has anyone tried "automatic-writing" here, few days back i read about it in the preview of book "conversations with God".., i am just curious to know.., that how it is done? how do you know that watever ur writing are the messages delivered by ur higher helf n they are not ur own thoughts? if any of u has tried..i would love if u l share it with me..,thank you.

love,light n blessings

supergirl :))))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Have you had any luck yet supergirl ?, I too am interested in this subject.

(25 Nov '12, 19:36) lastplacefavourite
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Suggest mentally that your subconscious mind will use your right hand to write on any subject that it desires. You may feel your fingers tingle slightly. Be relaxed. Divert your conscious mind by some activity. Listen to music, for example. Two or three sessions of twenty minutes each should be enough to let you know whether or not automatic writing will be easy for you.

In checking your own messages, ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly: Does the material itself seem to satisfy any repressed needs? Through the material are you able to vent personal prejudices that you are usually restrained from expressing? Do you feel superior delivering the material? Is the material excessively emotional, particularly in religous or sexual expression? Does it display any evidence of hate?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it is most probable that the material comes from your personal subconscious.

If the material displays superior psychological insights, intelectual abilities beyond your own, definite elements of clairvoyance or telepathy or other ESP phenomena, then by all means study it with particular care. You may have a strong Psychic awareness. You may be reaching into realities of which we know relatively little.

Source: The Coming of Seth


answered 25 Nov '12, 07:49

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@TA- thank u fr the answer,,i l surely try it..

(26 Nov '12, 02:34) supergirl

When I first started going to church as an adult, I went to a Quaker, or Friends church. During silent worship, I 'heard,' "Get a pen and paper and it will come." So I got out my little notebook and a pen and started writing as the words flowed from my pen. It was a worship song. The next day, the tune came to me. I had not yet read the Bible, but was inspired to after that. I was astounded when the ideas and concepts of my song were in the Bible, and I had not read it. I didn't play any instruments or know music at all.

Later, I took a music class, Intro to Music, and ended up writing the music for my song.


answered 24 Nov '12, 10:58

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Fairy Princess

@fairy princess..- wow..thts great,,:))) u knw sometimes me too ,keeps on writing n writing for hours..but thts all my future tht i write.n later,when i re-read it,i found that those were all upcoming events of my life which i wrote. so..it will also be called as "automatic-writing"?

(25 Nov '12, 00:55) supergirl

Yes, I have tried automatic writing.

It was immensely helpful to me as a creative source- Julia Cameron recommends it daily in her book The Artist's Way.

I also have used it to talk with God, to uncover hidden memories, and to find out what I am really feeling about a situation. I used automatic writing to help heal from dissociative personality disorder (MPD). I wrote a book wherein I allowed each part to speak- you can read some excerpts at Jaianniah at HubPages. Here is a link to an example.

I am a big fan of automatic writing. It really can uncover your subconscious mind!

Blessings, Jai


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@jai- wow..dear, i am so glad to know tht ur so good in automatic writing.., can u help me a little to learn it? i also wanna know many-many things of my life...

(24 Nov '12, 10:07) supergirl

Super girl,

DONT TRY IT. Unless of course you want to bring out an angry spirit out of its world in to your energy circle and start suffering.


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Has that been your experience with automatic writing,mastermind...?

(03 Dec '12, 13:55) Roy

@mastermind- ok...,i am curious to know ur experience.

(04 Dec '12, 02:45) supergirl

@Roy and @supergirl: I'm the user 'mastermind' here, I had make a new profile because I had a problem with the old profile.

Automatic writing doesn't have anything to do with your higher self. When you break barrier with stupidly acquired, occult knowledge, just to play with - you pass a boundary that that nature will not protect you anymore. You enter the invisible, world of the dead.

So be very wise, I've worked with many clients who start seeing things, hearing whispers when they try to sleep..after trying these things..

(05 Dec '12, 12:32) mastermind2

Super girl, you mentioned that you read automatic writing is a way of having "conversations with God".

Just know this dear, God doesn't speak to man with upside down or inverted letters. If he needed to speak to you he will speak in a more clear voice. From millions and billions of human beings living in this planet, what makes you think that God has a personal message for you!

And please don't listen to these youtube spiritualists and what these books say. If you get in trouble, NO ONE CAN HELP YOU. EVEN GOD. NOT that he doesn't. He cant.

(05 Dec '12, 12:40) mastermind2
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