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Sometimes, we are surprised by the comments that people here make...We find out things about our fellow Inward Questers that surprise us and even anger or sadden us. The recent comments by one of our members really shocked me, and made me wonder what "face" we put on when we write our answers. Could it be that all of us are not who we truly seem- at least here? I do not believe that to be so. I trust most everyone here, some people I love. (You all should know who you are.) But could "pretenders" come into this place? What are your thoughts on this?



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I think we shouldn't be so hard on others and ourselves. Everybody wants to grow. We all can have our problems and days where we feel frustrated, worried etc. So some answers just reflect those feelings. Nothing to worry about imo:)

(21 Dec '12, 21:30) releaser99

This new age we entered into today is of UNITY,not division,Love and Light.

(21 Dec '12, 21:45) Roy

This is a very good question Jai & I've been thinking about this too. I barely have time to read IQ, let alone post. If no one else touches on my thoughts, I will eventually respond.. Don't know which comments you refer too; my interest is safety & giving out too much personal identifying info.

(22 Dec '12, 04:07) ele

How far from the truth would I be, If I said that person referred to is me. Surely under the light of the same question, for some IQ members, it is. But Who am I? I try to make some sense, who could I be?, yet all the labels of the world I find slippery.

My efforts end in vanity, my thoughts make out with insanity. Logic and reason has reasoned out so much, with themselves they lost the touch.

(22 Dec '12, 06:33) CalonLan

I say things that seem to enrage people, sometimes I say things they run away from, what they don't want to hear. I show them the opposite, regardless how immoral or twisted it might seem to be, and being face to face with the opposite of who they are, they see that who they are is not them, it is a label they wished and believed to be truth. And mirrored back it falls to pieces.

Break the mirror into pieces, throw it away if you will, but even if in pieces, it will mirror back still.

(22 Dec '12, 06:46) CalonLan

@CalonLan- I think to set out to say things "to deliberately enrage people" is not a good objective, imo. You can be a mirror, either good or dangerous. I personally do not believe that stirring people up on purpose is a good thing.

(22 Dec '12, 09:52) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah, a mirror doesn't know duality. Mirror is a mirror, never good, never bad. It's the reflection in it that takes sides.

(22 Dec '12, 11:18) CalonLan

@CalonLan "And mirrored back it falls to pieces." I found this to be not true personally. As you show someone your "truth" you create even more resistance in them. So they find even more ways to hate your personal truth and defend their own truth. The only good thing in attacking and forcing your truth is that your emotions move up. For example you go from anger (about other opinions) right to frustration (which feels better) or pessimism. So for yourself it's often a good thing.

(22 Dec '12, 12:02) releaser99

@releaser99, rarely anything I post lately, is my opinion. If you read my posts, and posts to which I post them, then go look into the mirror, you will find the similarity not so obvious at first sight.

Fascinatingly enough, just looking into a mirror will uncover absurdity of any opinion ever formed.

It's a magical tool really, and yet it's just piece of glass. I'd say the single best invention in history of it all, but then again we got water too.

(22 Dec '12, 15:05) CalonLan

Any Re-Flection Will DO...:)

(22 Dec '12, 18:04) Roy

Bump Not trying to be mean @Jai Thought this might be a good time & great place to answer your own question. Peace..

(26 Nov '13, 07:09) ele

I try to influence my deeper inner mind by writings, so that It get trained and help in difficult times.

(26 Nov '13, 21:03) PERFECT GOOD
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On the contrary,

Only here I can say I feel envy, anger, jealous and claim my negativity because I will not be judged.
This is ‘inward’ and it is really my inward, I know when I will say ‘Hey folks I feel so jealous, bad toward my mom, negative, envious and so....’ I am realizing that everyone here will deal with my feelings as I am a being in my development way, that these only are vibrations due to certain situation and certain state of mind which the outward people will not illustrate it that way and see me only the ‘evil’ person, or the complicated one.

Honestly when I feel any negative feeling I sneak here to express it for it can’t be expressed somewhere else, here is my vent, knowing I am not only shouting, expressing I know I will get the advise.

Here I am trying to ‘be’ better not trying to ‘look’ better.


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Loved your post Rola!

(22 Dec '12, 14:12) LeeAnn 1

@rOla - "Here I am trying to ‘be’ better not trying to ‘look’ better." Love your honesty and understanding.

(23 Dec '12, 08:31) Dollar Bill

I love that part too rOla :)

(23 Dec '12, 11:22) clearheart

@ all-It is a fact since here is my secure place to claim my negativing without shame because I am here really 'to be better'

(24 Dec '12, 13:24) r0la

@rOla-Your answer is very honest and rings true to me...I have to say that I envy you in the face of such honesty! Thank you for this answer...<3 Jai

(28 Jan '13, 23:41) Jaianniah
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I think I do "put on a front" constantly, and my ego does a bit in trying to make me appear as a nice person, especially when I read a lovely, supportive comment from one of our fellow members (like yourself elsewhere on the site, again, thankyou! <3).

The thing is, there are alot of questions I don't ask here. Well Jai, at being very honest here, I personally acknowledge that I surpress alot of feelings, opinions and ideas on the website, I think out of fear that my virtual identity will transform into someone of whom some people do not like.

Likewise, it's also a valid point that I actually have an identity on IQ. I have been on the website for roughly 2 years, and all the regular users have a fair idea of what my desires are, what sort of person I am and how I process information as well: everyone can guess I have a strong liking towards Bashar, more than, say, the religion of Christianity and the holy bible. I do hold back many questions, out of fear that someone will get angry at me for asking it. "Nikulas I've explained my answer 1000 times, and you're still asking the same question only differently! arghhh!" I feel like an annoying student at times, and with that said, I restrain myself from answering questions, for the sake and idea that I actually don't really know the answer myself. I want to help, but I'd rather shut my mouth than accidentally mislead someone (besides, a person will attract the info they need eventually).

Sometimes, there are answers and comments on IQ that I find a bit hard, or offensive, or just plain silly and unhelpful or immature, and it does shake me up. I guess it's just I have this expectation of IQ being such a cosy, warm, friendly, supportive and loving place of expression, that there is something inside me that doesn't want to crush that whole idea. When I first signed up for IQ, it certainly did feel like a place of love: almost a reconnection of source. It certainly does shine through some users posts and answers, no matter if they are inactive on IQ or if they have evolved and become someone a bit different.

If I were to totally unleash, and be a person of whom expresses themselves constantly, I can guaruntee you I'd be making (intelectual and possibly aggresive) arguments with many users. But I just don't: The knowledge and information that I have soaked up, ironically on IQ, has taught me that people will only hear what they are the vibration of, or what they are willing to hear. At a more mundane level, my preference is to be one of gentlness and have the asset of manners.

I credit @releaser99 and the comment, "We shouldn't be so hard on ourselves." At the end of the day, no matter what sort of a person you are, everyone is just trying their best...Just trying their best to feel better, in however way they know how to.

Everyone is always just trying their best, as I am <3


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Niki, I think this has to be your best post. There is so much here, so much substance. Thank you so much! <3 Jai

(22 Dec '12, 09:47) Jaianniah

I believe this to be an honest, sincere, well thought out answer. Nikulas you can write well, and do have input worth posting, this proves it! Good Job! +1 from me.

(22 Dec '12, 12:10) Wade Casaldi

@Nikulas - I guess it's just I have this expectation of IQ being such a cosy, warm, friendly, supportive and loving place of expression, that there is something inside me that doesn't want to crush that whole idea. When I first signed up for IQ, it certainly did feel like a place of love: almost a reconnection of source. Me too...

(22 Dec '12, 15:35) Grace

... There does seem to have been a shift at IQ recently to a different sort of vibe, but the very first answer I ever got here came from our @Wade Casaldi: Welcome Grace! I am glad you did get up the courage to again step forwards. Yes I am sure you will be welcomed here warmly by all here. This is a caring compassionate place of understanding and peace. Who was echoed by our @Stingray: As Wade says, this is a caring and compassionate place so you need not worry about interacting here.

(22 Dec '12, 15:54) Grace

.... They are still around, Nikulas, and many more like them - wise, kind, and wonderful, wanting to assist. I'm here, and I can at least listen and love. Let's ask our questions. :)

(22 Dec '12, 15:56) Grace

@Grace - "They are still around, Nikulas, and many more like them" - Agreed. It's always sunny above the clouds ;)

(22 Dec '12, 16:54) Stingray

True Love UnLeashed,I Love your Honesty.....

(22 Dec '12, 18:15) Roy

@Nikulas - When I first came here I wondered if you were really 17 years old. You have a depth of wisdom and thought that goes far beyond your age. Are you really just 17? :) Bill

(23 Dec '12, 06:58) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill- 19. If I were cocky enough I'd say "I'm ageless."

(23 Dec '12, 07:00) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Be more cocky! You are ageless! Let your inner being come out and play. You cannot make a mistake. I like cocky and fiesty!

Source is ageless - when you let Source flow though you, we are "all ageless." I am only 50 years older than you by the physical. Yet we share a common bond, through Source.

(23 Dec '12, 08:29) Dollar Bill

@Wade Casaldi was also the first person to extend a hand to me. Thank you! @Jai never answered my question. Perhaps you will. What time tonight? I want to toast the two of you & send love your way.

(24 Dec '12, 04:30) ele
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I can't speak for anyone else, only myself, but here at IQ I probably reveal more of my true self and not less. With most of my friends, family and co-workers, I would not discuss dream work, LOA, manifesting or anything of that nature. But here at IQ I can and do. Like everyone else, I have many facets to my personality and some shine though in the work setting, some shine through out at a sporting event or concert, some shine though on IQ. I believe most balanced people have many portions to their personalities.

Are some presenting a false front? I don't know, but instead I would say they are revealing another side of themselves...


answered 22 Dec '12, 14:16

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LeeAnn 1


@LeeAnn 1 This is also very true for me :D. I can't talk with friends and family about those things. They would think i'm crazy. It would bust their belief system. "I believe most balanced people have many portions to their personalities." Agree, but one could also call it being schizophrenic :).

(22 Dec '12, 14:33) releaser99

Releaser, I am sure you were just joking, but having many sides to our personalities is normal. True schizophrenics hear voices, have serious delusions and more. Some mentally ill people have personalities so distinct that it is like separate people within them (used to be called split personality)I don't believe that was what Jai was referring to, nor me. Most of us here don't need to fear that we have mental illness if we are multi-faceted! I know you were joking, but just to clarify.....

(22 Dec '12, 15:30) LeeAnn 1

yep i agree that we can talk about alot of stuff here that might be not accepted out in the world. and that very fee can understand and accept. some would say out of fear or judgement he is a devil. i have all ready been called a damned by some one that believe in allah. it was entertaining even if she was not ha ha ha.

(23 Dec '12, 01:05) white tiger

Now this comment surprised me!

@white tiger

I never expected to see you put down another person's religion. Is this not considered a sin in your book? I'm not judging; but it seems very unchristian of you.

I'm sorry you had this experience.

(23 Dec '12, 03:02) ele

@ele i did not put down someone else religion. i have only stated a truth and a fact. that is the difference between belief and truth. she might have believe that she was doing the right thing for allah. according to her religious back ground and education. is it my fault if she thinks that only Allah is true? and that only those practising her religion are in the grace of Allah and every one else is damned. what ever name they gaved God in anny religion ,God is still God. and the word is truth.

(23 Dec '12, 05:59) white tiger

I don't believe anyone is damned. I think this physical life is rough enough on some people, and a loving God can see that. Some people are pretty wrecked from life experience so they miss the bus, the plane, train and the boat. I always believed in an afterlife interview where people learn at an accelerated rate and find self love and love of others in a twinkling of an eye. For me, there's always hope of better life after death, however I am so happy to have a happy life here too.

(23 Dec '12, 11:15) clearheart

@white tiger

So sorry, my mistake. (boo-boo) <smile>

I took this: "by some one that believe in allah" out of context & viewed it in negative way. Now, I realize you were just describing the user & meant no disrespect.

I never witnessed the exchange of words between the two of you. I did see her ask you to please not make her question into a political debate. You did not honor her request. I understand your outrage & how passionate you feel.

(to be cont)

(24 Dec '12, 03:28) ele


I agree; but I think a couple comments would have sufficed; instead of HOW many?

I'm sorry about my error; but I'm GLAD I wasn't wrong about you! You have a good heart & you a very kind man. From now on, I'll only read your comments when I'm feeling positive.

Merry Christmas to YOU and yours!

(24 Dec '12, 03:29) ele

@ele i was not talking of a user on inward quest,i was talking about someone in the world.i am not responsible of other people free will and how they affect and let other affect them ,they are. but often they are not aware.yet they entertain

(24 Dec '12, 23:30) white tiger
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I originally came here from a deep metaphysical background. I have been actively studying since about 1970, including a Doctorate in Comparative Religions (primary focus on the Old Testament in Hebrew), integrating these concepts with ceremonial Magick, WICCA, Descartes, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Milton Erikson, inner teachings of the Qabala and other esoteric studies. I have used metaphysical concepts to become very successful.

I also began to see a "sameness" in my religious studies. At their basic roots, all religions from the very sophisticated to primitive held the same concepts. I was brought up Christian, and stayed Christian, but realized the values of other religions as being effective and important.

For me there is no conflict between Christian God and all the other religions and concepts. my/our God is certainly at the core of All! Even if you are an atheist!

I felt like CS Lewis when he decided to prove that God did not exist and came to the inescapable conclusion that God HAD to exist.

I felt that if some field of metaphysics was real, it could and should be integrated into my life to make the things I wanted come easier. To have a better life, and find inner tranquility.

I have also been bitten by misuse - and learned! Can't say that I have learned enough. Still growing.

Though long ago I found "Think and Grow Rich" very helpful, I had not studied the LOA. About three years ago "The Secret" DVD showed up in my mailbox, from Amazon. I have no memory of ordering it, and neither did my wife. We were fascinated. We went on to study "What the bleep do we know", and "Down the Rabbit Hole" which we also found fascinating.

Abraham-Hicks. I had never trusted channeling before, having seen a lot of fakes. Some using their "abilities" for their own personal gain. But Esther/Abraham has a genuiness and consistency that I found very powerful and we began listening to Abraham. Making their teachings a part of our lives.

I saw their work as very, very powerful in our lives and how it integrated with ALL my previous studies. I began to realize that I had found a simple powerful tool that I had been searching for that was easier to use than the 400 levels of the Qabala!

So I blasted into Inward Quest, carrying the knowledge of the ages, ready to "teach and help". Here I found a strange group of people, but I had come here to teach.

My early egotistical comments led me into conflict with several members of IQ and one in particular. His posts seemed pompous, trite, argumentative, repetitive and egotistical. In my rabid desire to defeat his comments and pointing out his problems and mistakes, I was forced to come face-to-face with the fact that it was me (horrified) that was being "pompous, trite, argumentative, repetitive and egotistical".

Once I had begun an inner change, I found his latest posts had a depth and profundity that I had not seen before. I even went back to look at his earlier posts (that I had read before and criticized) as having - suddenly in my world - great meaning. It seemed that they had been rewritten! But I was just seeing through different eyes.

Other posts also took on greater meaning and depth.

I can't say I am "there", but I did realize a startling truth, that others were being mirrors of myself. That everything is a mirror of my outer feelings. That I needed to have a look at my inner landscape.

This was quite the reverse of what I had anticipated. I came here to teach, to tell others how to find themselves and their paths. But instead of teaching, I got taught!

There was a dramatic shift in my outlook. At first frustrated that I really did create my outer life and that too much of my life had been cleaning the outside of the cup.

So, back to the original question, "Am I putting on a front?", not consciously. I am and have done the things I have stated, the manifestations, even more.

But I realized that I have, in some wonderfully mysterious way, connected with the composite mind of IQ. And this is a very good thing.

I also realized that in writing these posts, I am really talking to myself. As I write, connected to IQ, I am writing to and FROM mySelf and hopefully getting glimmerings of my inner Self!

as @white tiger said, "if you do not know your self, how can you know if you truly are being your self?" Read that one through a few times.

So in some sense, we are all "putting on a front" and we are all being true to our inner being.

It is a journey of self-discovery. A journey of unfolding. A journey that is as important as the destination. Maybe more important. .


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Dollar Bill

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I loved reading your answer and saw myself in it as well.

This is my favorite part from your answer.
"I also realized that in writing these posts, I am really talking to myself. As I write, connected to IQ, I am writing to and FROM mySelf and hopefully getting glimmerings of my inner Self! "

(23 Dec '12, 09:47) The Traveller

This free flowing group is right up my alley also.I've spent years and years seeking wisdom.I consider myself a Christian, however I too see value in all perspectives and beliefs.There must be a reason for all the differences and I don't need to know why. I also consider myself a work in progress and by the looks of things, I may always keep seeking to learn more all the time-it's fun!

(23 Dec '12, 11:06) clearheart

@Dollar bill you have told the truth.the well is deep but you have drink some of my water and it as become a spring of water flowing in will find the way to where i am going.

(23 Dec '12, 14:12) white tiger

@white tiger - Thank you.

(23 Dec '12, 17:01) Dollar Bill

I Love when a question helps us connect with our inner self and all the answers and comments posted her makes me wanna just give all my points away. I have recommended this site to many people for the wealth of knowledge we have here. Namaste to you all

(26 Nov '13, 11:48) Manny
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Not too much shocks me anymore. We are a segment of the population here, all with our own views and ideas. All with our different growing pains and ideas taught to us by others.

So here we are ,imo, simply trying to grow beyond our current mind set. And we do that by thinking about what we read and the posting a response. All of it, every bit of it is a forward flow of growth.

I have yet to see anyone anywhere do it without a few blunders of word or deed. We are human, and emotional beings.

I try to be the me I want to be. Every day, and here also , I get a chance to exercise my new new ideas of what I want for me. The more I practice the easier it gets.


answered 21 Dec '12, 21:11

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if you do not know your self, how can you know if you truly are being your self?if you are truly your self do you need to put on a mask?why put a mask to appear good to other people? would that not be hypocrite of you? if that is the case you live on the outside. but you are dead inside. if you do not know your self,you cannot know other. to the level you know your self also will you understand other. but if you do not know your self and only try to understand other,you will know them very superficially. did you use the narrow gate or the wide gate. do you wash the inside of the cup or the outside? did you get lost?or are you really clean?

do not be surprise at my saying:if you do not know your self you live in poverty and you are that poverty. when the outside will no longuer exist how can you hope to find your self? if you are all ready lost on the wide gate?

so lift that stone and properly split that pieces of wood,be still like water look at the water make it calm and pure learn the truth. see the light that you are,and learn from that light. when the conflict and division will be solve the water and spirit will become one.( with out fear you can cross the last door. this video might help you understand what happen after,but the real experience is even better: )

so let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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White Tiger, I do actually know a woman who does not seem to know anything at all about herself. It is so true. There are such people!

(23 Dec '12, 09:06) LeeAnn 1

I remember , so many years ago I became aware of this very thing. people would say "just be yourself" and I realized I had no self. From there I began a quest to get to know me,love me and stay with me.

(23 Dec '12, 11:24) clearheart

well @clearheart i know my self for 32 years now. in truth with no more duality. the only duality now is from the outside but i am not responsible of it.i still experience and enjoy.i made that choice before coming in to being. and i remade that choice 32 years ago.

(23 Dec '12, 20:44) white tiger

I only started knowing myself when I was about 34, until then I was here to party and have a good time. Then like clockwork I woke up and realized that was not all I came was pretty cool. From there I decided to re-invent myself. I had an idea how to do that though because my parents were seekers and I studied a lot of things before I woke up and was ready. And I know that when I was a little girl I knew things, I think I always knew everything would be allright.

(23 Dec '12, 20:53) clearheart

@clearheart you said: people would say "just be yourself" the strange thing is that when you are your self they do not like you that much they prefer people that are not them self and wash only the outside of the cup. then could we say that people care more on the outside factor then the true inner factor. so if the out side is a front a mask and a lie and they prefer this. then what is the just be your self. is it a lie like all the rest? it is like going in a bar women go for the guy that-

(16 Jul '14, 23:11) white tiger

lie that say they have big enterprise, big expensive car etc.... When you know they don't have this or that the car belong to someone else or is a rent. is the women liking the guy because he is himself or because he makes her dream by telling her lie? then when women say they like men that are them self. ad they say be yourself. is it that they them self are not them self? then why give this advice? if they prefer guys that lie to them and sell them false dream or hope. or maybe they go for-

(16 Jul '14, 23:17) white tiger

those guys because they are the same and they lie to them self and other. so they lie to them self. from the start. any how since no one really know them self or other and every one is here to grow just experience and enjoy the ride. do not tell them truth that they are not going to be able to handle since they can't accept it and prefer to not see or get mad. they have free will also so let them with their choice and responsibility.

(16 Jul '14, 23:21) white tiger
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I am always learning here and I like to share whatever my current thoughts/ideas are to whatever subjects. I don't know if I seem like I'm putting on a front or not. I try to be honest without diving too much into my own personal life. But I am always sharing what I feel is true for me, and what has helped me, but I don't want to imply that I practice anything perfectly. I know sometimes people seem to feel that

I really enjoy just about everyone here... I mean, I don't know if anyone feels that way about me, but I still learn a lot here and I really, really enjoy that aspect too. It doesn't matter if others are being honest or not, I still can learn from them.


answered 22 Dec '12, 17:43

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I enjoy your posts very much, @LapisLazuli. :) I also feel like I learn a lot here, whether people are being genuine or not. I prefer an honest, friendly exchange of ideas, but when people seem to want to do otherwise, it's always at least sort of educational. I can see clearly what I don't want. ;)

(22 Dec '12, 18:15) Grace

Thank you @Grace :) I prefer genuine answers too, but you're right, it is easy to see what you don't want if its not :)

(23 Dec '12, 00:06) LapisLazuli

I ONLY come here when I am of the sufficient vibration. This does not mean that I am being fake.. it means I will not TRY to help others, or learn my lessons that I get from here, when my own life is in a state of confusion or chaos. I do this knowing that if I do come on in bad vibration, I pass that along to the people I mean to help. I truly believe that there are many genuine people here, and that they are doing exactly what I do. In the rare cases where they do not... LOL. well You can USUALLY tell RIGHT THEN... lol. I don't know if it is because I feel the energy in the words, or if it is intuitiveness going on strong. Either way, most do not come here unless they are set for the type of vibration it requires us to be in.

Love n light



answered 22 Dec '12, 21:13

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

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@TReb Bor yit-NE- This is so very true. I am surprised that no one has commented on it. Some days I feel like just reading and learning; other days, I feel like "talking" and answering. Rare days, I do both LOL. I always enjoy your posts, Rob, and Treb's input. Thanks. <3

(23 Dec '12, 06:14) Jaianniah

good point treb bor yit-ne , I find my vibration sets the pace for me too. Sometimes I come seeking help so my vibration will be that, other times I simply love the discussion with other IQ's.

(23 Dec '12, 10:59) clearheart

@both of u, absolutely.. i understand, it is set this way for me ever sens i started here.

(23 Dec '12, 13:01) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE

You speak the truth Rob. Your vibration is LOVE & that is what I sense whenever I read your words.

Love, love you & I appreciate you & your contributions so much - more than I can express in words.

Christmas Blessings to you & your family!

(24 Dec '12, 03:39) ele

@ele thank u very much, I love u too and i am so grateful to be with u all, learning, teaching, and connecting on such deep levels of love and acceptance.. so blessed are we in this group,.,

(24 Dec '12, 21:17) TReb Bor yit-NE

WOW. we find answers to our questions quickly now that we are in 4th density ;lol.

(15 Jul '14, 13:09) TReb Bor yit-NE
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he is himself, but often inspired
by the questions that are posted
and try to make sure the spelling
is correct


answered 23 Dec '12, 21:54

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This here, holds pretty much correct for me. I get inspired to write like the writing comes through me more than by me.

(23 Dec '12, 22:07) Wade Casaldi

is also glad that is a spell check function in Google chrome

(29 Jan '13, 01:15) ursixx

ursixx, at times a dictionary and thesaurus to help understand what the history of the word is

(29 Jan '13, 04:42) fred
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I am myself here, except I swear less and try to be more politically correct. Most people change themselves slightly depending on the audience/crowd - I think it's just polite to do so.

For me, it's important that IQ is a place where everyone feels that they can ask whatever they want and be met with compassion. There are times when I don't post on here - if I am in a lower vibration, I'll watch some trashy tv series and get the beeyotchiness out of my system in that way - I wouldn't post here.


answered 26 Nov '13, 07:59

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I think people may see me in a more negative light then how I really am and think because I ask the questions that most trouble me here. I hope people realise that sometimes we come here when there is a struggle and that is not always necessarily how we live and think.. But this gives me an opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to everyone here. You truly make everyone feel welcome and able to ask what is deepest in their hearts and take the time to respond. Whenever I feel a bit of despair or think 'who can help me??' ... I remember Inward Quest and I feel a sense of relief! :-)

With regards to Jai's point, I must say I am a bit disappointed with the contents of some recent post/s on this site and I would have expected for the moderators to perhaps have stepped in to modify that question/s.


answered 26 Nov '13, 08:56

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Inner Beauty

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@inner beauty : @jai is often sick so it can affect her a bit. also lately @ele is on her back looking for saw dust in her eyes. that is one things that we all hope will get solved soon. sometime people do not remember the beginning like that this site is called inward quest they should look inside and clean the inside of the cup, blaming people and trying to find flaw in them when you have a beam in your own eyes, is not helping you at all in here.-

(26 Nov '13, 20:55) white tiger

you need to hear people and be honest with your self and see if they tell you the truth. sometime people do not know or remember this simple fact. and they do to other what they would not like being done to them. it cause a conflict between people and cause this sadness.

(26 Nov '13, 20:59) white tiger

@white tiger It was solved - Simon found me innocent of all charges - or didn't you notice? His house - his rules - his verdict. Unlike the US, I was deemed guilty till proven innocent. Remember what you said - it's the past, let it go. Why do you still judge me? You won't let it go - you keep posting & posting. I allowed you the last word on the other forum. Let it go. Simon does not want us to discuss this on IQ & I'm going to delete this comment before the hr is up.

(26 Nov '13, 21:29) ele

I'm not sure why these comments are in reply to my post. I'm not judging anyone. But now I will! It's disappointing to have people talking about each other on a site such as this where we are here to learn. I think it should be a policy of this site that no one speaks badly against any others including telling them that they are being judgemental unless it's done in a loving way. Otherwise it becomes a vicious circle. We are not each others moral educators. Here to learn about manifestation.

(27 Nov '13, 05:55) Inner Beauty
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No "pretending" here. It is a conscious choice to be Appreciative and Happy, it is a skill being developed until it is unconditional.


answered 03 Dec '13, 22:33

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I believe that this answer is no easy answer. As on any site I am sure we could have pretenders that just want to have fun at the expense of others. But as well when we talk with each other it is easy to be hurt or harm others since we can not see the affect of the conversation.

Now as to are we ourselves, this again is not easy to answer. It seems as we get inspired wisdom comes through our writing that does not normally. So this is not our normal self. Is it other than the self, a sort of mask, or is it our true divine self and our normal self is the mask?

That seems to depend on the belief of the person writing.


answered 16 Jul '14, 03:26

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Wade Casaldi

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