Sometimes, I have to confess, it is really, really hard for me to believe some of the stories I read here on IQ. I have faith, but sometimes some of the stuff here seems to stretch my faith a real lot. Can you tell me if you have heard of anything, anything at all, that might point to the reality of these things as hard, cold truth?

I would think that some visitors to this site might find some of the subjects we discuss as being a little hard to swallow. Help me, please.

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"I would think that some visitors to this site might find some of the subjects we discuss as being a little hard to swallow." IMO proof is an illusion. This world is such a beautiful place that everyone has the freedom to believe what he wants. Sometimes it is even better to not try hard to believe something. Because trying creates resistance and pain. Believe in aliens or drop it. Believe in god or drop it. It's always our choice. There is no (burden of) proof or approval from anyone needed.

(09 May '13, 14:23) releaser99

Yes, literally TONS of stuff. And I think I've posted a lot of the evidence here on previous IQ threads. Can you be a little more specific about the type of evidence you're looking for?

(09 May '13, 14:23) lozenge123

I am not sure...A spaceship, maybe? :) I guess I would like people to understand that the line between what is provable and true is also movable and infinite in God's World. I just would like to get it "on paper".

(09 May '13, 14:33) Jaianniah

But also remember, I asked if it matters.... That is really the point.

(09 May '13, 14:36) Jaianniah

I disbelief everything. It's all just a joke and I keep laughing, at everything and everyone.

Beliefs are blind folds...and people play this game of putting them off and on. Uh, I like this blind fold, now I see better. Wait, I'll try another one, ooooh what a view. Talk about seeing and understanding nothing from one thousand point of views. Ahahaha.

(10 May '13, 03:53) CalonLan

@CalonLan So in other words, you are saying that believing in beliefs are dis-believable. Since you used the word "disbelief" to explain your definition of beliefs, that technically means you really do believe in something. So even if beliefs are blindfolds (which means you have a belief that beliefs are blindfolds) and you believe that people see and understand nothing from a thousand points of view (which is also a belief that people understand nothing from a thousand points of view) you...

(10 May '13, 12:40) Cory

@CalonLan ...are actually trying to show all of us here the power of beliefs by flipping the switch with the belief of dis-empowerment...right? Man oh man that is very powerful and literally unbelievable. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge in showing me two sides of the same coin. Much appreciated!

(10 May '13, 12:42) Cory

I remember creature in your picture. Saw it on TV. The creature could appear to each individual as their perfect mate.

(13 May '13, 08:07) No Brainer

@Cory, but of course I believe... that any belief is not worth believing in. And I would happily dwell in this paradox forever if I may. =)

(17 May '13, 18:57) CalonLan

@CalonLan It's IMO not a paradox. It's you saying that you don't believe in beliefs, because it makes you happier that way...while you believe in gazillion other beliefs about humankind and life simultaneously.:) But of course you're right. IMO the purpose of beliefs is to find a way to make us happier. So you are on the right track. Believe what makes you happy even if it contradicts your other behaviors/thoughts in life in general. Because it's not about right or wrong. It's about being happy.

(17 May '13, 20:02) releaser99
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Is there any "hard" science to back up the stories of channelings, Et's and other dimensional beings talked about here on Inward Quest? Does it matter or not?

The short answer to your question for you as an individual is.....No.

It really truly doesn't matter because your belief system just like many other people's belief system says so. As long as you hold a strong, dominant belief that makes it hard for you to believe in ET's and the such, you will continually find more evidence and more evidence and more evidence to back up your embedded belief.

I would think that some visitors to this site might find some of the subjects we discuss as being a little hard to swallow.

Funny how this works both ways isn't it. There are many people here and people that visit the site that also find the idea of organized religion (which is your dominant belief) hard to swallow as well.

I personally find organized religion hard to swallow myself but I really don't care what other people do with their lives and have no desire to find any proof that Jesus existed or proof that anything said in the bible is or isn't true.

I bet there are plenty of people in the world and even here at IQ that could overload me with their own hard science about organized religion. They may have thousands upon thousands of pages of heavily researched information that proves something without a shadow of a doubt.

For me though, "it really wouldn't matter."

My belief system would reject it even though the other persons belief system would have complete confidence that it is true. The word "true" is only valid to each of us as individuals.

This is why essentially, there really isn't any right or wrong things in this place called earth. There really is only experience. Some of us like chocolate and some of us like vanilla. Some of us even like a choco-vanilla swirl. Others may hate both:)

I have my own "hard science" that channeling is valid because the information that I have received has helped to change my life and outlook on life drastically. ET's have been a big part of the channeling so both of those beliefs combine automatically.

When I write here on IQ, I never intend to have what I say taken as "truth" or "the way." It is only my opinion and my experience and the information can be used or it can be left on the curb for weekly trash pick-up.

It's the same for you with your faith (belief) in religion. You could explain to me proof and truth till the cows come home and I would reject it no matter what hard evidence you shared with me. All that really matters is what you find interesting in life and what works best for you to live the life you desire.

You will only ever find hard science on things that you are the vibration of. If you don't believe in aliens and channeling, you will never find evidence that is satisfactory or logical because of your dominant beliefs and definitions.


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Excellent @Cory!

(09 May '13, 17:45) releaser99

@Cory-I am not saying that I do not believe in channeling. I do channeling myself as part of my Healing practice. What I am saying is that sometimes, some things said here get pretty out there...just as some religions can get pretty out there, as you pointed out. If you use syllogistic logic, your argument is a bit iffy, but you still make your point. I think what is important is to embrace all of it!!!, and each other!!! :)

(09 May '13, 18:03) Jaianniah

A syllogism is an A, B, C statement or argument that says if A, then B, so we can conclude C. So your syllogism is A. You believe Christianity, and it's real to you; B. I believe my stuff, and it's real to me; so C: So both things are irrefutable....Your C statement is not valid. That's what logic says, but I get your point!!! :) I really hate arguing of any sort, especially here....really, it's all good.

(09 May '13, 18:28) Jaianniah

How do you divide Oneness,Jai ? ABC ,Whats your point? Great answer Cory.

(09 May '13, 19:05) Roy

@Jaianniah Correct me if I'm wrong but what you are saying is that there can only be one truth and that is either my truth or your truth. Otherwise it's not logical.

(09 May '13, 20:14) releaser99

@releaser99-No. The logical resolution of the A & B is not the C that Cory came up with, that's all. You really cannot make a logical conclusion to those A & B statements. They stand alone as truths. You cannot say that this is true, and that is true, so because they are both true, they prove anything more. This is because A & B are not related truths. You can't say, my belief is true- so that makes your belief true., or vice versa. It's just a syllogistic flaw in thinking.

(09 May '13, 21:36) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah "I really hate arguing of any sort, especially here....really, it's all good."

I'm guessing you are arguing within yourself because all I am doing here is answering a question with an answer that is my opinion and can be accepted or rejected on a whim. This is a great example of how a pre-existing belief can produce a particular outcome in your own personal reality.

I really have no idea about syllogistic logic and I'm sorry to say that I don't understand your point. I think you..

(10 May '13, 01:48) Cory

@Jaianniah ...took my example of religion and ET/channeling as a slight attack and that was not my intention at all. I was trying to give an example that you were familiar with which would help drive home my point about how our beliefs create what we see, touch, and experience in our lives.

You have every right to your opinion and you will not get an argument from me. Arguing or debating on the internet doesn't appeal to me in the least. I just share my opinion (personal belief system) and...

(10 May '13, 01:55) Cory

@Jaianniah ...let you decide what works and what doesn't. I will not throw out any type of syllogistic logic to prove my point that I am right and you are wrong (i'm not all that smart anyway) and I don't want you to accept my answer as your truth. All I can say is that your beliefs create the evidence in your life. You don't need anyone else to decide for you what is and isn't true. You get to decide that all by yourself:)

(10 May '13, 02:08) Cory

Such a well perfected answer Cory. Thank you.

(17 May '13, 16:51) ikaruss21
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Do we really need any "hard" science to back up the stories of channelings, Et's and otherdimensional beings talked about here on Inward Quest? Does this matter to you or not?

That's really a question that every individual has to answer for his or herself. As to where I stand, both Cory and Snow have said it better than I probably ever could.

I will say that what is acceptable "proof" varies greatly from person to person. For instance, there are plenty of people that believe the moon landings never happened. You can show these people film footage, moon rocks, introduce them to the actual astronauts that landed on the moon, show them every record available, and they still won't believe. On the other hand, if five out of five witnesses from the scene of a crime identify the culprit in a court of law, that seems to be good enough "proof" for the vast majority of juries.

However, if 38 of 38 people witness a UFO hovering overhead and exchange hand signals back and forth with the UFO occupants, as actually happened in the "Father Gill" incident, you will have eminent "scientists" bending over backwards to come up with explanations as to why it didn't happen (such as the theory that something was wrong with Father Gill's glasses). Same thing with the Phoenix Lights incident, which was witnessed by more than 700 people, including the Governor, and was caught on video. The official explanation: "flares." And the majority of people who hear about it won't believe. Herein we have the problem with the concept of universal or objective "proof."

Can you tell me if you have heard of anything, anything at all, that might point to the reality of these things as hard, cold truth?

I could tell you so much that it would take weeks of typing. :)

However, as a former skeptic, this was the book that convinced me. After having done a lot of UFO research, it is still one of the best, and the one I would first recommend to any skeptic or non-believer:

The following books are also impeccably researched for those wanting hard "evidence":

There is also an excellent documentary on the subject, a short preview of which is viewable here:

And the full version of which is on Youtube here:

There is plenty of great UFO footage available as well. Some good footage, as well as interviews with government witnesses, U.S. Astronauts, etc., was compiled in the following want spaceships, you'll see spaceships:

I can keep the book and clip recommendations coming if anyone expresses interest. A ton of great material and "proof" is already out there.

Regarding "proof" that channeled entities are who they say they are...I've seen enough to be 99% convinced about certain individuals. Predictions coming true. Telepathic incidents caught on audio that are just too convincing to be acting or improvisation. I've referred to them before in my posts, so you can do the digging if you want. But what is enough for me, might or might not be convincing enough evidence for someone else.


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For those interested in more info about the Father Gill incident, here is an was too messy to embed in the text above:

And here is one of my favorites, an interview with astronaut Gordon Cooper and his experience with a UFO:

(09 May '13, 21:49) lozenge123

Excellent answer! Now you are talking! +1 and a Hooray!

(09 May '13, 21:55) Jaianniah

@lozenge123 You always share such interesting information. I saw a few of these clips and watched "Out of the Blue" on Netflix but I never heard of the Father Gill incident. Very cool. Thanks for sharing

(10 May '13, 02:18) Cory

@Jaianniah - Thanks! @Cory - You're very's another good clip, from Israel. The UFO (a glowing orb type) shoots off at incredible speed towards the end: and was caught on three separate iPhones...pretty good evidence:

(10 May '13, 11:30) lozenge123
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Not necessarily, but you can find your own evidence. Even if there were evidence I would personally still encourage finding and experiencing your own, as much of this is existential in nature. The issue is some people need to know something is possible and works before they will try it, they're afraid of failure or being wrong, or perhaps judgement from others that they were willing to put their heart on the line and try anyway.

I've concluded one of the biggest reasons there is difficulty 'proving' and displaying evidence on topics like this is because the presence of a strong disbeliever can severely interfere with many of the processes discussed here, especially things like energy manipulation and weather control. I know this all too well because I personally was on the side of disbelief for much of my life, and I had many people try to demonstrate things to me and be unable to do so even when I could see in their eyes what they described in their experience was unquestionably true.

An easy example of this is smoke manipulation. If you're by yourself and have practiced it is very possible and easy to make the smoke dance, or even draw with it and create shapes. If you're not very strongly confident in your abilities then reproducing these phenomenon in front of others can be difficult. It's the same idea of exercising with someone who is uplifting versus someone who is draining, you can be pushed to incredible limits or you can find yourself winded and having difficulty just walking up a hill.

This is one of the reasons I encourage people to establish their own faith in themselves even if there were mountains of evidence to be found, because only through the experience can they gain the strength to withstand 'interference'. For me it started out as a simple experiment. I started by seeing what I could do, and eventually things I continued to write out as coincidence started to add up. Eventually my logical side began to bend and acknowledged 'This is a peculiar number of less-than-explainable incidences'. After enough times of having to write it off to chance, you start to accept there must be more to reality than what you believed.

Regarding aliens of the physical and walking around nature, I cannot say because I've yet to be beamed up. Regarding channeling and gaining knowledge and understanding, after a certain number of times of information I get being useful and valuable you start to accept at the very minimum we're all connected and there are other humans sharing knowledge with you, if not something more. Regarding human potential and what we can do or change in the world around us, I'm absolutely positive the possibilities are immense.

Is there proof out there? Yes. Does it matter? I'd say so, but I think you should start by finding your own proof before you start looking for others'. It helps give you faith and confidence in yourself rather than relying on others to dictate what is or is not possible.


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@Snow, I am intrigued by your mention of smoke manipulation. Is this something done with the mind, I.e. psychically?

(10 May '13, 01:48) lozenge123

I've seen it done by many people, with many explanations. The most valid comment I ever got (which of course at the time I arrogantly rejected) was it is a trick with the eyes. The individuals response was an appropriate scoff and ~'I'm the one who can do it and you're telling me I'm wrong.'

Another person said "I don't shape the smoke, I allow it to shape itself." Also valid, for different reasons.

Everything ultimately is an exercise of the mind I believe, this included, just a question ~

(10 May '13, 02:02) Snow

~ of what outlet you use to direct your energy.

From a wise post by.. YOU as it turns out. ^_^

"The Great Masters are able to control and direct creation, preservation and dissolution by the mighty influences of their will power. Their will power is released merely by their wish. It is purely a mental action. Just as you will to take another step while you walk on the street, similarly, the Great Masters will to do a thing and the thing happens."

For those in training it takes more I guess.

(10 May '13, 02:04) Snow

@Snow - Cool! Thanks for sharing.

(10 May '13, 11:32) lozenge123

Yes indeed. If you're interested in this topic I'll share a bit of my experience with it. When I'm personally trying to 'directly' control anything it is usually very small and limited, but I believe it is important to develop the initial stages of ability. When I really want 'big' results, for example with fire which has never been my affinity, I will sit back in front of the flames and listen to music and they will dance along with what I'm listening to.

(12 May '13, 20:01) Snow

I feel all things in creation simply want to be experienced and appreciated. If you need affirmation you can tell yourself 'The wind wants to make this field dance for me, to show me its beauty, grace, what have you'. I listen to music and watch the grass swaying in the wind, it lulls as the music calms, and roars to life as the music erupts again.

This is why I said "I let the smoke shape itself" was valid in its own way, when we sit back and let the event create itself it does amazing things.

(12 May '13, 20:03) Snow

@Snow - "If you're interested in this topic I'll share a bit of my experience with it." - Yes, I'm very interested! Please do share.

(12 May '13, 23:42) lozenge123

That was much of the sharing I had to give, other than repeat stories of the same experience. I'll sit down and practice 'purposeful' control when I'm trying to improve at it in general. When I want results I will sit back listen to music and let the events shape themselves.

My affinity has always been wind, breezes and the sort simple and easy without any 'inspiration' if you will. I'll go to fields or something and listen to music when I want a larger effect. I feel silly sharing all this.^_^

(13 May '13, 00:20) Snow

@Snow - Got it! "I feel silly sharing all this." I wouldn't worry about it. It's all very fascinating to me, and I'm sure, to most of the people here. Thanks again for sharing. I'm looking forward to more great info in the future.

(16 May '13, 01:10) lozenge123

@lonzenge123, did you just delete your question? I wrote an answer for it, took me like 15 mins and when I click submit it sent me to an error page. I lost all I had typed :(

(16 May '13, 01:20) Notgonnatellyou

@Notgonnatellyou - Yes, sorry about that. I didn't think it was up for long enough for anyone to answer. @Barry Allen, is there a way to un-delete my question? Thanks.

(16 May '13, 18:14) lozenge123
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if you live with a beta world
you rely on hard science,
begin to fuel your spirit
perceptions above sensory

the hard science remains grounded


answered 09 May '13, 21:33

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The thing you need to stretch is your boundaries. We are conditioned to put people /beings in to little categories. As you live in the States, anyone not from the States is called (categorized) as an alien. so lets take a ride on a spaceship. We start from your backyard and go straight up.So when we look down we see all the people in your neighborhood ,as we get higher and farther away those people are now citizens of your town. Even farther away now they live in the same county,state,country.In space you see no borders between countries. As the earth gets farther away you see that there is just ONE planet. ONE race of humans. Now we shift in to really really fast space travel gear. (If anyone knows where I can get that for my Honda let me know) We see our solar system. we are also ONE with that. Zooming farther out in space we see our galaxy. That ONE galaxy we are part of. You get the picture there are no boundaries.Hence no aliens. It's all just ONE
Sure it might seem BIG and take light years for our tech to get anywhere or communicate .But as old as they say things are out here do you really think we were first? Think back ten years before everyone had internet.Did you think you ,today you would be able to talk to someone on a screen or do the stuff you can do online? That was just sci-fi.
Look outside the box @Jaianniah .
It's a big ocean and big oceans have all kinds of life .But it's all just ONE big habitat.


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@ursixx...Indeed! Peace...Jai

(10 May '13, 19:14) Jaianniah

Here is some hard scientific proof of some of the most clearest daylight UFO photos I'd ever seen.

These are the Beam Ship photos with full scientific explanation.

I can't see how it matters it is just fascinating.


answered 09 May '13, 15:29

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Wade Casaldi

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@ursixx Thanks for the edit. I am not sure what you changed but everything looks good so thank you... :-)

(17 May '13, 16:17) Wade Casaldi

I give hard scientific evidence. A guy is actually explaining with science how these ships work! I didn't understand it because I'm no scientist, maybe someone here does. NASA should have been at this thing.

(17 May '13, 18:13) Wade Casaldi

You can prove or disprove about anything as you sift through logic, debate, or youtube.

Reminds me of the young man who came home disillusioned from college. His father questioned him about his disillusionment. The young man said that he had lost faith in God.

The father asked his son's reasoning. The son stated that, through logic he could absolutely prove that God existed. He could also absolutely prove that God did not exist.

The father asked if his son could prove that he, the son, did not have a nose? The son launched into a trail of logic that proved he did not have a nose. When the son finished, the father reached out suddenly, grabbed his son's nose and twisted it hard.

Then he asked the son, "What hurts?"

When all the logic, the proof, the counter-proof is over, what hurts if you deny the existence of God?

What hurts has a God shaped hole.


answered 13 May '13, 08:19

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No Brainer

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