Some of the pastors are incredible orators. Some seem to be directly connected to God, and yet, just talking with them one-on-one, they are quite different, much more mild and introverted.

What do you think? Do they channel God?

asked 13 May '13, 08:26

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No Brainer

it be another part of who they believe themselves to be

(14 May '13, 06:51) fred

Beware, inhabitants of the little blue jewel. The wolf will come in sheep's skin, the shark will hide it's huge fin, and the greatest evil appears with the nicest grin!

(15 May '13, 11:22) CalonLan

we all channel in our own way whatever we believe to be true

(15 May '13, 14:39) ru bis
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Yes some let the Holy Spirit speak through them. I know when I gave a sermon, I could feel it with me. It filled me and guided me. I had lots to say that I hadn't prepared or planned. I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do it on, but for the most part it was pure inspiration.

When we open up ourselves to let the words flow and trust that the words will be there we experience a flow of wisdom not of our own. As it says in the Bible that God will speak through us just like Jeremiah.


answered 13 May '13, 17:59

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Wade Casaldi

edited 13 May '13, 22:27


@Wade Casaldi - let it flow. Be a pencil in God's Hand.

(14 May '13, 06:16) Dollar Bill

Yes, we all channel God. We do this because were one with God or perhaps and extension of God.

Even the corrupt messed up evangelical christian pastors channel God, the mormons, the jehovahs witnesses and the athiests and agnostics.The jimmy swaggarts, the kenneth copelands the andrew wommacks, the mad mullahs and ayatollahs or the roman catholic preisthood. They all channel God.

If there talking sense or spreading a fairly useless religion there channeling God.

We are all channeling our higher selves....which are God or Christ.

Do we talk the truth or do we spread a false religion? Who really knows? Perhaps the proof is in the pudding.

We all have an obligation to ourselves to pick out whats in.....or whats out in our lives.

But if were wrong.....were still one with God...because thats all that exists, there isnt anything else we could there?


answered 14 May '13, 09:13

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Monty Riviera

monty, most channeling be from a trickster spirit using the readily influenced subject. true spirits do not operate that way nor does The Divine interfere directly with any human being.

(14 May '13, 16:24) fred

"nor does The Divine interfere directly with any human being."

Wrong!The Divine does interfere, sometimes a lot...Read Moses...David...Joseph...on and on....God does chooses His Men and Women...You are wrong!...

(15 May '13, 01:41) Jaianniah

I don't believe the God who takes the stage in much of the Bible is the same God fred is referring to. At the highest level, the top rung of the ladder, God is the One embodying us all, whatever greater being we're just tiny organisms inside. This One is only the Source sustaining us all, and I don't believe they take any immediate involvement in our reality because this would conflict with free will. As you move down the ladder there are more and more entities, each with varying influences.

(15 May '13, 01:59) Snow

interfere - funny word. you are wrong - funny statement.

(15 May '13, 09:00) CalonLan

Im interested in the above comments. One question springs to mind. Do you guys believe your " ONE " WITH God. Or do you believe that in this vast universe there is you...."AND".... God? Im not selling a particular opinion here. im cool. but i would be interested to know! For the record me and God are one and the same person. But i'll understand if your not thinking that way .

(15 May '13, 09:33) Monty Riviera

@monty, you want to know my bad I don't have one. lol AFter all how could I have an opinion on something I deliberately forgot and never thought about again.

(15 May '13, 11:25) CalonLan
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First off, there is nothing but God to channel, there is nothing else but GOD although some beings may forget who they truly are... and who is God? God is Wholeness.

Some beings do not know that they are wholeness, they think they are "lacking", "separation", "fear", and sometimes even "hatred", but all of these qualities are as much "God" as Ice, Gas, and Water is to H2O.

H2O would be the pureness of God (Understanding that ALL is WHOLE there is no lacking) Gas would be Spirit (Love - Compassion - Connectedness) Water would be Mind (Peace - Calmness - Wisdom - Understanding) Ice would be Body (Survival - Gratification - Pleasure)

But WHOLENESS/FULLNESS/PERFECTION (H2O) exists in ALL regardless of rather the Gas, Waster, or Ice - Spirit, Mind, or Body - remembers that.


answered 17 May '13, 23:22

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yes all comes from a common source, however unless we are absolutely pure, like the common source or god if you prefer, then our vision can only be more or less clouded and delusionary

(18 May '13, 02:46) ru bis
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