It seems that as the older I get, the less material things really matter to me. I do not know if this is normal or not. My father lusted after owning a Lincoln, and upon retirement, bought one, which made him very happy. I am glad he was happy, but to me, my '04 Liberty is the perfect car for me. You see? I find myself wishing I could get rid of a lot of my stuff and just live very simply. Am I crazy? Or have I grown spiritually?

Thank you in advance,


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Ponder this quote by S C Paul ~ "Make Room in Your Life By Keeping it Simple"

(29 Mar '13, 01:05) ele

Simple is what you understand, complex is what you don't.

(29 Mar '13, 05:44) CalonLan

@CalonLan- Your best line ever, very true.

(29 Mar '13, 08:46) Nikulas

@Jaianniah I googled "'04 Liberty" and it seems like a really nice car. It's better than any of the cars any person in my family has. For the vast majority of people that have lived on this earth, even the kings and barons of industry of a hundred years ago, your car is absolutely amazing. So maybe it's just an issue of how you define what is "simple" and what is "complex".

(29 Mar '13, 09:04) flowsurfer

Yes an 04 Liberty is a nice vehicle. Most cars will easily go more than 200,000 miles. I have several vehicles & my newest one is a 2005. I've ordered a few vehicles directly from the factory & if I wanted to, I could again. We all can. I don't need or desire a status symbol & I have other things to do with my money. I don't want to be judged by the vehicle I drive or assumptions made. Keep your 04 showroom new & you will feel like your driving a 2013 model.

(07 Apr '13, 21:29) ele
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I think rather than simple or complex we should consider a matter of comfort. The liberty is nice and an enjoyable vehical.

Living in comfort, relaxed without problems is more of importance. Wealth may be headaches, keeping constant track of the stock markets up and down. Worrying to buy or sell, just headaches.

But living comfortable, that means something.


answered 28 Mar '13, 23:22

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Wade Casaldi



(28 Mar '13, 23:27) supergirl

If you are having great time selling stocks and being in that field inspires you then that can be right for you. Its not a headache or worry. Just like for some dancing is great fun. But for someone who does not enjoy and its not their thing, they would look at it like Oh God, i got to listen to music count, break that down, and actually move by body. Too much to worry about... So its better to led by what inspires you. And we are all Unique beings in that way so have different interests.

(29 Mar '13, 13:50) abrahamloa

@abrahamaol Good points! Yes I guess it very much depends on what you are used to and comfortable with.

(29 Mar '13, 23:19) Wade Casaldi
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All of the experiences of life exist for the purpose of being experienced.

One's phrasing of a question sets the frame for how it will be processed. There is no better or worse, only different. That's the beauty of life, there are an infinite number of possible approaches, which lead you to an infinite number of experiences, which lead you to an infinite number of outcomes, and the only determining factor on which path to take and how enjoyable each step taken will be is you.

Borrowing a wonderfully fitting phrase.. Experience and enjoy! ^_^y


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You should go with where your flow of energy feels right and good. Judge your decisions by that. Also if you meditate or have some other activity that makes you go silent or you seem to align to Source... do that activity and ponder this question. Then your answer will have less noise. So basically you want to be led by your Inner Self.

So if you by going with simpler life also have joy and peace along with it then its the right thing. But if you have some things in life that you are passionate about and enjoy doing it, then dont suppress that and if you suppress that it will constrict your energy. Eg. You have the money and having certain car/clothes etc would be cool and your heart wants it and will give you real joy, then go for it. Dont hold back that it is materialistic. At the same time if you dont have money and cant get those things you should be perfectly ok too. And focus on what you can already enjoy.


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in time most souls separate from a lifeless body
leaving the lusting of corporeal form and
strive towards the more etherial experiences
as though within the rhythm of man


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Like abrahamloa has pointed out, we should lead the kind of life that we feel drawn to. Because, all of us are very different individuals, there is never going to be a "Right" so to speak answer to your question. So, really act when you feel an urge to do something whatever this thing might be.

To illustrate, carrying on with your car example, I am leaning towards a simpler life as well these days compared to how I used to be. A couple of years ago, I really had to own a sports car because I liked the thrill of it.

However, these days, I am content with what I call my 'boring practical and reliable hatchback' but I do still have those periods when I am really wanting to drive a nice looking fast sports car. And when I do feel like that, I act on this urge and just get the car I want to drive for a few days and just enjoy driving it.

So, I suppose I like to live a relatively simple life with moments of complexity.


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Pink Diamond

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pink diamond, there is the better choice for you on every decision, right is but a consensus of the society where you choose to live as is the value of consumption

(07 Apr '13, 20:15) fred
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