It is written in the Bible: This is my only begotten son in whom I am well pleased.

I am under the impression that we are all god's sons or daughters therefore I think of Jesus as my older and wiser brother who came to this earth to impart gods love,wisdom and direction,in order that we might overcome the false religious teaching of not only that age but of those which were to follow as well.

For instance,it seems that the church's numbers are dwindling and I feel that is because all of the church's with which I am aware spend 90% of their time and effort preaching fear and only 10% preaching love.

I am told that I should interpret the word fear as meaning love.As the word fear is about as negative as it gets and the word love is without a doubt the most positive of all words,how can this interpretation be justified?

While I am aware that there is much that I do not know or understand I can not bring myself to accept this advice as my heart tells me otherwise.I have wached over many decades as church doctrine has changed,and this leads me to believe that what was once believed to be the truth was not.

The question now arises, Is what we are taught today the truth or will it undergo the same fate?

My gut feeling says it will and this leaves me even more doubtful and confused.If it sounds as though I need guidance it's because I do,so any and all response will be greatly appreciated.

Don V

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Don V

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I would do my own research into the meaning of that phrase. It is probably Greek. Get the actual words and do a word study. Come to your own conclusions. Just because an "authority" says it means this or that is just as good as your own interpretation. Listen to your intuition.


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Translations of religious texts over the years have caused most of the confusion in religions today, especially considering that for centuries ordinary people were not allowed to read these books by themselves.

(28 Sep '10, 10:24) I Think Therefore I Am

If you are a Christian, you can ask the Pastor of your Church to explain the meaning, or you can research it for yourself, and find your own truth. To me the truth come from within, what is in your heart, and what are your beliefs? I was going to end off here, but my spirit wants me to share some more with you, so I will!

God is talking about his son Jesus. Jesus was specifically sent to us by God to save us from sin, and hell; and through repentance, we can receive forgiveness, therefore allowing us to receive salvation for eternal life. Jesus was not an ordinary man, he was the anointed son of God, and he was born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus conception is very different to how we were conceived! Jesus was the son of God, and he was persecuted for our sake. Why, because he sacrificed his life on the Cross to save us, from sin, and hell, and to lead the way for us to follow, and receive Salvation.

To enter the Kingdom of God, everyone has to first go through the son Jesus, before he can enter to the father God. We are all children of God, and he loves us, in fact he created us. But we are not like his beloved son Jesus, but that does mean that he does not love us. How many of us would have done what Jesus done to please his father God? Jesus feared, loved, and respected his father, and did whatever his father asked of him, willingly. Satan tried to tempt him to disobey God, but Jesus love was strong, and sincere for his father, and he told Satan to get away from him. You can see the difference in his sincerity for his father trusted, and loved him. Jesus was born without sin; he was the anointed one, so we mortals have to make right with him first, to get a place in his father Kingdom!

Christians will often say they live by FAITH, and by the word of God, but if you are a person who do not have FAITH, and do not believe in the word of God, none of this will matter to you. So, you will have to decide what you want to believe, and find your own truth. You can also read the Bible, and decide for yourself!


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Inactive User ♦♦

Beloved, the fact you are questioning it means it doesn't sit well deep within you. Your heart is your barometer of truth. If it doesn't feel right it can't be right no matter what the majority say. Good luck on your journey of love and truth for they are one and the same. Thank you, namaste


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If you mean the voice of God heard during baptism of Christ by the John the Baptist, from what I understand, the original did not have the word "only". Instead it said something like "This one is my most beloved son in whom my good-will manifests". So yes, we're all sons of God but Christ is special in that his personal will is completely aligned with the will of God. He actually wants to do what God wants.

Regarding the fear, it was meant to model after a concept of a well-behaved child who respects ("fears") his parents and loves them as well. Remember this was written for ancient people whose abstract thinking was very far from ours, hence the need to use the concepts they would be able to relate to.


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Nice answer. Im learning that wrong translation is rather rife in some bible versions.Also certain phrases used have their roots in the Aramaic tradition and mean something totally different than the meaning we may interpret.

(30 Sep '10, 18:25) Monty Riviera

In general, I believe that meant Jesus was most perfect of all of us sons and daughters of God.

I think the teaching of fear will hurt the church. However, I do think there should be a balance of teaching love and "fear".

However, there are many takes on the word fear.


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I believe it supposed to mean just what it says but I also believe that the bible is a very large collection of fables meant to teach people lessons. Probably written by men who were considered holy.

I know I am a child of god just as we all are and through out history there have been those of us that reached a stronger connection with god and developed a deeper understanding of the world and life than most people. These people Jesus for instance or Sigh Baba or Buhda all tried to teach us what they knew and how to reach our potential. Jesus himself (if he was real) said that those that come after him will be able to do more than he did. When you take a look at these peoples lives they really did live differently than a normal person. When was the last time you tried to fast for 40 days in a desert. Buhda did the same thing even longer. I see a pattern here don't you?



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Jeffrey Holmes

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