Hi All,

I have been working with Faster EFT for a couple of months now. I must say that it works very wonderfully well and provides relief in a matter of minutes. And if used along with Stingray's ME-4 it is a very powerful process.

I am getting into a habit of practicing this every morning. The question which is slightly bothering me is, does this process remove the negative emotions / feelings from the root cause?

I feel instantly relieved when I practice it, but somehow the issue which I clear tends to show up almost every day and I work towards clearing it every day. Can I somehow get a permanent removal of the problem?

To be slightly clearer, the issues are about my work and a few dear ones. After cleaning up in the morning, the negative emotion pops up at least once every day and leaves me feeling a bit low.

What could I be doing wrong here?

This has somehow shaken my trust a bit in the fact the Faster EFT can remove negative emotions / feelings from the root once and for all.

Another reason for me asking this question is that I intend to become an EFT Practitioner and want to help others [those who are a vibrational match to me :)] release there resistances.

Thanks so much :)

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I don't think you are doing anything wrong here. Indeed, I think the fact that you are creating a habit to do this clean-up process every morning is exactly what you should be doing.

I'm starting to think that - with the way that the world is speeding up vibrationally, and the issues that are surfacing within people as a result - that a systematic daily clean-up should be an essential part of everyone's routine. Most of us wash our physical bodies every morning; I'm of the view now that our emotional bodies need a similar wash :) I've recently started testing out a Manifesting Experiment 5 to make this easier for people to incorporate into their daily routines. But you are on exactly the right lines already with what you are doing.

If, every morning, you feel "instantly relieved" when you use the process, that is an excellent sign.

Any change process that is really working for you will always bring instant results as far as your feeling of relief is concerned. If any process is not doing this, it is time to try something else (for now) even if that process has worked reliably for you before. Our lives are changing and evolving at a massive rate and it is important not to become dogmatic or rigid about what works and what doesn't. The sensation of relief is what will keep you on-track.

The sensation of relief is always a reliable indicator that you are heading in the right direction. See: Is seeking relief from negative feelings, instead of chasing the actual physical manifestation, a good approach?

Having established that this Faster EFT process is working for you, we can now look at why you are not getting "permanent removal" of your problem.

Generally speaking, if a problem is still occurring in your life after you have cleaned it up, it's because there is something that is still being triggered within you that is causing it.

If you look at Has anyone tried ‘Faster EFT’?, you'll see that a problem can have many causes and any one of those causes can keep supporting that problem even when other causes have been successfully cleaned up. Because of this, you can actually be cleaning up quite a bit in your life (many of those "table legs" are being broken off) but it can seem that you are not making any progress at all (that problem "table top" is still standing).

What I would do in your situation, when an issue keeps resurfacing, is keep asking yourself the basic belief uncovering questions of Why Don't I Have What I Want Yet? and How Do I Know I Have A Problem? Use the question that seems most appropriate to your situation.

Start with a new blank sheet of paper (or electronic document) every day in relation to that issue i.e. don't look at any of your previous answers otherwise they will influence what you write and you may miss something subtle but important.

Now pick the answer that seems the most "painful" and clean that single one up. Once that no longer has an emotional sting to it, you can stop for the day. If you really want to, and you have time, you can now clean up anything else that still seems troubling on that list but it's optional. It is better to make the process so super-easy that you do it daily than to do massive clean-ups at irregular intervals.

The next day, repeat the same process again (not looking at your previous answers), and do another clean-up on the single most painful answer that you come up with in relation to your problem issue. Sooner or later, there will be nothing left to support your issue and it will not resurface.


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Stingray: Thanks so much :) Your Answers are always so inspiring and bang on to what I expect to receive as the solutions to my quests. I will certainly follow what you have advised, as I believe that it is immensely powerful. As a matter or fact, just out of curiosity, I too have designed a Resistance Release experiment spreadsheet, inspired by you, Abraham and Robert Smith. I am experimenting it for now and if I see some good results I would like to get your feedback and also share it with all:) Thanks once again!

(07 Nov '11, 08:03) Sourabh

@Sourabh - Yeah, if you find it is working reliably then I'm sure we would all be interested in taking a look :)

(07 Nov '11, 12:34) Stingray

Hi Sourbah, if the emotions keep croping up again that means the EFT is not clearing the root of the emotion. Try tapping for longer periods of time or use EFT in conjuction with other emotional healing modalities.

Have you considered Reiki healing for it is excelent when it comes to emotions. You can learn to do Reiki and do it on yourself. There are a lot of good books on Reiki. There is also REM, rapid eye movement. In this case a practicioner moves an object or finger from side to side in front of your eyes and you follow the movement. This causes the body to release certain chemicals which calm a person.

Personaly I dont think any of these deal with the root cause of our emotions for to figure that out you have to look at your thoughts and what happened in your life that was different than normal when those certain emotions first appeared.

You say yours are caused by certain people and work. Maybe you are picking up on their emotions and it has nothing to do with you. Next time this happens ask yourself who does this belong to and you might be suprised to discover that it wasn't yours at all. It is at first very confusing when this happens but all sensitive/psychic people pick up on others moods and even pain but it feels as if it is happening to you and if it is your mood or pain. Their problems will go through your mind as if they were your own. You dont even have to be in their presence for this to happen. Keep this in mind for I have a feeling this is what is happening to you.

Dont give up on your EFT for it does seem to be working if it makes you feel good. I wish you good luck on your new healing career.


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Paulina 1

Thanks Paulina once again for your beautifully explained answer :) I have in fact experienced Reiki once may be 10 years ago and have long forgotten it. In the recent past I have had inclinations to look up to it again. Also I feel "look at your thoughts and what happened in your life that was different than normal when those certain emotions first appeared", this is something very powerful as I have experienced it recently. And I will surely attempt to review the problems as mine or that of others. Thanks so much :)

(07 Nov '11, 07:50) Sourabh

If FasterEFT isn't working for you, I would revert to regular EFT. Maybe the setup or the gamut or a floor to ceiling eye roll would help.


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Fairy Princess

FP: Thanks for these suggestions, in the past I have experienced that Setup works much better in some cases. I have realized that rather than just taking the issue head on and releasing it, it sometimes helps if we accept it first! :) Thanks so much!

(07 Nov '11, 07:52) Sourabh
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