Sometimes we are manipulated, cornered and/or coerced to make a vow that we'd never make willingly. Since it had been coerced, would it still be binding? Thanks and Blessings, namaste

asked 10 Sep '10, 13:16

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Generally speaking, agreements made with incorrect information or coercion are not binding, if the incorrect information or coercion would have materially affected your decision.

Our system of laws reflects this assertion. A contract executed under fraudulent or coercive conditions is generally considered invalid.


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Sorry Vesuvius, I couldn't resist editing - I don't think I've ever seen you make a spelling mistake or typing error ( nice to see you're human like the rest of us ) :-)

(11 Sep '10, 02:33) Michaela

@Michaela: Ha! nice catch.

(11 Sep '10, 05:50) Vesuvius

It depends on whether you mean binding in a legal sense on this earthly plane, in which case Vesuvius has made some very valid points.

However, apart from that you are the only one who sets your own limitations and as such you are the only one who can bind yourself to anything or anyone - the power is all in your own hands, or rather, more appropriately, your own mind.


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There is a saying: "nothing is written in stone." So depending on the nature, and circumstances of your particular situation, you can revoke or dispute the contract, or promise, perhaps without penalty. Since you are the one that knows the facts of this matter, then you should be able to make a productive decision to resolve this matter, and to revoke any commitment made against your free will.

Only commit to what is comfortable to you, and do not feel obligated to make a commitment that you are uncomfortable with. Consider handling this matter respectfully, and with self confidence, and you should be able to keep the peace. “Good Luck!”


answered 12 Sep '10, 03:17

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Appreciate it! Thank you Vee, lots of blessings....

(12 Sep '10, 10:02) daniele

I dont even think they are if we make them without co ersion. After all many of us have divorced and gone on to have a happy second marriage.



answered 11 Sep '10, 10:58

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Monty Riviera

Umm...for example, like a marriage someone is forced into?

In this case I do have to ask, what is stopping the person from takign responsibility of their life and moving on?

If whatever the vow is not what you agreed to but were forced then it is hard to think it is really a vow.


answered 20 Sep '10, 18:40

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