Is magic good, evil or neutral and is it the person who determines which way the magic is used in a good way or bad way?

Is magic the same as ESP? Just going by a different name?

Is there an magical relm or is it just all fictional? Does it all depend on the person and how they decide to act be it good or evil? What is magic? Is it star dust sprinkle on an flower to make it more beautiful? What are your thoughts and opion on it?

I remember reading about the unicorn, the hind, and other things in fiction books, stories, or movies especially the tv show Zena I think was it name. Zena was like an amozon strong woman who had knowledge of pulse points she would use on you to stop you from attacking her and she had an shocker she would throw at you like an boomer rang and it would return to her; it was attune to her virbrational essence I think. But I thought they were just all fiction until I found unicorn, hind, and the word hades in the bible I had thought all of that was fictional characters. Like the half horse and half man,Centaur, who was full of knowledge and who taught hercules about life which I thought was fiction.

But later on I thought that Hercules was an fictional character might have been base on Samon and Dila in the bible. You know God gave Samson his strength and it was through his long hair that he maintain it and they paid Delia some gold coins I believe to extract by whatever means and she entice Samson and he fell in love with her and she betrayed him by continue to ask where his strength came from and he would tell her stories or lies until finally she wore him down and he finally told her it was in his hair and she shaved his head and than the soldiers came in binded him and blinded him and carried him off.

I have heard people say of actually seeing horse and its little one playing up in the clouds. Than I remember that the angels had chariots drawn by horses in the bible.

You know I love to watch Waltz Disney and all its happy ending movies and stories of fictional characters or are they all fictional after all? It makes you ponder the thought?

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Will you please add magical-relm to the tag please and thanks.

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Hi, you've already tagged the question as "magic" - it is not necessary to add another related one with "magic" in the name.

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Ok Barry Allen I am learning I didn't know I thought I was suppose to add the magic tag because it was about magic. Thanks appreciate your help. Have an nice day.

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Thanks for your answers and please continue to answer the questions.

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You have much of the answer. Magic is as "good" as the practitioner. It is real and should only be used for good. I don't believe in "evil", only negative. When a Christian takes communion, that is a form of magic. Prayer in almost any form can be a form of magic. Spell casting, candle magic, alchemy are all forms of magic and they all work because the practitioner is putting energy into the thought behind the magic. That will manifest as reality.

All the other realms you mentioned are also real. They may not be on this plane of existance but they are real, none the less. Faeries, elves, sprites, leprachauns(sp?) are all real in thier own realm. Sometimes we mere mortals can cross over into that realm by entering into a meditative state, dreams, hypnotism and many others.

If you believe it, it is real. You only have to open your mind to the possibility.


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John 1

I didn't know taking communion is an form of magic. I knew using candle and some prayers could.

(18 Oct '09, 03:36) flowingwater

Thanks for your answer you gave very informative information for thought and ponder. Flowers are so beautiful to me I often wonder do we have other creatures that help us tend to the flowers as well?

(21 Oct '09, 03:31) flowingwater

Magic(k) is the science and art of causing change to occure in comformity with the will. according to Alester Crowly. the will is the master, cause and goal of performing magick. this ''will'' must be free. totally free. especially from good and evil. if good or evil are affecting your will .. it will not be free. the effect is that you will get exactly the opposite of what you wanted. think about it as nature's way to teach a lesson. so, in my opinion .. no. magick is never neutral. but it's always free. and there is a big difference between the two concepts.


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Magic is the art of producing natural phenomena which appear to be extraordinary because they put into motion unrecognized natural resources ... it is a neutral energy that we can use to do good or bad , it's our choice.


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I agree with John. Magic is about creation and is, in essence, the same as prayer in many respects. There are rituals in religions and magic, all with the intent to focus the mind on the creation, and reinforce the belief. It is all about belief at the end of the day. Good answer John!


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Magic is a part of us, and everything we do in life, both good, and evil!

The water Lilly opens up with the Sunshine shinning its’ golden ray on the petals of this beautiful flower, what a beautiful sight to see, to me that is good magic, as in everything good!

A young boy was playing with his Ball, and he ran across the street after his Ball, a car came by and he was no more, to me that is evil magic, as in everything evil!


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i agree wth all you say except the last bit .

it's not magick that is evil it is a thought process that put the energy into motion that created this unfortunate event .

by our own thoughts of evil , conscious or unconscious , we can 'put a spell ' on someone , something ...

(13 Jan '11, 05:32) blubird two

@ Bulbird, good observation, do you really think spell works ?

(14 Jan '11, 06:18) Inactive User ♦♦

Magic is the first science that ever existed in the world, I say science because after all today's science is built on mathematics and observation of how the universe functions. Everything we have established in today's modern world evolved from magic. Chemistry has it's roots in alchemy, mathematics is rooted in the Egyptian scriptures and the Kabbala. Humans have innate capacities that were well know and used by the ancients to them it was normal, today magic is often considered as supernatural or scary but really there's nothing to be scared about otherwise what we may think is hidden within our own mind.

It's well known that most of us only use a tiny part of our real potential which seems to indicate that we've forgotten how to use our mind. Today's modern magicians realize this and are forever expanding and seaching for that enlarged potential.

This is exactly what we're doing here on IQ searching for that greater potential, so I would say that all here on IQ that actively participate and deepen their "knowingness" can be considered as magicians that practice "magic" :)

alt text


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