I have noticed that very spiritual people seem to have the same qualities, no matter their religion: They are Universally loving, unselfish, peaceful, and care much for their fellow man. Why then are we so divided in our religions? Should there be One Universal Religion?

I do not know if I am expressing myself well here, but I am dismayed that there are still wars between religious factions. It seems to go against the whole idea of religion in the first place...It seems that we can agree on Spirituality but not on Religion. What are your thoughts on this?

Blessings and Love, Jaianniah! alt text

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it is a combination of the hubris of man and the deterioration of the understanding of ancient wisdoms

(11 Apr '11, 10:25) fred

@ Stingary: does this member need to state what inspired her to ask her question, and does she need to state the source of her information for asking her question, and the source that the picture she posted came from. I am just asking for clarification, so that I can be consistent with what the other members are doing!

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Vee, the inspiration for this question was my curiosity. The source of my information was my mind. The picture came from Yahoo images. Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>

(13 Apr '11, 07:37) Jaianniah

@ Stingary: Is it enough for this member to say the Image came from Yahoo? Barry Allen said that it is not enough to just say where the image came from, that we have to list the source that we use to get it, and in this case it is the picture that the member posted! I am just asking for clarification, so that I can be consistent with what the other members are doing!

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Vee I don't know who spit in your oatmeal and why you decided to pick on Jai but you keep asking Stingray about credit for pictures why don't you go to many of Stingray's answers and ask the same questions about his photos he chooses. I don't know why you have something against Jai but I'll pray for you to get past it.

(14 Apr '11, 05:42) Wade Casaldi

I've just noticed this comment from Vee and it is untrue. I have not said anywhere that image sources must be listed because it is easy enough to view the properties of the image and see where it originates. I have only stated that text copied-and-pasted from other websites should be attributed to those websites

(22 Oct '11, 17:31) Barry Allen ♦♦

nice picture jai it is similar to what happens when you leave this world. just missing the wave of golden light and brighteness at the center of the light.

(21 Feb '12, 06:48) white tiger
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Plain and simple answer is that we don't need any religions. We merely need to go within and listen to our heart. The only reason we've become divided is because we've given away our power to what's outside us.

Teachings can point us in the right direction but no doctrine can show us how to Be or how to Love. This is what all the great masters including Buddha and Jesus tried to show us.

"If you have a particular faith or religion that is good. But you can survive without it. -" The Dalai Lama


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Great answer! Thanks! Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>

(09 Apr '11, 13:17) Jaianniah

Great answer Michaela

(09 Apr '11, 14:19) Susan 1

Thanks and You're welcome :)

(09 Apr '11, 20:50) Michaela
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"There is no higher religion than Truth" it's all about translation of the truth. Unfortunately, traditional, cultural, social habits that influence us from birth affect our spiritual development. Until we decide to walk our path alone yet knowing we are all connected by one soul, we shall continue to have war over religions.


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The tribal nature of man is just one of many stages that humanity will go through. The ability to be less tribal, nationalistic and so forth, is an inevitable future stage of mans evolution.

The illusion of separateness deceives humans into a more collective ego-ness of the whole. Once this collective ego understands unity and oneness, then we can make the next leap.

Evolution: Inevitable, but freakin takes for-ev-er!


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I agree Michael but I have a funny feeling that 'enlightenment' actually only takes a split second... we're the ones who make it take for-ev-errrr!

(08 Apr '11, 18:13) Michaela

Ha! great point :))

(08 Apr '11, 18:45) you

Your right Jai. We are all part of the "ONE"

We dont need any religion,just the knowledge of who we really are.

The one man who taught this more clearly and powerfully than anyone else in Jesus.However for some reason His teachings have spawned thousands of differing religions some of which have no concept of what Jesus really taught.

The good news is that Source/Father doesnt recognise any religion.He does however recognise Himself.He sees us as part of Himself which is exactly what we are.

When Christ went to the cross some believe God stepped forever out of a religious system and into humanity."ALL" of humanity.

Others believe that God was always in His creation,even when they were evolving into what they are now and what they will be in the future.

I believe that for too long humanity has taken the easy route and allowed others to spoon feed them their beliefs and doctrines.We have attached ourselves to religions that are man made,with writings that are man made,and with interpretations which are man made.

Organised religions attract people for a reason.There is something in them which satisfies our egoic self,gives us a pivot point to be "right about"

Does organised religion take all the blame. NO. These institutions wouldnt exist if people didnt want them.

Sad this because the "Source" of all power,wisdom and love is right here under our own noses so to speak.We need to feel around a little for ourselves,test things,look into things and suspend our own rather limiting belief structures.

Will this ever happen? I hope we gradually begin to concentrate on our oneness with the Father. I really believe that even this one single revelation on its own will change a persons life and circumstances.

The more we realise this wonderful,almost magical fact that were one with all that there is ,we will demonstrate as Christ did the power of the Father.This practical demonstration will do more to curtail religion than any war ever did.



answered 08 Apr '11, 08:42

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Monty Riviera

Differences make life interesting. We're all headed back to "one" or rather "none" anyways. Along the way, the multiverse gives the opportunity to have experience. Without differentiation, there is nothing to do. There is nothing wrong with fighting. There is nothing wrong with believing things that are unTrue. Everything here changes, dissolves, dies. What happens along the way, happens along the way.

To settle your dismay, rather than condemning others for not acting as you wish they would:

Try recognizing your own truths as mere beliefs. Aim to enjoy the beliefs while they last, to enjoy them as they decay, and to enjoy the new ones that take their place. Allow others the same right to explore themselves!

To escape your hurt, you must STOP judging others for their actions and beliefs (whether you think they are "good" or "evil"). If anything, you may use their examples to strengthen your resolve to act as you desire, but know that their actions don't bear the slightest consequence to the "one truth", "universal mind", or "God". Also, recognize that comparisons generally lead only to vanity and/or self-loathing and bitterness. The system works together, and each part functions in accordance with the whole, including all the humans with all their different religions and all their temporal disagreements.


answered 09 Apr '11, 16:46

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Hu Re

You overlook the obvious. Most religions are businesses run by priests, preachers, or shamans for their own profit.


answered 10 Apr '11, 02:49

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John 7

Because man corrupts just about everything. God can come in the flesh and show us the way, but man in our ego and vanity and greed corrupt even spirituality so that religion has negative connotations even though God is good. However, the ones who truly seek shall find. The ones who are satisfied with the status quo will be lulled into a place of complacency. Their doubts about their path cause them to seek out others that agree with them and try to convince others that they are right and the others are wrong. Also our ego wants to be right, so they try to convince others that they are right. If others are convinced, it reassures them that they are right. When others are not convinced then they have to work even harder and make laws to get others to believe. This creates fallicies that if you are a true believer then you will vote this way. Peer pressure works really well to get others to do what you want too. So people work really hard to convince others that they are right and everybody else is wrong. Jesus spoke in parrables to keep the truth only for those that really wanted the truth and not just a power tool. People are too proud to actually treat others the way they want to be treated. Until we get the golden rule, we will be divided, people will keep seeking and finding false prophets and wolves in sheeps clothing.


answered 10 Apr '11, 16:19

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Fairy Princess

We are spirit and soul searching for that which made us.Seeing that it is within is our destination. Getting there means giving up ones beliefs taught and starting again with dwelling within oneself without outside influences-restrictions=beliefs taught. Reach you Reach Truth Reach Inside. That is where you find answers True Answers No One Wants to Accept because it changes their prospective on life. Fear is the reality of life. Conscience is the ability to know what level you are traveling on and always evolving. Be always Good Thoughtful Happy Trust Positive Instincts for guidance. Always be aware of Your Ego tripping you. Be responsive to Your True Identity of Peace Within. Found Only by constant repetition for self realization of Purity(god within reaching out). by Carl M. (Find Peace U Found God U Found Heaven Within) Excerpt from reality with myself... Oct. 22, 2011 5:55 am est

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Carl D. Morales

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There are different cultures among faith because there are different cultures of people.


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LeeAnn 1

As a member of the Baha'i Faith which teaches the concept of "Progressive Revelation", I believe that all the religions are from the Same Universal Mind (God) and represent an educating process for humanity over the ages. For every age there is a teacher who confirms the same spiritual principles that have always been taught and are shared by all religions but also gives teachings that are relevant to the age e.g. Buddha taught about detachment, Moses taught mainly about Justice, Jesus about love and forgiveness, Mohammad about the concept of Brotherhood and Baha'u'llah about the Unity of Mankind. Each of them also remind us about our spiritual nature. There have always been these great Spiritual Teachers and there will always be. That's why as I Baha'i, I love Christ, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna, Moses etc. to the same degree and believe them to be all the same Spirit which has returned to us in all the ages. At the same time I understand why there are so many religions, as man forgets and needs to be reminded about his spiritual nature. Hopefully humanity will realise it's essential Oneness too!


answered 21 Feb '12, 17:14

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Inner Beauty

human mind is the problem. in history there has been many leader acting out of ego and starting their own religion. or seeking power and changing the meaning of the scripture to gain adventage over peoples. that is the foolishness of man. in the absolute truth all this exist all what is true is there and all what is not true is there also and it is know for what it is. but what ever religion you follow you have body, heart , mind and spirit to know the truth and go with it by yourself. jesus talked about being born again, the kingdom is in you, the father is god, we are all brother and sister, we are God's all children of the all mighty God, the truth will set you free. jesus delivered that message buddha did also He is one who has found the truth. yes jesus was more talking from the heart in compassion. buddha was more on the mind meditation side. but if you examine the message they gave it is very similar with the only difference in the words they used to describe what they have experience and understand. and they both did inwardquest praying or meditating. the problem is not the difference if you read 3 author talking about the same thing you will see that they all have their good and negative aspect. but can you accept all 3 and stop judging and comparing them? can you just accept what is good with out having to chose only one? well religion is the same different author talking about the same thing using different words and story etc. well experience and enjoy.

They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me.

Now, brothers, I know that you acted in ignorance, as did your leaders.


A number of passages affirm that a tathāgata, or arahant, is "immeasurable", "inscrutable", "hard to fathom", and "not apprehended".[2]:227 A tathāgata has abandoned that clinging to the skandhas (personality factors) that render citta (the mind) a bounded, measurable entity, and is instead "freed from being reckoned by" all or any of them, even in life. The aggregates of form, feeling, perception, mental formations, and cognizance that comprise personal identity have been seen to be dukkha (a burden), and an enlightened individual is one with "burden dropped".[2]:229.The Buddha explains "that for which a monk has a latent tendency, by that is he reckoned, what he does not have a latent tendency for, by that is he not reckoned.[2]:227, SN 3.3.5. These tendencies are ways in which the mind becomes involved in and clings to conditioned phenomena. Without them, an enlightened person cannot be "reckoned" or "named"; he or she is beyond the range of other beings, and cannot be "found" by them, even by gods, or Mara.



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white tiger

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good inquiry, you are aware to the fact that many so called relisions are actually traditional/local beliefs such as hinduism for example. If your quest is sincerely aiming for the truth and you are so eager for it, i promise that if you supplicate the Creator, the One who created you and all of us and the whole universe and everything, and ask Him sincerely and privately to guide you to the truth, you will find guidance. Keeping in mind to not neglect the reasons for Him to answer you, and that is to be sincere and honest, free from self praise, impartial, truthful and helpful to others. Listen to this advice and you will find the way. In the meanwhile, make an effort to read the Glorious Qura'n. Its not a book about Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), it's not a documented book listing his biography, it doesn't even mention his family members. Its the word of Allah, God, The Creator, The Compassionate and you will read His Signs therein. May Allah grant us peace and ease for us the path leading us to guidance. May Allah purify our hearts and enlighten us with the truth.


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