Is He:

1. Separate from us in Heaven? or

2. Everywhere, including inside of us? or

3. Connected to us via consciousness?

asked 28 Dec '09, 12:15

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(28 Dec '09, 16:28) Vesuvius

if a white cell in Jaianniah would ask Is sHe: 1. Separate from us in Heaven? or 2. Everywhere, including inside of us? or 3. Connected to us

what would Jaianniah answer? she would say you are in my body made in my image you are connected to me and i talk to you via my counsciousnouss. it is similar for God inside and outside of the cup. but he is the father the light that istablished it self we are the children of light.

(03 Oct '12, 20:03) white tiger

We are the children of a being from another universe. We are the children of mixed DNA. When people on this planet witnessed things flying in the sky that they did not understand, they assumesd that they must be a god and they worshipped them. An apparent artificial insemination was planted into a woman named Mary and a hybrid was born. He wasn't the only one either, but people must have followed him around due to special powers that his DNA possessed.

(04 Oct '12, 06:15) GOD the Alien

continued ... Forward a couple thousand years and people actually believe that this hybrid is their messiah and will return and everything is wonderful and this ancient atronaut watches over them and guides their every little move on earth. Blah blah blah.

(04 Oct '12, 06:15) GOD the Alien
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Hi Jaianniah. Thanks for bringing up this question again. I asked the other question “Is God within or out there?” and never posted my own take on that question. I found that everybody else’s answers were excellent & I didn’t want to repeat or take away from those answers.

So if you allow me may I add my two cents worth on this subject here?

As I mentioned before, my take on this subject is best illustrated in the form of a story that I wrote down as a part of a college project. It was originally titled the journey of a raindrop. It has since changed to the Ocean example or the Ocean comparison.
By the way; I have noticed that many on this forum have described the relationship between God and us by comparing it to water as well. So I’m sure I tuned into some ancient information that has been floating around for a long long time.

So there you are, one day you find yourself standing in front of the mighty ocean (doesn’t matter which one) with a great desire to comprehend the connection between you and the creator.
Pretend, for a moment, that the ocean has a presence within It.
Facing this ocean, you ask with a loud voice, “Who are you?”
You hear a loud booming voice reply “I am the ocean”.

Now you reach into this ocean with one finger & lift out a single drop of water. Assuming that the ocean had a presence within it, you decide to discover the presence of the ocean within this little drop of water.
So you direct your attention towards this little drop upon your finger and you ask “Who are you?”
To your surprise, you hear a little voice answer back with this statement
“I am just a little drop of water”.
You decide to find out how much the drop knows about the ocean, and you ask “Hey little drop, have you heard of the ocean?”
The drop replies, “Yes of course, I have heard of the ocean. The ocean is the almighty creator. He is the creator of everything that I see around me. And I have been told that if I am a good little drop, that one day I will be allowed to enter the kingdom of the ocean and become one with the almighty ocean.”

Since your perspective allows you to see the real relationship between the drop and the ocean you decide to educate this little drop.
So you say to the drop “Hey little drop, Do you know that you are right now, already a part of the almighty ocean?”
To your surprise, the little drop is absolutely insulted by this suggestion. The drop responds with “WHAT? Are you crazy? That is blasphemy. I have been warned about crazy people like you before. How can you say that I am the ocean? Just look at me! Do I look like the ocean to you?

If I was the ocean, I would be able to create massive waves that a surfer could surf on. But I cannot do that, why? Because, I am not the ocean.

If I were the ocean I would be able to cause tsunami waves that could destroy entire villages. But I don’t have that power because I am not the ocean.

So don’t come here telling me that I am the ocean because I am not!

You are shocked by this response, but you realize that the drop is absolutely correct in its analysis. However, there is a problem. The statement that the drop is the ocean is also true, except the drop cannot see that from its perspective. So what do you do?

You decide to go to the Source & you take a few steps back & ask the ocean directly for an explanation.

You say “Hey Ocean, I spoke to this little drop over here about how it is already a part of you, but the drop doesn’t believe me, and furthermore, I can see that its explanation also makes sense to me. What’s going on?”

The Ocean is highly amused by this puzzle & laughs for a while. Then the ocean decides to let you in on the bigger picture. This is the reply the ocean gives you.

You see my son; I am the almighty Ocean.
I am what you see everywhere around you.
Every drop that you see is me. But every drop has also been given a free will perspective.
The drop is free to be itself without being distracted by the all knowing knowledge that it is me.
So every drop is concerned about being the drop.

Physically the individual drops focus only on what is around them. Physically they cannot see the bigger picture, that they en masse form the ocean. They can only reach for that knowledge with their consciousness.

You see, my son, every drop through its individual experience, contributes to a larger database of consciousness. Let’s call this an ocean of consciousness, pardon the pun.
Every drop contributes & retrieves from this ocean of consciousness without even realizing that this is what is really going on.

You see that drop over there. Let’s call that drop “Peter”.
Now physically, that drop is the portion of the ocean at that point of reference. Or you can say that it is the Peter experience of the Ocean at that point of reference.
Now from a consciousness point of view, that is the consciousness of the ocean as seen through the eyes (or the mind) of Peter from that “Peter point of reference”.

Now see this drop over here that is known as “Vanessa”.
Well this is the Vanessa experience of the ocean at this point of reference.
Physically Vanessa thinks she is just Vanessa, completely disconnected, and alone from the Ocean.
Vanessa doesn’t know that she is the portion of the ocean known as Vanessa.
But If she wants’ to discover this truth, she cannot reach that knowledge physically. The physical cannot reach that distance.
Vanessa has to go within her consciousness and begin to meditate on the idea “Who am I”
With time Vanessa’s consciousness will slowly release the constraints of logic & thought, and her mind will reach beyond “what she knows”, by reaching into the ocean of consciousness.
She will start listening instead of thinking.
This listening will gradually expand and expand and expand Vanessa’s consciousness until finally one day, if she is ready, her consciousness will interface with my consciousness (the Ocean’s consciousness).
In that moment she will still physically be the drop known as Vanessa, but in her consciousness she will experience the ocean’s consciousness & know the consciousness of every drop within the ocean.
This experience will be known as the Enlightenment experience.
Then depending on her preparation she maybe able to maintain this Ocean state of mind, but in most cases her attention will return back to the focus of being Vanessa.

Every drop within the ocean has the capacity to reach for this experience. But this is not necessary for a great experience of being the drop in the ocean.
Just the knowledge that each drop is the portion of the ocean at that point of reference, is alone enough to change one’s attitude towards existence.

You thank the Ocean for this great revelation & realize that the drop that you just spoke to will awaken to this realization in its own time.
You also realize that this conversation with the ocean seem to also apply to something else that has been within your own consciousness.
Could it be that this is the relationship we have with God?
Could it be?


answered 28 Dec '09, 19:08

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The Traveller

edited 28 Dec '09, 23:07

Wonderful!!! Simply Wonderful!!! Excellent!!!! What more is there to say- except----my original question was edited, and the meaning of what I originally asked was changed....this really gets me going (if I let it)...I have a personal editor following me around, and editing all of my questions like I cannot spell or something....But your answer was so wonderful to HIS question that it does not matter what I asked in the first place!! What matters is the community as a whole...which is why I try to ask questions I think a beginner would ask...Thanks! Jai email is me at yahoo...

(29 Dec '09, 01:47) Jaianniah

Why are people allowed to edit questions to the point of changing the meaning? In which case, the editor is not qualified to edit and probably does not understand as much as the questioner...

(29 Dec '09, 02:41) Eddie

Anyone with more than 2,000 points is allowed to edit questions and answers but I cannot see that anyone has edited this question. What are you saying has been changed?

(29 Dec '09, 07:20) Barry Allen ♦♦

well traveller i liked your story and give you a point for it! but no this your ocean is full of light source the biggest light source is god and all those light source are counscience that talk together sharing there light using the golden light the grace of god! so they are connected to god but are not god!

(25 Jun '11, 02:51) white tiger
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Try this angle:

Creator’s an eternal dreamer, dreaming eternally,
Creator dreamed of individuation, a new reality,
A reality called Self separation, which equaled you and me,
Self dreamed of time-space reality, that reality came to be,

Reality is a waking dream that lasts for eternity,
Its rules are reason and logic, that’s all plain to see,
The players change, they come and go, just like you and me,
Some who don’t, but some who know, is how it’s meant to be,

With no end in sight, and no real start, its called infinity,
Where are we along this scale that measures time and space,
How can we know for sure with this mind tool, that we call a brain,
Both limited and caught within this dream, within this eternal game,

You dreamed this dream of now, this now is now you,
Whatever it is you want from life; just imagine and say and do,
This game’s about creator, you, creating eternally,
Create with love and passion, for all to love and see.


answered 29 Dec '09, 02:48

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I've just shared here my opinion that I had written some time before - I hope it answers in someway :)

God is mostly Nothing, partly Something; and as a whole Everything.

What I really had missed is an opportunity to realize my conformity with that Nothingness! When I feel like I'm not the body that I suppose I am, when I don't think like 'You are what You think', and when my mind is beyond the boundary to claim its ownership over the body and the passing by thoughts; what else can there be other than Nothingness? That was where I believe I was about to enter - where silence that surrounds melody is more joyful and realistic than the melody itself. That is the place where Buddha had pointed us by his saying, “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” That is the place where one can realize his self-worth still being able to show other-respect, self-love still being able to show compassion, uniqueness still being able to accept the belonging with 'All that Is', and egolessness still being able to recognize own presence. That is the complete understanding, and that is the complete perception where we can hear silence and melody together - that is where Godliness matters and meaningless discussion about God disappears - and a place where we understand what faith is. Unlike fear-based surrendering to the inherited beliefs that we understand as faith, it is total acceptance of this ultimate truth - not because we belong to particular religious sector; but because we perceive and realize the truth - by being able to listen what 'It Is' and what 'It is Not' at the same time - by tuning ourselves to be able to listen both silence and melody at the same time.

Indeed, that is what I missed that day; but still it is nowhere out of me, but within me. It is within my reach, though it is difficult in a way to perceive it like the difficulties in perceiving silence when there is noise or melody. The truth is that eternal existence of silence can't be disregarded when there is noise - indeed without the existence of silence, there will be no noise. How can there is God if there is not Godliness within me? And how can one hear the silence when he just can hear the noise?

Then again, I feel like I have already something out of that nothing (at least a glimpse of it) - in the dimension of understanding and perception. In this journey, the ritual aspects of culture has been dropped since long; and with own ultimate perception about God, I really don't see any point to relate myself with religion. Contrary to that, I have differences with so many of them in understanding this concept. Moreover, how can 'the sense of belonging' and 'the perception of essence of being' be same? In addition to that, Love is no more driving force to me; but it does not mean that I don't believe in love like I was misunderstood about love by my friends. Indeed it is not rejection, but acceptance of Love's existence - as loving someone as 'They are Not' matters more than loving someone as 'They are'. To be honest, still I am nowhere near to be in that level as I acknowledge that what I am is very tiny fraction of what I am not; but I am on the way - somewhere near to be, and nowhere near by! The question 'Do you believe in God?' has been obsolete to me when 'Do you want to perceive Godliness?' matters the most.

The sense of separation of body and mind helped me, at least, to resolve the understanding about need. And when the need is understood in relation to body and mind, it is easier to differentiate and perceive pleasure and joy, wealth and abundance, pity and compassion, love and attraction. And the craving for sensual pleasure matters far less than looking inside for the eternal joy the mind feels in its perfect stillness. Then again, I am nowhere near to live all the moment - at least I am on my way to live most of my life in Nothingness (a present moment that we value the least in reality is the Nothingness where the noise of past and future floats as Something (that we value the most))

Indeed, so many issues appear confusing and contradictory - because of our understanding. Even the issue of need is confusing, and the need that body requires for fulfillment becomes the reason for pleasure that we unfortunately understand as joy. The one who says “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” is the one who realized the impermanence (not because we are going to die)! Is not it confusing? When what we understand differs to what we hear from every spiritual figures, confusion and chaos are obvious. Then again, in its highest realization, I believe that every thing is in harmony like the crest and trough in the melody :) Everything is just a part of this 'All that Is' - a tiny drop in the gigantic ocean of divinity. Whether we are dew under a leaf or a rain drop mingled in pacific ocean, we are divine being. I still believe that we can realize that divinity and perceive the Godliness rather than just questiong about the existence of God and creating all the chaos that we witness around :)


answered 03 Oct '12, 11:17

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God is separated from us in the physical sense, but not spiritually. He is the spirit that lives, and dwell within us all the time. No one has ever seen God; therefore if this life of ours is an illusion, then God himself is an illusion and none of this is real. Then the real question would be who is asking the questions, and who is answering the questions.

God created man out of clay, and he breathes his breath of life into man giving man life, therefore God is within mankind.

God created every living thing in our Universe, everything is matter, matter is in everything, and matter is everywhere, therefore God is everywhere.

God created the Universe in six days, and rested on the seventh day, therefore the Universe is the one consciousness that we are all a part of. God is consciousness the source of all life force, and we share the same consciousness every day of our life.


answered 29 Dec '09, 05:22

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Inactive User ♦♦

first thing god created is light! what is light its energy! is there some energy that we do not see with the eye spectrum yes alot!

(25 Jun '11, 02:57) white tiger

@ white tiger: Thank you for your comment and sharing your thoughts, and yes the Book of Genesis does teaches us that in the beginning God created light, and energy etc.

(26 Jun '11, 22:38) Inactive User ♦♦

god is the universe! god in heaven is connected to us by is grace that golden light that connect every light counscience in it! all individual counscience but all connected together and with god! does that answer your question?


answered 25 Jun '11, 02:40

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white tiger

The Source radiates from far away,
and through of network of transfer stations
His sustaining power lets creation flow
though sustaining us, He resides above us


answered 04 Oct '12, 19:44

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2 and 3 are true. Actually, if God is residing inside us too, we must naturally be a part of his consciousness. So 2=3.


answered 28 Dec '09, 14:16

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Wonderful answers and I also say 2 and 3 as Asklepios said


answered 29 Dec '09, 05:14

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god is located in your imagination and your need for something that you can't explain or understand. It is an easy way out to say that "god did it" or "god works in mysterious ways". It creates a natural excuse if you can't achieve your goals. "god didn't have it in his plans for me to get that job". It is a crutch. It gives someone a self worth that they can't earn on their own.

god is no where, only in your mind.


answered 02 Oct '12, 13:37

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GOD the Alien

then when you will have no flesh and see God is he imagination? you are like doubting thomas you need to touch to accept something as real.i understand what you say and why you think that way. you are against religion and see it as bad and negative. yet with out religion you would not be here today. what positive aspect did religion give. if you say none:well i can tell you that you are missing some fact. look at mother teresa she spent her life helping poor people.

(05 Oct '12, 22:55) white tiger

religion have keep some of the teching intact according to there understanding,and it gave some guide line to follow. the society that you live in today is based on those guide line.the court system for might not be a perfect justice systeme but it is better then nothing. remove justice from this world,how many criminal would there be in the world. people would be stealing and killing each other for food and material things. it would be the law of the jungle the strongh eat the weak.

(05 Oct '12, 23:01) white tiger

and now with today weapon (if the world would have reach this level of knowledge) people would probably nuke each other like stupid animal that are under the law of the jungle.and none would survive. also scribe and people that know how to write where religious people,so with out religion no book no knowledge to share with other people no internet no knowledge of your history no tv no radio. basically you would be like animal naked in the wood hunting and being hunted.

(05 Oct '12, 23:11) white tiger

with out security can you build a prosperus world? you know that it is easier to destroy then create. and if you do not believe that build a castle made with card and count the time it takes you and just blow some air on will see it fall in less then a second. am i telling you the truth?

(05 Oct '12, 23:19) white tiger
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