I've been experimenting with different variations of Richard Dotts manifestation methods including the phrase "It is done" and the concept of thoughtless manifestation that was mentioned in a previous question here on inward quest.

One of my views on manifesting would be inner world first, then outer world. I would sometimes build up the energy of my desires first with either afformations or sometimes no words at all to get aligned, I then would just repeat the words "It is done" to my emotions several times while looking inward till I can completely let go without specifying anything.

Sometimes If I can't feel an intention I build up energy around it first with words and afformations as a first step then I feel and hold those emotions as an intention then let it go. I feel pretty good after doing this.

But my curiosity keeps bringing me back to the above question. I would like to take this a step further.

I'm currently reading "it is done" and thoughtless manifestations both by "Richard Dotts"


Thank You

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We must understand that there actually is no genuine "outer" or "inner"--we simply experience our state of mind. Now, the illusion of time is just the result of our overall state of dual consciousness, i.e. all the things we implicitly accept as true, which means that moving from one experience to another is always subject to our state of mind. In other words, we may try to "believe", "accept", "allow", "align", "manifest" etc., but in every instance we are almost always implicitly holding in our awareness the state of mind from which we are trying to manifest the new state of mind and this causes the illusion of time because the desired state will emerge into our experience only in harmony with our ideas of what is effortlessly true. If one were to accept the desire as truly as one accepts the sensory evidence that is immediately in our focus, we would in that very instant experience the desire not as a desire but as a "evidence".

I would like to add that being happy is enough because the essence, or value, of any experience is the feeling we have. So the zone of pleasant forms is actually the zone of pleasant emotions. Peace of mind, relaxed, happy are all goo emotional zones. Focus entirely on feelings: this is the real deal regardless of form.


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@harsha , thanks for that, i think you're right. being happy is enough! but my answer was specipiclly to the question that was asked . i think true happiness is really real when you're in love with what you want and chilled at the same time and great knowing. but to this question happiness is enough only if you desire nothing at all in my perspective. because the hapiness meaning the achieved alignment was'nt satisfying. but basically i agree with you.

(10 Jun '17, 14:10) myself

i think the answer would be an alignmemt WITH the thing that you want.

we dont attract what we want, we attract what we are, for example a great dancer does'nt want to dance, he IS a dancer, he just dance. he mabye WANT to dance in a specific show but he is already sees himself as a dancer and dont even think about it or questions it.

so being happy is not enogh if its an object - we have to become the object, what the object represent for us (or what it represent for those who has it). if its a person - we have to be align with their current viberation - and since we can never know exactly what's someone else frequency is ,it is best to just be ourselves.

so if you're asking "how long does it take to..." it means you didnt do the alingment work yet to get there. think about the dancer - he would'nt ask how long does it take for me to be a dancer - he already is!! no matter were he perform. he IS a dancer and he knows it.


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