I hope you all will forgive me as I don't have Internet access right now and am doing this on someone's phone as I jut had to get this down.

I'm going through the bumpy ride of starting to clean up vibrations and am hitting on a lot of core beliefs. I generally never remember my dreams but I just had one that I realized was linked to two other dreams I thought were separate, discrete, stand alone dreams. The a-ha moment is that the feeling from these dreams points to a core limiting feeling, rather than belief. I've been listening to a lot of Abraham lately and wondering where exactly my main vibration is. Now, I know, and it's how I approach life.

Here's my question: what's the best way of cleaning it up? It's a feeling, so a bit hard to describe via Manifesting Experiment 4 because there aren't full situations attached to the feeling as I don't remember most of the dream; just the feeling (though I really wish I could ME4 it). I started to tap it away but I feel like I'm tapping forever.

Should I keep tapping? Or should I try harder to ME4? Or...?

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Stand on your head. No joke! You will see the world upside down and get a fresh new perspective on everything. lol

(03 Apr '13, 03:31) CalonLan

yes @CalonLan there is an energizing yoga posture, full headstand up-side down yoga pose

(03 Apr '13, 03:37) ru bis

@searcher-this is new to em to catch the limiting belief from dreams.sure i will look my dreams in thsi perspective.I think dreams are themselves a releasing method as well up to some extent.but i would like to here more on this topic from questers.anyway love your question.

(03 Apr '13, 11:56) Zee
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Hi searcher

If you didn't get the dream this time, it will come around again ... noting dreams is a great way of "bringing them into consciousness" and once you're conscious of the energy and their meanings, the resistance will automatically dissipate and release the energy that then becomes available and useful for other things.


Here is a drawing of an american indian "dreamcatcher"

alt text

also known as god's eye


and here is a more modern "scientific" version that strengthens sensitivity and develops clairvoyance

alt text


This tool works on the principle of the capture of cosmic waves or rather informations that are immediately conducted by the shortest path to the center of the graph which then transmits them instantly to the earth's magnetic field which is necessarily in contact with you. These informations in the form of waves accustom you to remain constantly listening to that which makes us humans.

As you can see it represents a solar disk, there are 32 points symmetrically disposed around the periphery and all the points are joined to each other by straight lines to form a beautiful fine framework that capture energy coming from the sky, "the great spirit in the sky". It works as a web, constantly capturing the smallest message coming from the cosmos.

If you're good at drawing you can DIY by tracing, using a graphite pencil or better using indian ink, a 18cm diameter circle on a sheet of white card, then join all the 32 peripheric symmetrical points with all the others so as to form a web like structure. If you prefer the graph can be obtained directly from servranx laboratories in belgium.

It's very easy to use; just place a photo of yourself on the center of the disk and leave it there 3 hours. During the next three days note any dreams, synchronicities and intuitions. It can also be used in conjunction with an electret.


have fun


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ru bis

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@searcher Ru bis gives some great advice to keep a dream diary - for more info on intepretation, the best book by far is The Dream Game by Ann Faraday. (I know you are really asking about feeling better but thought you might be interested) "An authoritative step-by-step guide on how to remember, understand and profit from your dreams".

(02 Apr '13, 07:07) Catherine

@Ru Bis Are you simply meant to gaze at this drawing - how does this work?

(03 Apr '13, 02:53) Catherine

@Catherine i'm editing my answer to explain how it works

(03 Apr '13, 03:33) ru bis

@ru bis Thank you for that - is it the Cosmos 2000 on their website - les images sont tres petites et mon francais est tres mal.

(03 Apr '13, 13:04) Catherine

très bien @Catherine, graphique Cosmos 2000 no.50

(03 Apr '13, 13:47) ru bis

@ru bis Merci bien - the whole concept of these graphs is quite interesting.

(03 Apr '13, 15:45) Catherine

i ♥ ♥ ♥ them too :)

(04 Apr '13, 01:36) ru bis
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I love it when this happens via dreams because then I don't have to dig into limiting beliefs during the day. I also don't have to see negative physical manifestations before I can clear it.

Dreams are excellent limiting belief/feeling finders.

OK...so here is what to do. So you know that there is a feeling from your dreams. And you know that it isn't a positive feeling.

My experience is that if tapping to the energy doesn't work, it means that the energy tries to tell you something. And it wants you to acknowledge that first. If you can acknowledge it, you own the energy. When you own it, you get a handle on it. When you get a handle on it, you can release it easily. Or it will release itself automatically.

So try this to get a handle on the energy.

  • As soon as you wake up and you feel something negative from dreams and you can't remember what it was, focus on the feeling in your body. This negative feeling will probably be in your chest or stomach area. But it can also be somewhere else. Make a quick body scan to detect it.
  • Now you know where in your body it is located. Now frame it. I mean define its edges and physical characteristics. You might say "MMhh...this energy is about 1,5 inches and it vibrates in my chest...it feels like a cloud moving through my stomach". Describe and frame it with as much physical (not emotional) characteristics as possible.
  • If you can't exactly define the edges, that's fine. Then just define where it seems to end and where it seems to begin. Because it can't be in your whole body. For instance even the most intense energies almost never get to hands and feet.
  • Now here is the "getting a handle" part. You now know where the energy is in your body. You know its shape, form, size etc. You have framed it. Focus on the energy and ask questions and find out what it is it wants from you. Because a negative energy or belief is always trying to prevent you from something negative. It wants you to prevent experiencing something negative. It could be an emotion or an event that will hurt you (or that the belief thinks will hurt you, though it might be nonsense). When you find what it is that it wants you to know, it will shift. You will feel the shift clearly in your body. It can be a subtle shift or the energy can be released completely. And your work is done.
  • "Energy...what are you trying to tell me?", "Energy...Which emotion is it you want me to acknowledge? Is it anger?...hmm no, ok...Energy, is it depression or something like that...mmh I see almost right but there is something more to it...hmmm...is it powerlessness?...oh yeah I see it shifts... powerlessness! Is it powerlessness? Yeah, cool."
  • So you try to get a handle on the feeling. As soon as you find it, it shifts either slightly or completely. And you can go on communicating with this energy until it is solved completely... or you can exactly verbalize what it is the energy wants you to know.
  • This method is also a perfect approach to transform subtle, undefined feelings into language and concrete limiting beliefs.
  • If it isn't gone already, now there is good chance that tapping will work perfectly.

Have fun:)


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@releaser99 - I woke this morning upset by a string of bad dreams. I hadn't thought of consciously communicating with the feelings they left me with, I only thought to tap them away, which didn't work.

I followed your advice, and the feelings released on their own when I "got" that they were all about trusted friends "turning" on me...

(17 Jun '14, 15:03) Grace

... It's a subject that has come up recently, and I've realized that I "turn" on myself very easily, and naturally manifested (mirrored) the experience in my life.

After reading this answer, I reminded myself that I've worked this out, that if I just love and forgive myself as readily as I do others, I've nothing to fear. All the bad feelings instantly evaporated, and then I just tapped away even the memory of having felt like that at all. :) This really helped, thank you.

(17 Jun '14, 15:05) Grace

@Grace I'm glad it helped. Thanks for sharing your experience :).

(18 Jun '14, 06:33) releaser99
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To remember dreams takes skill. You need to wake up calmly, relaxed, not moving and especially not to think of what you need to do for the day!

Just relax, now calmly go over in your mind what you were dreaming. If you need to, trigger the memories. To trigger your memory you need to think these thoughts: Was I outside? Was I inside? Were there others? Was I doing something? Were others doing something? Was I happy? Was I scared? Was I angry?

Questions as these trigger memory.


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade there's a "dream catcher" graph that i feel sure you'll appreciate, i've added it to my answer :)

(03 Apr '13, 01:44) ru bis
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