The author(of The Message of the Master)'s friend went from success to success in the stock market when he practiced what he had learned from the Master. Was his method just sutaining his focus of some stock in the upward direction? This seems doesn't work for me.Have I missed something necessary or it is just because I need more time? Does anybody know?

Sorry to ask this question concerning worldly and somewhat profane pursuit, but this really interest me and maybe the start point of my higher goal.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

"Love is the Law, Love under Will" Aliester Crowley

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I know my comments have not much to do with your question. However, by now it should seem quite obvious to most people that the major problem in our world has to do with the pursuit of money (most times out of necessity). It's not money per se that's the problem. It's how we've been forced into chasing it to make ends meet. We need a new system. One that recognizes the 2 most valuable assets - natural resources and our labor. Mother Earth has provided for all our needs through Her resources and it takes our energy (labor) to create, first the things we need, and once everyone has their needs, then we can move on to the luxuries of life.


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very insightful observation @crosby

(27 May '13, 17:18) ursixx

Hi doublezen, everything is spiritual including worldly pursuits ... having said that, stock prices rise and fall according to mass consciousness, thus delving into the mass consciousness or unconscious whichever way you choose to name it, it's possible to sense which way prices are going to move. This can be done with the aid of a pendulum and a radionic graph such as published by servranx that's specially designed for selecting and predicting stock market trends, graph no.30 "bourse: sélections et prévisions"

alt text

It's important to remain neutral when using the pendulum, that is, not want the prices to rise or fall and keep in mind that for many stocks it's possible to make money not only in rising bull markets but also in falling bear markets.

alt text


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ru bis

@ru bis "stock prices rise and fall according to mass consciousness"

Reminded me of Joseph Granville .

Check out @Dollar Bill 's comment to Constantine here..

Agree, abundance consciousness is very spiritual..

(26 May '13, 19:43) ele
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