He had no degree, yet they called him teacher, why?

He had no medicine, yet they called him healer, why?

He had no army, yet kings feared him, why?

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Jesus was the greatest man in history - Being of Muslim background myself, it perhaps makes it a bit easier for me to see that not everyone in this world may necessarily agree with that apparently absolute statement of fact. :) And I have a feeling that accolades of that kind were probably not something Jesus himself was striving for.

(26 Oct '10, 07:55) Stingray

Amazing synchronicity. I read the title and was about to suggest that a simple "in my view," "opinion" or IMHO preceeding the question would have added value to it. I totally agree with Stingray and I was baptised a catholic...

(26 Oct '10, 09:21) Eddie

Solomon said each to his own! I agree we are all different, but we are all the same, religion may present a barrier for some, yet it makes no difference to the philosophical natures of things. Thus we remain one consciousness, returning to the same oneness regardless of religion. My grandfather was a religious Hindu man from India and was very dedicated to his custom and beliefs, but that did not make me love him any less. I learned things from him that I would never learn from anyone else. So, it is okay to come from a different religion, and belief system. No harm is done!

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  • Because he was a teacher, though he had no degree.

  • Because he was a healer, though he had no medicine.

  • Because he was a leader, though he had no army.

  • Because these things were true, he was called "Master."


answered 26 Oct '10, 06:36

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What a thought provoking answer!

(26 Oct '10, 08:08) kakaboo

I see that you were inspired spiritually, nice. Thank you.

(27 Oct '10, 01:21) Inactive User ♦♦

Because his knowledge of his oneness with the Father was so strong that it enabled him to access fully the power and wisdom of the creator.

He Mastered evrything there was to master,and for all i know hes mastered things im not even aware can be mastered.

I hope and pray the world wakes up en masse to the greatest revelaton he shared,and that is that we are all one with the Father even as he is.



answered 26 Oct '10, 08:53

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Monty Riviera

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Yes I am sure he must have mastered things that we are not even aware of. Thank you.

(27 Oct '10, 01:24) Inactive User ♦♦

that depends on who is interpreting; a master of life spiritually;
a master of life mentally; a master of character for what it is to be human;
and some may believe the master avenger.
so who or what is he and how does what you find relate to you?


answered 27 Oct '10, 00:28

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I feel very inspired by your answer, good analogy. Thank you.

(27 Oct '10, 03:01) Inactive User ♦♦

They called him 'Master' not because he was a Master to his slaves. He was called a Master coz He was the Master (creator) of his own life (circumstances) and destiny.


answered 18 Nov '10, 01:54

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Intelligent answer! Thank you.

(18 Nov '10, 05:36) Inactive User ♦♦

You're welcome Vee

(21 Nov '10, 03:11) Hitesh

you see jesus was born of water and spirit and took the narrow gate to above the kingdom of light and to the holy father(the creator the source of everything that is from the beguinning to the end.) because he was pure of heart. that is also why he add understanding over duality in truth with the right balence in all things,that is why they called him master. but in fact jesus came to share some light of truth and understanding with is brother and sister,but many where on the wide road and could not see or ear is message. and out of self rigthtenous they tried to see fault in him to judge him and kill him. he could have said nothing and no one would have ever know the truth. but the world would not be the same today.

would you not call someone that is able to be born of water and spirit a master?

the meditation is the processe of being born of water(soul:mind/heart) over duality and waking up to the fact that you are spirit. and that takes over 40 days to achive to someone that is like a child almost innocent of sin(no darkness in him of is free will.some one that did not cast anny stone to other.) yet how many can say that they have achive that? very fee indeed.

and after born of spirit and exiting the flesh to go above. it is written: the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit. it is also written:Jesus said, "When you see one who has not been born of woman(born of flesh), fall upon your faces and prostrate yourselves before that one: it is that one who is your father(one that know the father above)."

now you know why they called him master. he add a higher knowledge of reality below and above. that is why it is written the one that comes from above is above all.


answered 24 Oct '12, 13:54

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white tiger

The disciples called him "Master" out of their own free will and respect for him. To them, he was their master.

They called him "teacher" because he taught them many great things, and taught people a new way of living their lives through forgiveness rather than condemnation.

They called him "healer" because although he had no medicine, he healed people through the power of love and through his miracles.

Kings feared him for his unorthodox ideas and the power that he had over people through his actions and his words, and that he might expose those in power or those who condemn as hypocrites and sinners, and the fearlessness and confidence he had, despite his lack of army and him never resorting to violence.


answered 25 Oct '12, 15:04

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