that question, also in the Now.

And in this Now, which is the same Now, you are reading both the question and the answer that you wrote. See it and feel it by realizing that without the illusion of time, everything must be happening Now (it is).

Remember and realize, therefore, that everyone and everything is really You moving at the infinite speed of no-time. And thus, all interactions are between You and You, which by definition is also Me.

Because there is only You in your Uni-Verse, all that you see in the Universal Mirror of your life is but a reflection of some level of the state of your being. So I Am really a reflection brought to you by your own higher self; I Am You!


answered 10 May '13, 01:10

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Love the answer. Thanks for sharing. =)

I look forward to the day I'm the guy with 25092834234098xx Karma helping lost Snows find their way. =]

(10 May '13, 01:57) Snow

Great answer, really confusing! but its awsome to stay confused, just let's me keep on going without thinking much about it...

(15 Oct '13, 20:53) Justice_and_Truth

Although everything seems to be changing, it is already destined and unchangeable.

If your life would be taken into vacuum, then pic 1 illustrate how it would go. The line is purpose/direction/journey of your life. In the past you were set on this direction and continue through now and to the future. The future then is inevitable. However life is not vacuum, thus on your journey/following your direction you meet many variables - red line (pic 2,3,4). These variables may not or may influence the way that you are going. Depending on their strength of influence, they may not influence you at all (pic 2), influence you totally, where totality of their influence is their own journey (pic 3) or alter your direction slightly (pic. 4)... Red line - the variable (another person you meet, picture you see, scent you smell, blablabla and so on.) can get altered or changed by you as well. That is why all is interconnected. And all is destined, thus there is no choice.

alt text

Because - it is day 1, you wake up - go to work - then come home and spend some time doing your hobbies - then go to bed. At this moment unknown to you and everybody else, the very next day (2) following the same path of your day, you will meet the lady (represented by the red line). Which at that point will not alter your day in any way. Yet on day 3, you are bound to meet her again, as you follow your path and she follows hers, however this time, there's something bound to happen, even if only because of the curiosity of meeting her for the 2nd time in 2 days. You start talking and you spend the rest of the day together.

And so on and on and on, the things that are destined to happen are happening without you having anything to say about it. The choice is non-existent, since whatever you choose, you would have chosen anyway. It seems like you're making decisions, what you are really doing is merely following the path you were destined to follow. With all the hesitation and indecision, it's all part of the scheme and leads you were you were destined to be lead.

But, even though nothing can be changed and all is set, we can still enjoy the show immensely since we are not capable of foretelling what will our actions cause in their whole totality nor who's waiting around the corner. And so being in now is the way to have most fun here. Just like the roller coaster, the path is set, but that doesn't necessarily make it any less enjoyable, does it.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 19 Apr '13, 03:19

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edited 19 Apr '13, 03:23

The reason I disagree that all potential eventualities are already in fully created existence is because this would require a huge amount of processing and storage to already have been accomplished.

I view reality as a variety of a "Matrix"-esque implementation inside a quantum computer. Since I can observe the processing limitations of the hardware in my current tiny little existence by purposely stretching its limit, I can conclude that the Verse's processing power is not unlimited.. =)

So this leaves the possibility that it simply has already calculated every single possible eventuality, and it has a flawless and endless storage system. I can also test and observe scenario where this is not true either. And I already know that its processing capabilities are not unlimited. So even if everything that has ever been is already written in the stars, the processor used to retrieve this data isn't unlimited. Whether the first condition is true or not (that which already has been and will be already happened, which I don't believe is true anyway) this means a fast enough processor could rewrite existing data, because of the observations of the processing limitations in my first round of experiments.

One way or another, potential is unlimited and change is constant. If these are true then.. There's a lot more to figure out about reality than just "it is what it is and that's it, there is nothing more." I see a whole lot more...

"Life is the paper, we are the pens;

Let's write our own story, and see how it ends."

~ One of my favorite quotes

As a last point, I know of 'mentors' who can feel the rotation of Earth, the orbit around Sol, some even our galactic path. Me? I feel the call of the Verse. Multiverse or polyverse, not Uni.


answered 18 Apr '13, 19:27

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edited 18 Apr '13, 19:42

@Snow The idea of "storage" implies limitations. But the universe isn't limited like our earth view. You cannot travel through the universe and suddenly hit a wall because the universe ends there. It is not like that. It is infinite. And that all now moments exist right now doesn't mean that you can't change your "destiny" so to speak. You decide which now moments (parallel realities) you want to experience.

(18 Apr '13, 20:00) releaser99

The idea of storage does imply limitations. But as I mentioned there are observable ways of testing that the Verse does have limitations in both processing and storage. An example of this is the double slit experiment, showing that until needed (because an observer requires it to take shape) light remains in a plural state of 'possibility'. This is a computing mechanic that humans are just working on that will jump our technology exponentially (again), which involves trinary processing.

(18 Apr '13, 20:15) Snow

@Snow Shouldn't you take credit for the quote? It's yours isn't it?

(19 Apr '13, 01:21) ele

@Snow, @releaser99 - Regarding the multiplicities of timelines and "potential eventualities"...I am utterly convinced that I sometimes shift into "alternate" histories where the "past" has changed...up until now there have been apparently minor discrepancies in these histories, but it's convinced me of the truth of multiple/alternate past histories. Can't say how many of them there are, though. :) According to Bashar, they are infinite, and we are shifting into new ones every microsecond.

(02 May '13, 14:59) lozenge123

really snow..? u know such mentors that can feel the rotation of the earth...? how do they do that? just curious...:))

(11 Oct '13, 04:58) supergirl

That's an excellent question, one I wish I 'really' knew the answer to empirically. I've gotten plenty of instructions on how to train the ability, but I have to admit it's well beyond me.

One of the higher states of meditation is supposed to grant an awareness like this. Knowing the relative locations of the moon & Earth & Sun at any given time is supposed to aid with starting this process, and improve memory & recall abilities, presumably because it gives your mind more reference points.

(11 Oct '13, 14:59) Snow

@lozenge123 Can you tell me more about this?

(12 Oct '13, 03:50) flowsurfer

@Snow Processing power? What do you think needs to be processed? We deal with two spheres: experience and context. Context is what a materialist calls "reality"; it means information arranged within a structure which is then accessed by an observer and rendered as an experience. This implies that the rotation of every electron needs to be calculated at all times for all eternity.

(12 Oct '13, 04:20) flowsurfer

@Snow There is another approach. To say all exists can mean all experiences exist; experiences are not byproducts of reality but the reality itself, the fundamental atom, and the information structure is the byproduct; so the experience of observing the electron exists but the rotation itself does not because "there is no spoon".

(12 Oct '13, 04:22) flowsurfer

So now, wise and benevolent God, would you please provide me with the experience of transcending the structures and limitations of life so I no longer feel the need to live in the despair of believing I am a slave to the universe?

(12 Oct '13, 04:31) flowsurfer
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There is a truly remarkable video that a friend sent me "out of the blue" the other day that gives deep insight into how the human brain functions ... from it i conclude that in our world of duality the "now" can only exist if there is a "non now", that is, past or future ... just as positive cannot exist without negative, yin cannot exist without yang.

Our brains are practically split in two, one part acting in a rational logic order as in our physical world of duality and the other part has infinite capabilities to explore parallel worlds ... in other words we really do flip through an infinite number of parallel realities in each moment, that slide so fast as to give the impression of continuity as in a film



answered 10 May '13, 01:47

ru%20bis's gravatar image

ru bis

edited 10 May '13, 01:57

@ru bis You & Jai should get together. You posted this video to 3 or 4 answers & she posted the same video to 4 or 5 answers & a question. It's a great video - I saw it many years ago & watched it numerous times since. Love & agree with your conclusion - flipping through an infinite number of parallel realities.

(10 May '13, 05:47) ele

My thoughts and experiences lead me to believe, the past is the past, can not be changed or reshaped, the present is right here, right now and what we do here in the everyday present can shape our future and change some of the outcomes that would have transpired because of past circumstances. Moldable by our actions......


answered 18 Apr '13, 18:50

Dragonflybreeze's gravatar image


Also, i understand that if you change the perception of a particular event, ya, it could chance how you view a traumatic or unfortunate event.... BUT, the Event Still Occurred and Some stuff just simply, really sucks. Hence WHY we have certain laws in place. So, i will use the perception one as much as I can without causing harm to myself or another, but sometimes I\if I perceive an individuals plead for help as a "whiney brat", I might ignore a serious situation that I should'nt...

(18 Apr '13, 18:58) Dragonflybreeze

When changing perception does not help... sometimes Ice Cream does.. lol ;)

(18 Apr '13, 18:58) Dragonflybreeze

I agree the past has passed, and is not subject to change as long as there is energy holding it in place (such as our memories). But as people die and relics fade and the story is lost with time it seems that events that once were solid begin to fade if they're not preserved, and then become subject to full reshaping.

I believe this explains much of our need and drive to leave behind a legacy, we want to be remembered. Nobody wants to enter oblivion.

(18 Apr '13, 19:13) Snow

Ok, the death of a family, I mean the death of a loved one or family member... that can not be changed.... they are gone... How would you speculate that could be reshaped...the person is deceased, cant just poof them back into exhistance.... ??? Any thoughts??

(18 Apr '13, 19:38) Dragonflybreeze

You're talking about a micro scale. I'm speaking in this case specifically towards extremely long past events.

Some older Eastern religions (I think Taoism maybe?) strongly involve respecting & honoring your ancestors. I personally feel this explains some of the times animals stop by to 'wave'.

As for directly raising people from the dead? I personally dunno. Ask Jesus or Lazarus, or some others I can't recall at the moment. & Maybe not everyone wants to come back? I figure it's possible, IDK?

(18 Apr '13, 19:55) Snow

if you read Autobiography of Yogi - parmahansa Yogananda there are lot of instances where his gurus came back from dead. Babaji another guru appears to lot of people in the Physical form and he says they are in Astral form but for us they appear as phsyical... he also says Jesus is one guru who also resurrected himself.

(18 Apr '13, 20:25) abrahamloa

I do not want to raise them from the dead... Was trying to say, How can one reshape the PAST. Once you have lost that button on your shirt, REALLY lost, can not find, It is GONE. You can sew a new button, but it will Still be Different. Did not rewind clocks to prevent that even from happening.

(18 Apr '13, 20:47) Dragonflybreeze

Yes, I recall the story of Jesus and see how that could be possible, because it is only three days.. After a greater period of time, the body starts to break down and not be useable, even if life could be restored. The Astral appearances, true, appear physical, but don't have the properties of a real human physical body.

(18 Apr '13, 20:51) Dragonflybreeze

Good Subject.. :)

(18 Apr '13, 20:51) Dragonflybreeze

There's one difference we have. I don't see my beloved dead as lost. I see them as guiding me in spirit, leading me and preparing me for what is to come, teaching me.

I've never seen death as an ending, only a beginning. Probably attributes greatly to why I've rarely been a fan of funerals. If I die I want people to party, to celebrate life, both that theirs carries on and that mine was fulfilled. I'd rather be remembered in happiness and joy or not at all.

(18 Apr '13, 20:58) Snow

Understand, but now trying to tell that to a very small child that only understand the feeling of deep loss of a mother or other close family member... and was in the traumatic accident that took them....

(18 Apr '13, 21:50) Dragonflybreeze

@Dragonflybreeze - i am not saying one should try to raise from dead. Neither do i have that intention. But from what i read Babaji from lot of ages ago appears to some in the physical. Of course there is no way for us to really believe in it, but just opens up things that we dont know lot of things and there are some miraculous things we have no clue about.

(19 Apr '13, 13:34) abrahamloa

There are also references there where guru Yukteshwar or Lahiri Mahasaya tells their disciples that even though they are going to die when the disciple really wants they will appear to them in physical. just like scientists have said that Earth rotates at 3000 km/hr on its axis, and revolves around Sun at 300,000 km/hr and we all agree on that, but there is no clue to it in the phsyical. We cannot fathom that in our 5 senses.i still see Earth still everyday and sun revolving around Earth.

(19 Apr '13, 13:34) abrahamloa

this is a sorta funny post !! but good no matter; now is now , I don't see what else it could be ,,..

(01 May '13, 10:46) Popi Bearcat Gibson

Funny I suppose. It has very strong implications about the nature of reality and its "shape" if you will.

For example, if past, present, and future events are occurring now, then reality could either be static and our only ability is to watch the scenes in whatever order we choose; or it could be recursive and future time events could rely on travel to the past.

If there is only the present, then we're left with the past and future as reference points to guide and shape the flow of events.

(01 May '13, 13:03) Snow

If past time travel is possible then one would assume the universe would be destroyed by now, because EVENTUALLY someone would go back and muck everything up, destroying reality.

This question is meant to identify the 'shape' of reality, whether it be a static sphere, with events and timelines going in any direction, or what I think is more likely a kind of infinitely expanding helix.

Basically the question is asking if fate and destiny are unbreakable, or if reality can be shaped from within.

(01 May '13, 13:05) Snow

@snow,if time travel was possible then it would have been done ALREADY! WE KNOW FROM HISTORY THAT PEOPLE #### UP!! SO ON THAT NOTE THE WORLD WOULD HAVE BEEN OVER IONS AGO! God didn't allow satan to end the world his enemy,He loved us so much he sent his son that we could enjoy this gift called life.Don't forget that WE NEVER LANDED ON THE MOON seems you enjoy sci-fi , because that is were you lead your audience to the dame sci-fi channel.I haven't subscribed to that show nor your ########!

(01 May '13, 13:56) Popi Bearcat Gibson

@Popi Bearcat Gibson, I suggest you tone down your language on this site. If you cannot write answers or comments without resorting to aggressive and offensive language, we will suspend your account. There won't be any further warnings about this.

(02 May '13, 05:29) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Snow - "If past time travel is possible then one would assume the universe would be destroyed by now, because EVENTUALLY someone would go back and muck everything up, destroying reality." There is interesting evidence that some have gone back...and left tracks: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread539971/pg1 and http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread751863/pg1

(02 May '13, 15:06) lozenge123

@Snow - "Basically the question is asking if fate and destiny are unbreakable, or if reality can be shaped from within" Even if fate and destiny are unbreakable or already set, since we dont what that is it still means you need to take the present and make the most out of it. And in general follow Spirutual masters advice of follow your joy and do things based on instincts from yoru Inner Self etc..

(03 May '13, 13:21) abrahamloa

But i do love the topic.... it intrigues me... there is a book by Seth (jane roberts) - the Oversoul Seven trilogy and in this all the past and present and future happen at the same time and each has influence on each other.. you should check that out.. its really wonderful book...

(03 May '13, 13:22) abrahamloa

@ barry allen #### YOU , I'm a grown ### man ;been own my own since 17 and am well the #### off!!! I'm not your child , got 3 of my own . #### YOUR WARNING !!! #### SUSPENDING MY ACCOUNT,, EXPELL IT !!! I could give a #### what you do on this childish ### page, where adultS have to be treated like kids!!!! This post message is specifically for yo ### barry allen !!! You must didn't get the memo,,but thats ok,,, il read it to you I DON'T GIVE A ####!!!!!

(03 May '13, 13:28) Popi Bearcat Gibson

I don't know if you'll end up seeing this message, but I am sad to see you go. I like interesting characters like yourself, even when they aren't necessarily a fan of me.

I understand your aversion to what you perceive as 'censorship', at times I will cuss like a sailor and enjoy my right to do so. However I don't go running into Churches and yelling satan worship and cursing at everyone, even though I'm not a fan of Churches. It's just a matter of respecting other's beliefs.

(03 May '13, 14:37) Snow

Hopefully you'll calm down and we will see you again some day, or if not it's been fun while it lasted. Peace.

(03 May '13, 14:38) Snow

"Gentility is neither in birth, manner, nor fashion—-but in the mind. A high sense of honor—a determination never to take a mean advantage of another—-an adherence to truth, delicacy, and politeness towards those with whom you may have dealings—-are the essential and distinguishing characteristics of a gentleman." - Hints on Etiquette and the Usages of Society, Boston, 1843

(03 May '13, 14:43) lozenge123

WOW> i missed allot lol, i just seen this as a result of swearing language. so it is weird to see this in play. wow.

(11 Jun '13, 08:13) TReb Bor yit-NE

Love your quote, @Lozenge123

I don't think it is so much the swearing as HOW he is using offensive language. As @Simon Templeton says, "It is HOW you say something, not what you say."

The word he used is unfortunately too common in society.

Recently at a fundraiser, I heard Muriel Hemingway use it and she was neither angry, nor trying to make a point. The audience did not seem to care.

But, if you are not black and use the one prohibited word, nig*** you can get in a LOT of trouble.

(19 Jun '13, 19:28) Dollar Bill
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