Whether you are Christian or non-Christian, you must agree that Jesus had a profound affect on our world. But what if He had not lived at all? How different would our world be?

Would it be peaceful, or violent? Would there be democracy or freedom? What do you think? What affect did Christ really have on history?



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Not particularly different IMO. The world is in a critical state of turmoil right now, on the brink of a new era of great things. Good or bad has yet to be seen, but great nonetheless. There's much going on behind the scenes leaving much to be desired in our world.

There were many prophets before and after who taught the same lessons, just not all of them decided to be martyrs. Where there is a need, a space to be filled, someone will step up and fill it.

(06 May '13, 23:23) Snow

There would be no Christ, if there wouldn't be Buddha, who knows who's non-existence would cause Buddha not to appear either.

@Snow, I like how you see "all the great things" waiting in just the very next moment. Should you live another 100 years, you will find out they will always stay in the just very next moment and will never come to the actual one. But, oh well.

(07 May '13, 03:10) CalonLan

why waste energy on dwelling of what would have. the past happened and to undo any negative or positive recompense we have the future

(07 May '13, 06:46) fred

If we dwell on past, it will determine our future. If we don't dwell on it, something else will determine the future for us. Either way, the future is determined. Good future, bad future who cares. Does the sun shine and light spring breeze blow today? And if tonight's sky full of stars will you look up and enjoy? Right here and now? Or will you already today cry about bombs falling down tomorrow?

Enjoy today,tomorrow ww3 might come,day after we'll all be dead.But who cares.It's still today.=)

(07 May '13, 06:56) CalonLan
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The affect would have been so tremendous it's probably past all human imagining. Christ's teaching became the most binding element known in all human history, and continues till this day. Without it, the civilizations of his day would have developed in completely different ways, certainly not structured into the democratic and socialist forms we are familiar with now, but into one's that continued to have huge divisions between rich and poor, power and weakness, as they had been until he came. Certainly a nation based on equality and freedom such as America would never have come about, or be what it has been to the world without the Pilgrim Fathers coming for religious freedom, and a group of fervent men who based their Constitution on Christian principles. Even if eternal salvation was removed from the blessing of Christ's birth, no other creed has so profoundly changed man's responsibility to his neighbor and civilized nations.


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Source would have found a way to bring TRUTH to the world. Another religion with the understanding would have been taught.

Many religions teach reciprocity (do unto others as you would like done unto you).

It's not the religion or the absence of the religion, it is the person. People can use the same religions and look at them in a different way to promote negativity. Those who trust their heart will know that Happiness and Mutual Respect (Compassion/Love) is the way for a peaceful and happy world.


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There would have been lot more violence for sure. Lot more -ve energy in the whole world. Jesus has been a very great example to cite for billions and billions of people about being compassionate to fellow people. This truly has been a central component so big when it came to Christ. Not only christians but lot of maintream outside religion uses him as example to be loving to others. With that lot of billions have been more loving and respectful to others. I think to me thats the greatest value from Jesus.


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