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How did you come into discovering, believing, and learning about the 'supernatural' and/or 'manifestation' and/or 'aliens'?

The reason I include the three options here is because for me personally the three are one and the same, and it is only intended to be a 'separate' question if somebody other than myself were to identify the three words as not relating to the same explanations.

For example, a very summarized version of my answer is this:

I had dreams as a child that seemed 'significant' to me, but I could not explain why. I often engaged in conversations with strangers since I was a young child, the strangers often being older adults or (as I grew older) even homeless people and transients.

I heard many stories of many different natures, but noticed recurring themes or overlapping facts, and began comparing them to start deciding what I believed was parts of which stories were actually rooted in fact, or exaggerated and more fiction.

Finally I had an event wherein myself and two family members saw a garage wherein there was a table covered in small animal (seemingly cat and some others) bones in the center, some crushed and some not, some skulls lining one edge of the table, and random drawings and illegible symbols on the walls.

The moment we stepped into the garage there was an overwhelming feeling of "discontent", an unsettling feeling that said so strongly that I could almost hear the words in my head: "You should NOT be here." We walked inside together, and I was looking around at everything I could wondering "What is all of this?" My mother was walking somewhat 'jaw dropped' (mentally), gaping around at the surroundings. We were inside the garage for maybe 5 seconds at most before she realized what was on the walls and on the table, she grabbed me by the throat (quite literally) moving towards the door and yelled at my sister to get out of the room.

After that it was cleaned by people other than myself, and so my exposure to it was extremely short. But ever since then I've believed in quite a lot of unusual things, and seeked out anyone who was willing to share stories of any nature with me, so that I may learn from them anything they have to offer.

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

well has a child i was observing and analysing other people. and when i saw that the world was a carcass and seing no way out i went in. solved the duality of those veils of the mind and leaved the world and went to god the source or what ever name you want to name it. i could have stay there but decided to come back here to experience what i add decided to come here and experience. so experience and enjoy.

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answered 21 Dec '11, 04:20

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white tiger

Much appreciation for sharing. =) I'm curious if you don't mind sharing: do you still believe that you have more to 'learn' regarding your spirituality? And if so, where do you go to seek guidance?

(21 Dec '11, 04:25) Snow

that might be the problem at the moment when i look in the world i read about stuff and understand it. but i rarely find annything new. i still do not regret my choice and keep experiencing and enjoying. but when there is no more road or path in this world you are walking the path alone. so lets say that i learn from experience.

(21 Dec '11, 04:43) white tiger

Honestly, personally I don't really remember how exactly I learnt about Law of Attraction, manifestation etc.

I chanced about the original Psitek site while surfing randomly around some other forums (link provided by a member) and nothing about the books seemed not believable to me. Like, my belief systems seemed to not reject them immediately unlike most of my friends whom I tried asking them to just take a look at some of these books before..

Maybe it is just that I never did believe coincidences were really just merely coincidences.. there are too much factors involved in a coincidence. Like if you meet a person you have never met on a train, there are too much factors involved that it can't be purely classified as a coincidence (at least to me) - i.e. there are probably 10 + parts on a train, and just by coming out of your house 1 second later might cause you not to meet that person as you should have..

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A very intriguing explanation. I actually suppose my sharing in both of those standpoints played major roles in my acceptance as well. Thanks for sharing. =)

(21 Dec '11, 04:35) Snow

Dear Geo,

My experiances as well started in childhood. Like yourself I also prefered adults to children for they were more interesting as far as I was concearned. Children bored me but my mum would tell me go play with your friends, children shouldn't listen to grown up talk.

I have allways had wonderful dreams many of which were prophetic and come true. I thought this happened to everyone and was perfectly normal. My mom could predict if a family member would pass away by having dreams beforehand of them saying goodbye to her. I supose you could say I inherited some of my moms psychic abilities.

I have always had a facination with fortunetellers and even as a child would go to the gypsies in our village to have my fortune told. It is something I still today get tempted to do for it fasinates me. They too seem to be attracted to me for I have come across many in my life and work that has nothing to do with fortunetelling. If I befriend someone sooner or later I will find out that they are eather healers or astrologers or tarotcard readers or somethin simmilar.

This seemed to progress to being able to know what others think and it was quiet a shock to discover that what people say on the outside can be totaly the opposite of what they think and feel on the inside. I didnt like this happening to me as it isn't allways nice to know what others are thinking about and I felt as if I was intruding on others personal privacy. I tried everything to get rid of this but had no idea how. Thank goodness over the years I have learned to switch off which makes my life a lot easier.

After that come feeling others emotions and actualy feeling their physical pain. Well needless to say I thought I was going nuts for how is that possible but possible it is and today it is happening to more and more people and mostly they dont know that it isn't theirs but someone elses pain and emotions they are feeling. It took me quiet a while to learn to deal with this but thank goodness I met a friend at gym and guess what, she knew all about thing like this and helped me. See what I mean when I say such people are attracted to me. She is an accountant, astrologer, tarot card reader, Reiki practicioner and yet we meet at gym in Portugal only to discover that for most of our grown up lives we were living in the same neigbourhood (not in Portugal) and didn't know each other.

Things like this happen to me all the time. Whatever I need or want whenever I need it it will simply apper in my life to such an extent that I now believe 100% that if I need soemthing it will be there soon. I will give you an example: One day while having tea with this same friend we were discussing The Power Of Now book by Eckhardt Tolle. My friend sugessted I should read a book called "Awareness" by Anthony de Mello which is also about living in the moment. I said the next time I go overseas I will buy the book for even though I live next door to a library in Portugal they dont have any english books. About three weeks later as I was walking past the library I saw people rumiging in a box on the sidewalk full of books that the library doesn't want. Being an inquisitive human being my eye fell on a book that stopped me in my tracks. It was Anthony de Mellos "Awareness" and in English. I simply couldnt believe my luck so needless to say I went rumiging in the box as well. Got three spiritual books in english and considered myself very lucky.

Later I become a Reiki Master and even took a course on how to use a pendulum. During healing I would see angels (not with physical eyes but with my minds eye.) Love the Angels as they help with peoples problems. I also see people that have passed on and even though I have been told that I'm a natural medium I try to avoid this as I have no interest in being a medium. Also at times I can channel but try to avoid this as well. The one gift that I love is being able to ask a question before sleep and waking up in the morning with an answer.

Even though most of the time I try to supress the psychic stuff (all except the healing for I love that part of it) it is true that what you supress you attract. Well that is all for now. Hope I didnt bore you.

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answered 21 Dec '11, 09:15

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Paulina 1

I find it highly curious you mention your mother having similar traits and specifically identifying when family members died, because my mother is 'similar'. She however does not believe that she is in any way prophetic, but instead that The Holy Spirit speaks to her in one way or another. In my personal opinion there is no particularly great difference between the two. And no you didn't bore me at all. ^_^ It's also funny.. I have always wished that I could read people's minds, because I hate being lied to (Ironic, isn't it?). I suppose the grass is always greener. =)

(21 Dec '11, 13:56) Snow

I get impulses when I think people are lying, but I have zero indication of what is actually going on in their head. Regarding being an empath, that is something I have always been particularly gifted at. This made me the friend whom friends always seeked when they needed a shoulder to cry on, particularly girls. The only problem is that at times I cannot distinguish what emotions are my own and what emotions are not, it can actually be maddening at times. (in the going-crazy sort of way not the angry sort of way.)

(21 Dec '11, 13:59) Snow

Regarding the manifestation and making what you want happen, that's something I've always had very severe difficulty with. I've never "wanted" for anything I "needed" in particular, but I definitely haven't gotten nearly as much "stuff" as I would, were I given the ability to create it. The only sort of 'manifestation' I've ever even really been able to create involves making specific individuals contact me in times of need, such as a best friend who would call me whenever I needed someone to talk to. Though I believe that had more to do with her being in touch with my emotions than me manif--

(21 Dec '11, 14:01) Snow

Manifesting anything. I've been getting a lot of reading material from this site as of late, and I haven't even been able to put a dent in it, but now I have a few more books to add to my list. =) Regarding Reiki, pendulums, etc: I have absolutely ZERO clue what you're talking about. A quick google search tells me it is a type of what I would refer to as meditation. Very intriguing, yet another topic I need to research. Guhhh...

(21 Dec '11, 14:03) Snow

You know what's funny, I have been analyzing my comment of me not manifesting anything, and the comments I made afterwards, and I came to a very interesting conclusion. I have been manifesting something all along, in a very intense way. Knowledge, learning, etc. My focus has always been on learning as much as I can from any source for any reason, simply for the sake of knowing. I just didn't realize that this is what my life was delivering me. I asked for answers, and I got more than I expected. =) Much appreciation for sharing, I need some rest to process quite a lot of new information.

(21 Dec '11, 14:05) Snow

Glad you are learning. Reiki = Gentle healing energy used by healers. Pendulum = Anything on a string or chain such as a christal and is a divination tool. You will learn and enjoy. The similarities of our moms are amazing. Thanks for all the comments. I will learn from you too.

(21 Dec '11, 22:15) Paulina 1
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A longer version of my answer for those interested:

I started having dreams when I was young that seemed 'significant' to me, but I could not explain why. As a child I often ended up in conversations with adults from all sources, who would tell me stories of one origin or another.

For whatever reason 'chance' very often introduces me to strangers that I would have likely never met if not for the most obscure circumstances. This began happening as a child when I would encounter 'magicians' randomly around town as a kid. Generally they were males, older, some as old as being very old grandpas.

I'm not sure if magicians are just a dying breed these days or what, but when I was young I encountered dozens. I had been given gifts like a "magic rock" (just a simple white rock that had shiny quartz on the side), magnets in the shapes of animals or circles or whatnot, trick coins that had heads on both sides, coins that were used in tricks that were actually normal, etc.

After that I would continue to meet family members who told me stories about my ancestry (I have very interesting family trees), and their personal or an ancestors explorations, adventures, or discoveries. Some of these stories were very bright, some very dark, some pertaining to 'magical' events or the macabre, some pertaining to aliens, government, scientific discoveries we were not allowed to know about, etc.

As these stories continued and I kept hearing things from different sources I began to notice common themes across them, and I began to explore the links that stayed true across different stories, using them as a basis for deciding what parts of the stories I heard were more fiction than fact, or vice verse.

A cumulative point that locked me into believing in the supernatural was an event as a child, in the preteens. We were looking at a new home we had just been allowed to rent for very inexpensive rent in exchange for work fixing it up. It had a large garage that was more akin to a 'barn' from the inside than a garage. The garage was locked when we first examined the property, we had just gotten our keys, and we were looking around.

Inside we found small animal bones on a table covered in and surrounded in blood. On the walls there were drawings in blood, no words (not legible anyway), but some of the writing seemed to be merely shapes and lines and whatnot, whereas others seemed to be characters that were repeated at certain locations.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you want to look at it) my exposure was very short and so I cannot explain too many details about what I saw. A few noteworthy things for those who may be curious are this:

There was some circles on the walls, with shapes in the middle. (No upside down pentagrams / "Sigil of Baphomet", for reference. From my view of the garage and all of the surfaces I was able to see I am positive that I didn't see that specific symbol.) The circles were usually very fine, while the shapes within were usually not (or appeared to not be). Sometimes there was a symbol either inside a circle or around points on the outside that protruded it that would also be found elsewhere on the walls, but I saw only maybe two cases of duplicity that I "acknowledged" mentally.


Another thing people often question is what the blood looked like. I suppose this is in an attempt to discredit it or something like that, I really don't know. My answer is it was a darker red, and the drawings on the wall were 'spotty'. Akin to the result of using a paint roller on a wall without putting enough paint on it. There was very little if any dripping, there was no puddles I saw, nothing like that. Nor did I personally see any utensils used for whatever happened there. After the fact my mother told some other people there were knives and cutting devices on the table, the stuff on the wall was blood, and the stuff on the tables was cat and rodent bones and skulls. At the time I didn't actually know that it was blood, and it was not what I expected blood to look like in that form. Also at the time I didn't realize that anything on the table was real. My initial response was that it was all toys, and the reason my mother evicted us from the room so hastily was because of some inappropriate posters on the wall in a far corner. Only later did she explain any of it to me.


The moment we stepped into the garage there was an overwhelming feeling of "discontent", an unsettling feeling that said so strongly that I could almost hear the words in my head: "You should NOT be here." We walked inside together, and I was looking around at everything I could wondering "What is all of this?" My mother was walking somewhat 'jaw dropped' (mentally), gaping around at the surroundings. We were inside the garage for maybe 5 seconds at most before she realized what was on the walls and on the table, she grabbed me by the throat (quite literally) moving towards the door and yelled at my sister to get out of the room.

By the next time I saw the garage it was cleaned from top to bottom, my mother had done it herself with the help of some caretakers at the property and my sister (it was next to a horse ranch and owned by the same people, and the ranch itself had caretakers, not the property we lived on) saying that kids shouldn't see stuff like that, and that is why I was not allowed to help.


Before that I'd heard countless stories about what I described as "fantasy", both of "good" and "evil" nature. I'd always had a childish imaginative part of me that liked to believe it was real, but the logical side of me always denied it, and the logical side won up until that particular event.

Since that event up until now I have continued to learn as much as I can from anyone who is willing to share, and my "logical" and "fanciful" sides sit approximately tied in my mind, parts of me believing most of what I have been told about is misquotation or exaggerated, but some of the stories have been repeated in too many places for me to deny, such as the existence of aliens.

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If you have read all the answers thus far, and have finally gotten to mine...thank you for your persistence! :o)

I have my Dad to thank for interest in the "Other Side of the World".

I, too, preferred adults to children, as others have mentioned. I also have a psychic parent- in my case, my father. Dad had many experiences which he recounted to me of an "Other-Worldly Nature"--I will not recount them here. :o) Suffice to say, I guess I inherited it all from his side. I know that his mother went to seances along with my great-aunt. The occult was fascinating to his whole family.

So I learned about all sorts of neat stuff from my Dad. My favorite books were a set of encyclopedias...I read them all the time, and so my head is literally stuffed with a lot of really boring trivia. But that is the kind of kid I was...Anyway, Daddy and I used to sit and talk for hours about outer space, psychic stuff, dreams, science, astronomy, ESP, angels,-oh, everything that we talk about here on IQ.

My Dad was taken away from me by a sudden heart attack in 2006. I miss him dreadfully. But finding IQ in 2009 has been like talking with Dad once again. I truly believe that Dad helped me manifest all that followed- especially finding a like mind in Wade.

I have had many paranormal experiences- the biggest and most important I recount here. Since I am a Shaman, I travel to the "Other World" to help people. It seems perfectly natural to do this. I especially enjoy my visits to Grandfather Coyote, who is the Guardian Spirit of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon (Boy, is he mad about that river). You can read about Grandfather and how he proved he was real here. Please check out this link if you really want to get the chills!

I thank you for asking this question!

Blessings and Peace this Holiday Season 2011,


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answered 21 Dec '11, 14:35

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I have read every answer thus far, in their entirety. My 'persistence' is due to interest, so it deserves no thanks, but I appreciate it anyway. [- I have also read your experience, and [most, temporarily skimmed part to answer here sooner] of your story. I did enjoy reading your story, it intrigued me greatly. =) I'll have a lot more to say about it later, however I WAS asleep and I woke up for some unknown reason, and I am going to try to get back to that.

(21 Dec '11, 14:47) Snow

Reading isn't particularly a chore for me, it is an exercise that I enjoy. As such I read and type VERY quickly. =P

(21 Dec '11, 14:53) Snow

Uh, oh! A psychic connection is being formed here!!! LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Dec '11, 15:04) Jaianniah

Here I am referring to the fact that you woke up at just the "right" time :o)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Dec '11, 15:05) Jaianniah

Are you? lol. =P

(27 Dec '11, 21:47) Snow
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As a young child, my life was saved by an angel. I believe the story is someplace here on IQ. Just a couple of years later when I was eight, I had a vision despite atheist parents and no religious instruction at all. These two things opened my mind just a bit.

Even so, I was an adult, in my 20's, with my own children before I thought much of anything other-wordly in a serious manner. One of my daughters talked very early in her life, and could speak in complete sentences already by age one. She began to tell me about her "other family" and "other Mommy" that she'd had in her previous life, and about the island she had lived on. There was daily contact with dolphins, and they ate clams and fish, and they combed their hair with a special type of seashell. There was no way a 1 year old would have had knowledge of these things. I didn't discourage her and began researching reincarnation, which lead me to the Edgar Cayce readings and books.

One thing lead to another!

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LeeAnn 1

^_^ I believe there is a reason Jesus 'taught' children. I think the 'teaching' was actually a mutual sharing, that both Jesus himself and the children grew from. =) Kids can teach us amazing things about life.. Despite me having no kids and having no intention of having kids for at least a decade, I am great with kids and they seem to love me. =P

(21 Dec '11, 14:51) Snow

From as far back as i can remember ... have a great day

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blubird two

I also preferred adult conversations to childs' play when I was a kid. As a child, I had many deep deep conversations with adults about God, the universe, etc... I sought out religious ceremonies, celebrations, services, etc... I had a really difficult childhood. I learned that it was my choice to be happy or not.

As an adult, I have studied religion, Christianity mostly, but I did take a world religions class in college. I have had conversations though with buddhists, christians, pagans, Jehova's whitnesses, mormons, Seventh day adventists etc...

I have had many 'insights'. The most exciting thing is for me to read or watch something that scientifically confirms what I have discovered on my own. It is strange when there are actual laws about it and everything.

I was journalling before I found this site almost a year ago. I stopped journalling for the most part because I had this site to post my ideas and get imediate feedback. However, since it is a question and answer forum, I have been slowed to posting my ideas as they come up in questions, or posting my own questions to open a discussion.

When I was a kid, I felt like 1. I was an actress in a movie and soon, I would be done and go home 2. I felt like I had been left here, abandoned, that I didn't really belong here 3. I was in a dream and hoped I would wake up soon

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Fairy Princess

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I find it very humorous how very strongly our individual stories intertwine with one another. Very interesting, very intriguing. Very thought provoking. ;) Much appreciation for sharing, as always. ^_^

(24 Dec '11, 03:37) Snow

I think I was born this way. Always different from the "pack"... I had imaginary friends who were spirits. Intuitive, open, inquisitive, always questioning - always seeking answers to questions that had NO answers. I guess it took a dark night of the soul... and another one.... I'm a work in process - Wish I could " master" true faith...........

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answered 27 Dec '11, 07:16

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There is no such thing as a HUMAN "master" of anything. God is the only "master". God is the Master, We are the Students, that is how it works..

(27 Dec '11, 21:46) Snow

Faith that you can not defend when tested or challenged by anyone was never "TRUE faith" to begin with, it was something different entirely.... ... ;)

(29 Dec '11, 01:27) Snow

@ele true faith http! ://

(04 Mar '13, 18:52) ursixx
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