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Help me understand how to do this, where I am going wrong and how to fix it.


Are you trying to manifest something? - Yes.

Why don't you have what you want yet? - I don't know.

Does this situation remind you of anything that happened before? - Wanting to live in another country and not knowing how. Wanting to be financially independent and not knowing how.

Does this situation remind you of anything happening in your life right now? - Wanting to be young again and not knowing how. Wanting money without struggle and not knowing how. Wanting to buy Galantamine and Alpha GPC and not knowing how (due to cost and import restrictions). Wanting to lucid dream and not knowing how. Wanting to have enough money to live on my own and not knowing how.

How does this make you feel? - There is basically just one feeling for all those items, so list 2: powerless, restrained, victimized, frustrated, vulnerable. The feeling is not restricted to any part of the body.

What would I have to believe is true to experience these? - That it IS true.

What are the alternatives? What would I prefer? - To know exactly what to do to generate the results I desire and then generate those results without fear of reaching a situation which I cannot get out of.

If I chose the above, what is the worst possible thing that might result from it? - There is no negative result possible in the above, unless it is not true and I find myself in a negative situation I am powerless to escape from.

What would I have to believe is true to experience this? - That I am in fact powerless, restrained, victimized, vulnerable.

How does that make you feel? - Powerless, vulnerable, restrained, frustrated, victimized.

Does anything in list 2 or 3 still carry an emotional sting? - Not right now.

What good can I see in this? - It helps me understand how people who feel powerless or victimized feel and think.

Congratulations, you are now free of all resistance! - I don't think so...

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