Are you someone who feels likes to know how well you are doing? If so, how do you keep track of your spiritual growth? Do you have journals? Are there tangible benefits to this kind of record-keeping, and what are your specific experiences?

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I actually started keeping a journal recently. It's nothing fancy...I simply have my "intentions" on one page and "manifestations" on another. On the intentions page I just write down inspiring ideas that I get during meditation or throughout the day. On the manifestations page I note down events that seem to be in alignment with my desires. Doesn't have to be a full manifestation...I'd also record little things that feel like a step in the right direction.

You can also measure your progress by how well you control destructive emotions. You are doing good when you start being able to identify them early and consciously replace them with something more productive.

I also ask myself:

How do I react to unpleasant events? Can I look at such circumstances with a smirk on my face and know that everything will be alright at the end?

"Can I choose to be kind rather then to be right?" (Wayne Dyer)

I've found out that if I work on myself diligently I am able to do all of the above...if I let myself slack it gets harder.


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How do I measure my spiritual progress? how happy I'm generally feeling everyday.

I used to keep journals, records and all that stuff but ultimately it only reminds you of where you've already been and there is the danger of get sucked back into old, painful memories that you had forgotten.

I prefer to be always looking forward these days using my feeling of joy in the moment as my indicator of whether I am on my path or not.

One of my personal mottos comes from a certain sci-fi tv series... boldly go


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There are so many ways to measure this, but it's true that your feelings never lie, so ask yourself how you are feeling.

Calmer, more balanced, more accepting, less of a need to seek things and people outside of yourself? All of these wonderful feelings are certainly an indicator that you are embracing your spiritually more fully.

Reacting with compassion, being happier, having more energy, loving yourself and showing kindness to others are other measures.

At a higher level I have experienced a profound sense of total and complete bliss as if being connected to something MUCH higher than myself. Looking at a sunrise, a small child, a puppy....almost anything can trigger it, but if you've experienced it, you will know what I mean. Time stands still and you feeling a floating feeling and a sense of total BLISS....


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I believe that the less attached to material things the more spiritualised you are.


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How do you get any work done?

(16 Oct '09, 18:48) Vesuvius

I'm sorry for the very late reply. Could you please be a bit more specific with what you meant by "getting any work done"?

(25 Oct '09, 11:11) Rogerio

By developing an personal relationship with Jesus and you know from deep within your soul that he is real not what you have read, seen or heard from someone else but you know that you know that he is real because you have that connection with him that lets you know than no one but one one can take that peprsonal rationship with the all power Jesus who know the human apsects of life as well as the spiritual for he was both and he has expierenced it.


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