My first online encounter (at least when I am aware they have this mind set) to people with minds like what is written in this site, was when I read The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel three months ago. I was so engulfed that all I want is to know more. I am not yet done reading but now all my religious beliefs rambled into nothing yet I felt elevated in my spirituality. I never been to Church for 3 years because of my agnostic view but now I church back with different motive; I have now this profound gratitude to the Supreme Intelligence. Raised as a Christian, I was so alarmed when I have different understanding of the word "I Am that I Am", and the "I Am the Way" but the weird thing is, my inner self embraced those ideas (truth?) wholeheartedly.

Now I am hooked in this website, sounds like all answers to my questions are here. I am so hooked that I read here straight for many-many hours until I drop myself to bed.

So who are you? Are you a kind of religious group or something? An occult who has different view of God than what is being thought by Christianity or Judaism or Islam?

Sorry for my grammar, I am not good at it but I hope I was able to deliver my thought to you.

This is my first post here and I am a total newbie in this realm, so please be considerate. Thank you.

asked 26 Mar '13, 12:58

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@Romel - Welcome to Inward Quest. I don't think you could characterize this website as a religious group in the slightest. There are simply too many individuals on this site with varying views/creeds/religions to imply any degree of cohesion. In fact, some of us clash quite vehemently. We have many people here who talk about the Law of Attraction and ideas of "manifestation" well as some who fear and scorn it. I think the majority, though, are what I would consider to be "truth-seekers"...

(26 Mar '13, 13:16) lozenge123

@Romel - ...that is, people inquiring into the nature of Spirit, and trying to figure what Life, the Universe, and Reality are "really" all about.

As to my own religion, I worship the Great God Nyarlathotep, i.e., the Crawling Chaos. ;)

(26 Mar '13, 13:18) lozenge123

Thanks for your comment lozenge123. So you mean this community is purely an online community, you don't have any gatherings or a central organization and like that? And by the way, it is my first time to hear about Nyarlathotep.

(26 Mar '13, 13:27) Romel

Welcome to IQ @Romel. I can think of just one commonality so far. We all like to breathe throughout the day...but that's just my personal belief. So I'm open to being wrong :). If there are others too who don't like to breathe among us, they usually don't post very much anyway...:)...I believe...but I'm always open to being wrong:)

(26 Mar '13, 14:36) releaser99

welcome, welcome. lnl, rob

(26 Mar '13, 16:48) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Romel - Welcome to IQ! You have landed in a terrific place - I love it here, and I'm sure you will too. Glad you've joined us. :)

(26 Mar '13, 19:01) Grace

@Grace "I love it here" hmm . . . lol . . . me too. I'm sure you will too @Romel. Welcome to IQ!

(26 Mar '13, 20:13) ele

@Romel- Gracious and happy welcome to you. We are just ordinary people with an extraordinary view of the world....not all of us religious, perhaps spiritual, but happy to just be what we are. Welcome!

(26 Mar '13, 21:15) Jaianniah

You ask who i am? i am who i am. like every one should be who they are. All children of the light of truth.Here on IQ we all share light together.So you could say that we are a group of individual that share light together with out seeking division.Division cause war,conflict and many other darkness.Verily verily i tell you :blessed are the peacemakers they will be called sons of God.Blessed are the pure of heart they will see God.Blessed are the mercifull they will be shown mercy.

(26 Mar '13, 22:03) white tiger

Lol Jai, can you say "happy to just be what we are" when this site is filled with questions trying to find a better alternative to seeming misery everyone's living.

(27 Mar '13, 09:59) CalonLan

@Romel, why does it matter what label I put on myself? "Child of God", "Ordinary or not", "truth-seeker" or maybe just "an asshole". Haha.

My name, for example - calon lan, means pure heart. Ye, wishful thinking right there. I'm the exact opposite.

(27 Mar '13, 10:07) CalonLan

the name Romel creates tension in me, but i have to laugh. Do you know who erwin rommel was born 15th nov 1891 ?

(28 Mar '13, 03:33) ru bis

@ru bis, I hope I can achieve in my life better than what Erwin Rommel achieve. Quote from Wikipedia: "Rommel was a highly decorated officer...". Better in a way that I will not use my power for war but for others to discover the same power I just discovered within, and use it for the advancement of oneself both material and spiritual. Yes I know him through articles in webpages and I am glad I have my name misspelled omitting the one m.

(28 Mar '13, 04:20) Romel

@Romel beautiful, thanks :)

(28 Mar '13, 04:42) ru bis
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I am so hooked that I read here straight for many-many hours until I drop myself to bed

I know the feeling :) It was like that for me when I first came across ideas suggesting that our lives are not quite as random as they first appear. Up until that point, I had blindly believed (as many still do) that "bad things" could happen to anyone at any time and I lived my life mostly in fear of the unknown (as many still do).

I don't think that way any more.

Like @lozenge123 has said, I don't think the people here on IQ have anything much in common at all except for being motivated in looking for answers to the Big Questions about Life, The Universe and Everything...and often, surprisingly, finding out that such answers actually do exist if you allow yourself to be open enough to see them.

When I was younger, I always figured that if answers were ever discovered to questions like "Why Am I Here?", "Where Did I Come From?", "Where Am I Going?" then it would make headlines across the world. It would be a worldwide event and everyone would know that day, and the world would change forever.

Now I realize that the answers were actually there all along - right under all our noses - but they didn't make the headlines :) And that's because of the way the Universe operates...the answers remain invisible (vibrationally) to you until you are ready to hear them - and it sounds like you might be ready :)

Welcome to IQ - Enjoy the ride :)


answered 26 Mar '13, 14:14

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@Stingray- I think the loudest point you've made that these answers to life, yes, they do exist may shake up some old beliefs in people. Thankyou for being one to finally articulate that.

(26 Mar '13, 20:30) Nikulas

Reading all the answers here, I start to understand what type of community is this. One thing I am very sure now is I found the right place, I sincerely believe I belong here. My understanding to God and to myself is now totally different, and I can say it is better than what I was told inside the church. Thank you for all the welcoming guys. I will not comment to each reply here but my thanks extends to all of you. I think I just found a new family. Thank you very much.

(26 Mar '13, 22:33) Romel

@stingray... lucky we got veterans like u here to help give these great answers....

(27 Mar '13, 05:33) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I am Rob. I am a channeler. I channel an E.T. I am similar beliefs to what they call metaphysics.My channeled source name is TREb bor yit-NE. This group is full of all sorts of people. Christians, Buddhist, Spiritualists. We are all sorts of things. We all come together for ONE purpose. To go inside of ourselves, to help each other do this. DESPITE our differences in beliefs. In my way of thought, we are all one. So even though we believe we are separate, we are not. Thank you for joining and being one with us.

Love n light,



answered 26 Mar '13, 16:20

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 26 Mar '13, 17:00


HEY Rob!!!

(27 Mar '13, 02:13) ursixx

@ursixx. HEY URSIXX lol. made me feel like i was in A.A. for a minute. LOL.

(27 Mar '13, 05:32) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb - Hahaha - My name is Grace, and I'm an Inward Quest addict. I also frequent the websites of chanellers, and get high as often as I can off their videos..

(27 Mar '13, 09:56) Grace

@grace HI GRACE.... LOL

(27 Mar '13, 14:18) TReb Bor yit-NE

Treb "to go inside of ourselves" sync lol

(27 Mar '13, 14:52) ru bis

Hi, my name is Rob and I am a channeler. I have been addicted to I.Q. for many years and just thought I would say hey. LOL.

(29 Mar '13, 16:44) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Welcome Romel, I love ur name :), this site is exchanging thoughts in the orbit of Law of attraction science and universal laws.

You can say it is interesting discussions about all these inward powers we have, stimulating it to be revealed and produce.

I am oriental with Islamic, christian & Jewish background which is rich not conflicting but I am here to explore law of attraction, the most powerful law as Abraham declare, I use my religious views to analyze loa and not the defend any religion.

Yet I am biased to the concept God as an energy relating this knowledge of loa to explore God more as being part of.

You will find the definition of this site by yourself when you start to dig in its pages, there will be some thoughts here that may look unfamiliar, but yet interesting to be exchange, so if they are unacceptable to be adopted, they must stimulate another good thoughts in you, they must match with some belief in you to end with a conclusion you seek.

So deal with it as something interesting, provoking hidden thoughts


answered 26 Mar '13, 17:22

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edited 26 Mar '13, 17:27

@Romel speaking of "loving" your name as rOLa said. I see you spell it with one m, not two like general Rommel.

You didn't base it on him, did you? Just wondering about that.

(26 Mar '13, 22:53) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi My parents gave it to me, that is my real name (my first name is a compound though), so I cannot base it to anyone. I asked my mother once, she said my name was misspelled in the registration. After reading the answer of r0la, I then Google for the meaning of my name, it is a short for Romulus. According to a myth, Romulus and his twin brother Remus, founded Rome ( Knowing that, it felt great. Thanks for your question.

(26 Mar '13, 23:10) Romel

@Romel great! So glad to see this, and glad my question made you find a positive meaning.

(27 Mar '13, 02:23) Wade Casaldi

My real name is Rola, with Arabian roots, I had a nickname which is Roomesh, I think it is Turkish or indian, I find my self attracted to names rhythm with RO, ROM, RU and such that why I made my note :)

(27 Mar '13, 05:34) r0la

@r0la - While we're on the subject, I've always thought your name was cool too.. Didn't know it was your real name. Nice! :)

(27 Mar '13, 09:59) Grace

@rola - .... and, while I'm at it, I have always loved the interesting phrases you use and thoughts they express.... Loved your answer to my question about why we visit graves. :)

And this: "...something interesting, provoking hidden thoughts." Nice. :)

(27 Mar '13, 10:13) Grace

@Grace :) it is my real name, female name, it is good you find it cool :) and my like my answers too, I love when I make positive influence

(28 Mar '13, 04:43) r0la

Some of people say names can effect personality or luck, which can be discussed, but I believe it is the opposite, we like certain name when we like the person, such names of fictional heroes.

(28 Mar '13, 05:29) r0la
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We are everything that might have anything to do with metaphysics, spirituality, or just life itself.

We are a group of people who love each other despite our differing views, and ideas.

We are a happy and sometimes downright silly group of people- but silly is okay at times! LOL!

We are the closest thing to God I have found yet.

WE always have our eyes open to new and different things....

alt text



The picture is one of my crazy eyeball pics...thought I'd throw it in here just for fun...


answered 26 Mar '13, 21:28

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@Jaianniah, You gave perfect definitions yet we are the most logical silly people ;)

(27 Mar '13, 05:22) r0la

@Jaianniah - Your eyeball pics rock. Are they all about migraine?

(27 Mar '13, 10:01) Grace

It was this or go on meds ...

That was just me being silly @Romel I find it's best not to take oneself too seriously.

(27 Mar '13, 19:00) ele
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Hi.....Who are you people?

Cant speak for anyone else but im Monty, Named myself after the hero in my favorite novel "Its a Fondant Thing" the heros called Montecarlo Fondant Riviera.

Im an ex evangelical christian who like yourself used to spend many hours on this site.

Ive been introdused to a couple of teachers mentioned on this site who have turned around the way i think.

Im a slightly overweight Englishman, have struggled and lately embraced an alcoholic lifestyle and have a nice wife who has a bunch of extremely disfunctional kids and grandkids.

Im a bit of a bigot, outspoken and pretty insensitive. Oh and dont worry about your grammer, i can hardly string a sentence together without making half a dozen spelling mistakes.

You'll like it here Fella...i do.


answered 26 Mar '13, 14:01

Monty%20Riviera's gravatar image

Monty Riviera

Thank you sir @Monty Riviera. Yes I do like it here... very much!

(29 Mar '13, 21:32) Romel


As has already been mentioned, there are many apt ways to describe us. I personally would say we are a collective of like minded individuals, not in religion as many of us come from different roots, nor even in our specific beliefs.

I'd call us a collective of welcoming people, who unlike many other varieties of groups encourage others only to participate as long as it feels right for you. This point really matters to me because in my eyes there is nothing like a group that will as openly welcome your arrival as your departure, and invite you back again with open arms at your will. This is something that truly endears a 'social group' to me.

Hope you find what you are looking for! Glad to have you.


answered 26 Mar '13, 14:32

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I see us as a collective of searchers and sharers. Not only this many channelers as well. Many times when I write something that makes you go wow, it also makes me go wow too. This is because the Holy Spirit pours through and my writing changes to some deeply meaningful spiritual answer.

You can see a big difference between "my answers" and the answers that flow through me. lol

We come from around the Earth so there are Christians like myself here, but as well Buddhist, Hindus, Muslim, Agnostic, even I have seen atheist.

There are those here trained in the mysteries as I am, belonging to organizations. I am a high degree Astarian (Astara), Mayan (Order of the Mayans), a Neo-Thinker (Neo-Tech), The S.O.S. (Society of Secrets).

Those are my associations, I am sure with as many members as we have there probably are others from other organizations as well.

My influences, The Bible, the above organizations, Star's Edge International (Avatar EPC), and many others, plus many people here as well.

Also check out the profiles as mine shows there is much more to me than I had wrote here.

Welcome Romel. I hope you eventually feel the family here as part of your own as much as I do.


answered 26 Mar '13, 16:17

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 26 Mar '13, 18:57


Thank you sir @Wade Casaldi. Yes, I do feel like I found a new family, and I am very much thankful I stumbled here. There is one side-effect, I can't stop reading making many in my 'to do list' pending. But I consider that a good thing for this Holy Week. looking at your profile, one catch my imagination, the Bushido Karate Schools, more like Bruce Lee. :)

(29 Mar '13, 21:31) Romel

Yes more like Bruce Lee, I'll take that complement! :-)

(10 Apr '13, 23:25) Wade Casaldi

@Romel, welcome to InwardQuest - you will find many many answers here along with thoughts and ideas and validation... welome my friend.


answered 26 Mar '13, 13:53

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representatives of 21st
century human beings
on planet earth asked to join
or stumbled upon IQ

sharing a search of Truth


answered 27 Mar '13, 07:02

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@Fred - "sharing a search of Truth"... love it!!

(27 Mar '13, 09:22) MoonWillow

Hi Romel,

Welcome to IQ. I think you are going to fit in with us just fine. Keep posting and keep reading!


answered 27 Mar '13, 16:15

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LeeAnn 1

Thanks @LeeAnn 1

(29 Mar '13, 21:23) Romel

Hi Romel

Old sayings usually contain a lot of truth because they have resisted the test of time and this question reminds me of "you always accuse others of what you are yourself".

Having said that i was probably motivated to reply to this question because it resonated with me in some way. My motivation was that i had the impression of being dictated to, in other words, i had embedded beliefs based on the religious instruction that i received as a child with which your question resonated. Being rebellious by nature, since childhood i have probably broken all the rules of "the book", including the rules of society, which led me to a prison cell. This prison cell was of course just a reflection of my own self imposed imprisonment based on religious and other beliefs that were hammered into me as a child.

I would like to thank you for asking this question because it has provided me with the opportunity to exteriorize and thus dissipate these thoughts.

alt text


answered 02 Apr '13, 04:14

ru%20bis's gravatar image

ru bis

Being rebellious by nature, since childhood i have probably broken all the rules of "the book", including the rules of society, which led me to a prison cell. This prison cell was of course just a reflection of my own self imposed imprisonment based on religious and other beliefs that were hammered into me as a child. Reflections & you don't see reflections w/o light. I was seeing my own reflection. I just didn't manifest a real prison.

(05 Apr '13, 05:00) ele

@ele perhaps you haven't yet perceived the walls of your real prison

(05 Apr '13, 05:10) ru bis

@ru bis I know the prison bars quite intimately. I was the creator. It was a reality prison; I just have no record. I think you got off easier than me. (meaning you spent less time) I was paying as much if not more for the crimes of others. I was born responsible.

(05 Apr '13, 05:29) ele

@ele you were born responsible for what? surely you mean (karmic) vibrations built into your body at birth

(05 Apr '13, 06:37) ru bis

You are half right; but I'm not sure if you could say the part you are right about was exactly karmic - vibrations, certainly.

(05 Apr '13, 06:41) ele

@ele karma doesn't exist, only vibrations in our physical body at birth and just like any belief they can be eliminated as such

(05 Apr '13, 06:45) ru bis

I'm sorry I was NOT clear. I said it was NOT karma. I said vibrations, certainly & yes some were built in & I NEVER thought the built in vibes had anything to do with karma. When I believed in Karma it didn't have anything to do with what I'm (you) are talking about now. Karma is a very disempowering belief & that was later in life when I wanted to take even more responsibility.

(05 Apr '13, 07:00) ele

@ru bis I wish I could edit. It was my reflection of the lower vibrations of shame & guilt. My self imposed prison is gone. I was the judge & executioner & even worse the jailer. I had the keys all along. I always did. So don't you. I have different bars now. After thinking about this convo; it could be said karmic vibes accounted for a portion - but that's the fault of religion. No, religion was only a factor; just like pc. Responsibility is still a challenge; but it has changed form.

(05 Apr '13, 21:02) ele

@ru bis, I did not understand exactly what you mean in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs of your answer. It is too deep for me to understand those words (thoughts) sir. Whatever it is, and you thank me, you're very much welcome. And about "you always accuse others of what you are yourself", yes, I just realize it after contemplating your answer. To date, two questions I made so far and both are merely a reflection of myself. Thanks for making me realize that. :)

(10 Apr '13, 07:52) Romel
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