Anyone here a trader, as in stock market trader. I like trading Stock Options, and if so, have you used the manifesting processes to help you be a successful trader? I am looking to get back to trading ( one request I have put out) got the account set up, just waiting to fund my account and start doign it! I have over 10 years experience, but have never applied LOA or manifesting experiments with it yet.

It comes down to trusting yourself once you decide to make a trade, and having the skill and discipline, to folow thru on your plan. I am sure that with this added edge of manifesting intent will help a lot. It also comes down to having a sharp intuition and acting on your hunches. Just having the idea of manifesting a sharp intuitive sense that will alert me to make good trades, as in Inspired Action trades.

Thankyou for reading, and would love to hear any feedback


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Hello again Greendog, it all boils down to "seeing" into the future so to speak ... we have the capacity to place our consciousness into action at any specific point in the time ... in the following video Owen Waters gives a good explanation

So it involves reaching that place within that enables us to explore different dimensions ... here is a practical method in two parts of how to reach that place within ...

As for the task of sounding a specific stock option, Servranx propose a whole range of specialized graphics and the graphic "Bourse" no.30 is specifically designed for the stock market ...

This graph is basically a lozenge divided in half so as to form two equilateral triangles, the black and white circle in the center makes it much more sensitive. As soon as it's lined up with the earth's magnetic field it enters into resonance with it. Line it up using a compass and place the vertical axis of the graph in line with the north/south earth axis, the point of the all white upper triangle towards north.

alt text

If you want to DIY draw the graph on a sheet of white card or thick white paper 27.5 x 19.5 cm and place it on a larger sheet of matt black paper to obtain the black insulating surround. The lozenge itself is 15.7 cm x 7.4 cm and the diameter of the central circle is 4.6 cm. You can add a scale, days and weeks if you want.

These graphs are two dimensional instruments that work on the principles of vibrational accord and resonance with the conscious intent.

Stock market upward (bull) and downward (bear) forces pull in opposite directions ... on the graph upward forces are represented by the upright triangle and downward forces are represented by the downward pointing triangle ... the horizontal line separating the two triangles represents the point of equilibrium and corresponds to the stock value at that particular point in time ... in other words it's a sort of market weighing balance.

As the picture shows, the graphic is expressed in the language of simple geometric forms making it universally easily understandable. It can be used in conjunction with a pendulum which gives two main advantages; firstly it gives the possibility to work directly "within the box" in dynamic, and secondly regular practice of the pendulum automatically brings about a progressive expansion of consciousness.

To use it, write the name and identification number of the share to be tested on a piece of square white card that you then place on the circle inside the lozenge. Now ask the question "is this value going to rise or fall?" and wait for the reaction which can be received in any number of ways such as through feeling or any other way that you personally recognize it. I use a pendulum, either physical or mental. If the value is rising the pendulum oscillates towards the top point of the lozenge, if it is falling it will oscillate towards the bottom point. You can use the scale to determine how many days/weeks this tendency will continue.

have fun ... bb2 :)


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blubird two

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ru bis


I saw this a few weeks ago - I voted up ru bis; but neglected you. You may be transformed - but your answer & links deserve a vote up!

(10 Mar '13, 19:18) ele

@ele yes i practice this lozenge technique, it does give positive results

(11 Mar '13, 02:50) ru bis

@ru bis Good to know. I am going to try it. I should go back to the observation deck so I can read vintage IQ & practice techniques such as this. Participating is over rated.

(11 Mar '13, 03:12) ele

@ele geometric forms act as doorways into the invisible, here's a bit of info ... "by trusting the hidden reserves of your own mind, emotions and soul to creatively guide your experience here, you will receive that which is uniquely appropriate for you at any given time" quote from the article

(11 Mar '13, 04:50) ru bis

ru bis I wrote this out on a word document based on your email to copy & paste. You then edited your comment; which I did not realize. Just by chance I refreshed the screen. This is exactly what I wrote - That's actually a very beautiful & inspiring piece which I will study in depth. "By trusting the “hidden reserves” of your own mind, emotions and soul to creatively guide your experience here you will receive that which is uniquely appropriate for you at any given time."

(11 Mar '13, 06:04) ele

... Funny, before I read this article, I wondered if you knew the relationship between emotion & magic. The end. New --- Silly, silly me. You even knew which quote I'd pick. (laughing)

(11 Mar '13, 06:05) ele

reminds me of red diamond.

(24 Mar '13, 03:13) ele

Simple enough. When I think of a lozenge, I'm not thinking graph. What type paper do you use? Measures 24.5 x 33 cm I'll do the same for the vortex. Does size matter?

(27 Mar '13, 06:35) ele

Simple enough. When I think of a lozenge, I'm not thinking graph. What type paper do you use? Measures 24.5 x 33 cm I'll do the same for the vortex. Does size matter? ETA This was like magic. I opened another comment box & stated I could not edit the above & voila, I'm here. IDK how. lol! Does it matter if its paper. Can it be fabric? If so, does the material matter? Thanks..

(27 Mar '13, 07:28) ele

@ele "does size matter"!? hmmm the mind boggles :) ... i've modified the text showing how to draw the graph. Servranx always use card for their graphics, maybe other materials work. It's a bit like a musical instrument, size alters the resonance, so exact size is important to obtain maximum performance.

(27 Mar '13, 12:57) ru bis

@ru thanks. . . I did note the scale when I looked at servranx. I guess size really does matter. Obviously I thought it did, otherwise I wouldn't of asked. I was going to do it on white vinyl & I thought of using a black vinyl also. Then I thought vinyl isn't exactly au naturel material. It would have been easier to just order; but wasn't sure how long it would take to get from France to the middle of nowhere. (I just noted the dbl comment & that is really weird also). This thread has a ?

(27 Mar '13, 17:26) ele

@ele yes i have a few of their graphs, including the lozenge. There is a book containing info (in french) and small drawings of all the graphs. It's possible to take photos of the drawings, then blow up the image to the correct size, then trace the image on paper. By the way to draw the graphs always use a graphite pencil, or even better use indian ink for it's magnetic qualities. That's probably why servranx use a card base, it provides an electrically neutral support.

(28 Mar '13, 03:21) ru bis

@ru bis Yes, I've been trying to enlarge the graphs from your link. I'm not sure what the correct size is. I have the lozenge, thanks to you. What about the other ones you want me to start with. I also have the capabilities to translate plus I have a couple French speakers I can ask. I never thought about Indian Ink. Maybe I should order.

(28 Mar '13, 03:32) ele

it's your choice @ele my friend, you choose the graphs that suit you. As for myself, i live less than 200 km from the servranx shop so i easily get the graph that i'm interested in, then i trace an exact copy using a pencil, that way i play with the pencil copy, i get "into it", understand it, project my energy into the shape, that way it becomes alive in my mind. Then when i use the exact servranx model it's already "alive" in my mind.

(28 Mar '13, 03:45) ru bis

Confused. The graphs that suit me? I thought I was the student? I understand putting your energy into the drawing. I would assume it would give it more power.

(28 Mar '13, 04:33) ele

yes @ele the graph that you feel most attracted to, the aim and the graph go hand in hand, just like tarot cards, here we are all student/teachers, it's the law of duality, there's always a flip side to everything :)

(28 Mar '13, 04:52) ru bis

the graph has intrinsic energy but it needs your energy to start it up, and this is done by mental and emotional harmony

(28 Mar '13, 04:53) ru bis

Actually I thought once it got started, it would be a co creation. So the graphs are no different than crystals than. Which ever one 'feels' right. So why even mention the graphs in the ru bis answer if I'm supposed to select my own. I understand what you are saying here but it conflicts with what I thought you were saying previously.

(28 Mar '13, 05:23) ele

@ru " ele the point is, are you serious about it, that is, do you really believe it ? "

(28 Mar '13, 05:26) ele

@ele all things work, crystals, magnetism, reiki, graphs etc. etc. if you feel that graphs work for you that's great, what i love about graphs is that once they are activated they pull their energy from the environment like an engine alimented by subtle energy ... all "magic" can be done without any support at all, but it would take a lot of concentrated energy to do so. It's like travelling a thousand miles, you can walk it or you can use an entirely automatic car (graph), just start it up

(28 Mar '13, 05:44) ru bis

tell it where to go and it performs the task that you have mentally programmed it to do.

(28 Mar '13, 05:45) ru bis

it is a co creation, with you and your higher self

(28 Mar '13, 05:56) ru bis

One of the reasons this piqued my interest is due to the unique 'geomantic' properties in my area. I thought they were a 'fit' with Servvanx & rad. Sacred ground surrounds me. I live alongside a major waterway & under a major flyway. This unique geological region is considered a major power point in NA. It also is a hot spot in the country for cancer & mental illness is higher than the norm here. It's also an area with higher than normal paranormal activity which surprises none of the...

(28 Mar '13, 06:14) ele

locals or me ....

(28 Mar '13, 06:16) ele

@ele yes i know

(28 Mar '13, 06:34) ru bis

thanks for the info

(28 Mar '13, 07:26) ru bis
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The method I use is great fun and with a bit of practice gives satisfactory results. It allows you to establish in a few seconds whether a value will rise, fall or remain static for a period of time ranging from one day to five weeks, As soon as dowsing is mentioned many people either smile and wonder if you're crazy or give it a go then loose interest after having obtained poor results, The truth is anyone can easily learn how to dowse with a pendulum, all you need is to ,,, read ,,, study ,,, visualize ,,, perform ,,, the contents of the following information and success will be yours.

Dowsing works on the same principles as feng shui

and can answer any question that your heart desires, the only limits are your own beliefs and imagination.

A pendulum is held in your dominant hand between the thumb and the first finger, the other fingers slightly spread out;

alt text

First pratice with an imaginary pendulum; walk slowly, to and fro for at least ten minutes, hand and arm supple as if holding a pendulum. Now whilst continuing to maintain the correct position of your hand, imagine that you're holding an invisible small spoon and that you're gently stirring an invisible lump of sugar in an equally invisible cup of coffee.

Stir 20 times in a clockwise direction

Stir 20 times in an anticlockwise direction

Then again imagine that you're holding a phantom pendulum and walk calmly to and fro, stay calm and supple.Now hold a real pendulum in your hand, in the correct position as described and slowly walk to and fro for a while, don't pay any attention to what the pendulum is doing, For this beginners exercise any small weight (5 to 10 grams) on a string (3 to 10 cm long) will serve as a pendulum

alt text

Now you know how to hold the pendulum and have practiced loosening up your wrist, the next step is to get the pendulum to move correctly; hold it in the correct position and standing calmly, slowly turn the pendulum voluntarily in a clockwise motion, as you did for the phantom spoon. Keep as to the movements of the needles of a clock

alt text

Continue turning and little by little transfer your attention from your hand to the pendulum. Your hand can continue turning, let your attention follow the gyration of the pendulum, and wish that the turning continues. Fix your attention on the movement of the pendulum. What will happen is this; your hand will pass from your conscious control which moves by gestures, to an unconscious control, which moves by reflexes. Your hand will automatically all by itself, continue to make the pendulum turn, because you wish it to, but without all the gestures, uniquely by reflex movements.

Using exactly the same method, practice swinging the pendulum anticlockwise, from left to right, forwards and backwards

alt text

Repeat these exercises as many times as you want and once you've mastered them and feel completely at ease you won't need to voluntarily move the pendulum.

Now hold your pendulum a few millimeters above the center of a drawing of a spiral

alt text

Just look at the spiral and don't think of anything in particular, or if you want you can wish to be sensitive to the influences of the spiral wave form. Soon your pendulum will start turning in a clockwise direction.Do the same exercises with an anticlockwise spiral and parallel lines, each time the pendulum will swing in the direction of the drawing.

alt text

Now hold your pendulum over the center of a drawing like this

alt text

the pendulum will remain immobile because there are four equal forces playing tug-of-war and pulling in opposite directions creating a dynamic equilibrium in the center. Continue holding your pendulum a few millimeters above the center of the drawing and think of a lump of cheese, the pendulum will start to swing in a definite direction, now think of a lump of goat's cheese, the pendulum will oscillate in a different direction. Do the same exercise with other materials, iron and steel, butter and margarine etc. This diagram is a simple separator of vibrations. Your thoughts add a fifth force thus disrupting the delicate equilibrium and the pendulum oscillates along a definite line of force.

Practice will prove that you can make with your pendulum, or more precisely, with your unconscious computer, higher self, conscious matrix or however you prefer to name it, any conventions, any mutual agreements that are necessary to obtain precise indications from your pendulum. Here's a code of practice for interpreting the movements of your pendulum;

There are four significant movements,

1) Oscillation of direction ; the pendulum pulls more in one direction than the opposite direction, indicating a particular direction, A simple oscillation without pulling shows neutrality.

2) Clockwise giration : indicates positive, good, correct.

3) Anticlockwise gyration ; indicates negative, bad, incorrect.

4) The pendulum remains immobile and seems to be attracted to a point. An object, a living being, or energy leaves traces of where it has been, and there are traces at this particular point.

Again once you feel at ease doing these exercises you can start training with the trader's graph

alt text

Place the graph on a flat surface and line it up with magnetic north. Now write on a small square of white card or stiff paper the name and number of the value together with the stock market reference. You've just created a word-witness, here's an example

alt text

NYSE EURO signifies new york stock exchange euro zone, the company is CARREFOUR and FR0000120172 is the international trading code

A word-witness contains all the essential information of what it signifies, in this case the carrefour value. Place the word-witness of the value or group of values you want to test on the circle of the lozenge. Hold your pendulum a few millimeters above the witness, wish to render yourself sensitive to the influences of this value, ask the question "is this value trending up or down?" and wait for the reaction of the pendulum. If the value is trending up the pendulum will swing towards the northern point of the lozenge, if the value is trending down the pendulum will swing towards the southern end.

Let's assume it's trending down. This first indication is only a general tendency lacking precision in time. The next question will be "is this value trending down today?" Let's say that the pendulum responds "yes" by gyrating clockwise. This response will result in a new question "how long will this downward trend last?" and placing your pendulum to the left of the word "days" on the graph start swinging it parallel to the numbers situated under the lozenge. Keep your question clearly in mind and slowly displace your pendulum to the right. Little by little, the pendulum will start to swing obliquely to the graph to finish oscillating perfectly perpendicular to it. This point indicates clearly the number of days that the downward tendency will last.

If you go further past this point to the right in the direction of the weeks end of the graph you'll notice that the pendulum will start producing oblique oscillations opposite to the precedent in which case go back until the pendulum again oscillates perpendicularly to the graph. If the pendulum only oscillates perpendicularly over a number of weeks, it indicates that this is the number of weeks the downward trend will last. If there aren't any perpendicular oscillations neither for days nor weeks then the downward tendency will last more than five weeks.


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Thanks for sharing your inspiration & your vision with us.

(17 Sep '13, 02:43) ele

@jaz Thank you for this. Your answer inspired me to try this technique on soccer betting just to see how it works. Usually betting is not my area of interest. I've come to realize that the state of being while asking the pendulum seems to be crucial. Maybe keeping track of states would be helpful to see which state you need to be in. Any thoughts regarding the way you feel/vibrate when asking the pendulum?

(21 Oct '13, 10:26) releaser99

@releaser99, when practicing the pendulum if you stay as calm and passive as possible all will take place easily and quickly ... the movements of the pendulum will be precise and you'll believe and feel as if it's being guided by an invisible force

(22 Oct '13, 06:31) jaz

@jaz Yes, it works great so far when letting go of control and letting the pendulum do all the "work". Thanks.

(22 Oct '13, 10:34) releaser99
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I want you to ponder something. The job of an engineer is to design functional "things". The job of a singer is to inspire feelings. The job of a garbage collector is to move garbage away from people. What is the job of a stockmarket trader? My answer is that the job of a stockmarket trader is to take on and manage risk. That is all.

Like, let's just assume for the sake of simplicity that all stocks have basically the same fundamentals (no difference in growth or risk or anything) and all that changes is the price, which fluctuates anyway for some weird reason. So the job of a stockmarket trader would be to adjust his portfolio to always exchange the more expensive shares for the cheaper ones, based on the only available factor, which would be the PE ratio. That means with every trade, the trader owns a higher share of earnings than before.

Now in real life, stocks do not have the same fundamentals and there is a wide range of opinions on how things are going to turn out, in the economy, in a sector, in a company. In the real world there is risk. You only job as a stockmarket trader is to have a clear enough idea of value to know when shares are undervalued and when they are overvalued, relative to each other (and relative to other assets).

So keep this in mind: you are always trading in pairs. There is no such thing as selling or buying, there is only exchanging.


answered 13 Mar '13, 13:08

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hi @flowsurfer to quote adrian manz "the whole purpose of having a stock market is so companies and investors can swap risks in order to protect themselves and make more money" ... in other words the aim of a stock market trader is to make money, period. It's a tough win or lose game :)

(13 Mar '13, 14:30) ru bis

The aim of a trader is never to make money. It is to increase his assets. This is abundantly clear in countries that go through hyperinflation: you may make 100% profit on that can of soup you just sold, but you have to pay 300% more to get another one in your shelf; traders have to look at money as just another stock.

(13 Mar '13, 14:55) flowsurfer

ok well let's agree to differ :)

(13 Mar '13, 15:17) ru bis

@flow This reminds me of an econ, soc econ & international dev classes I took. The professor was a former Professor of Philosophy at a major U & a member of the Communist party & that was a big issue. Is he teaching in Latin Amer now? Yes, everything is an exchange; but it's all about buying & selling & a SB's job is first & foremost to make money (assets are money) & yes, manage risk. What you describe is the job of the peon's in the firm; not a brilliant SB.

(16 Mar '13, 05:36) ele

@ele Everytime you "buy" you are also "selling". You buy stocks with dollars and then you buy dollars with stock. If you want to make money, you go into minting. The job of a trader is to increase the value of the things he owns relative to what he owes by shifting his asset allocation (buying at a discount and selling at a premium, which is actually the same thing). Managing risk is how he figures out what is at a discount and what is at a premium. What I describe is what financial wizards do.

(16 Mar '13, 05:43) flowsurfer

well said @ele my friend

(16 Mar '13, 05:44) ru bis

@ele Being a financial wizard, a genius trader, is nothing more than being better than others at understanding risk. Even if you are only good in a very small niche like "what is the risk that this stock will collapse in the next 30 days?", which you know the answer to be 99% so you short the stock and make a fortune, like say George Soros. How that relates to the LOA is something that can probably only be answered through experimentation.

(16 Mar '13, 05:48) flowsurfer

@flow you are talking about apples & I'm talking about oranges. What you are saying is like me asking you "what is a bird feeder?"

(16 Mar '13, 06:40) ele

@ele I wrote the answer and clarified in the comments because the question is how to be a stockmarket trader. I think the answer, from a LOA perspective or even from a non-loa perspective, is to get into the role of a stockmarket trader. What I am describing is the role. There is no other way to be a successful stock market trader, there is only one, there are just different strategies to calculate risk. Some people use Remote Viewing, some analysis. There are plenty of other ways to make money.

(16 Mar '13, 07:06) flowsurfer

Yes @flow there are many ways to make money. I earn money. I don't plan on doing anything illegal to make money. This both fascinates & resonates with me because it stirs up an old memory of someone who wanted to teach me this process which he created through ?; but I wasn't interested & I was busy with other stuff at the time. This person is the epitome of someone who lived by the LOA every single day of his life; long before anyone ever heard of it. It wasn't just that I didn't have ...

(16 Mar '13, 08:54) ele

... time - it was fear. Like gambling - you can't win if you're scared to lose money. Yes, remote viewing; another of my interests. I can do the analysis part also & have done so but I'm not going in that direction any more than I have too..

(16 Mar '13, 08:57) ele

@flowsurfer as you say "you know the answer to be 99% so you short the stock and make a fortune, like say George Soros"; i love this phrase :) ... George Soros, a brilliant investor, developed the theory of reflexivity ... reflexivity refers to the circular relationships between cause and effect ... thanks for the info @flowsurfer

(17 Mar '13, 03:57) ru bis

@flowsurfer, i'd love to know why you chose the pseudonym "flowsurfer" for this site

(19 Mar '13, 08:07) ru bis

and perhaps he doesn't want to be 'outed'. @flow multiple thought provoking points. You said "there are plenty of other ways to make money" Obvious ?, why aren't you doing anything to make money? and 2nd, what are these many ways? Please share. I'm interested in your thoughts.

(19 Mar '13, 19:46) ele

@ele I was simply pointing out that being a stock trader is just one way to make money, and the very definition "stock trader" refers to the means by which one "makes money" (trading equity securities) and not to making money as such.

(19 Mar '13, 21:04) flowsurfer

@ru bis flowsurfer was just something that came randomly to me because I didn't want to use my actual name. Flow means life in the process of happening, surfing is the process of positioning yourself in that flow in a way that is fun.

(19 Mar '13, 21:04) flowsurfer

@ele The problem I experienced with regards to money is that, it seems to me, everything in life is in essence a trade. You exchange one thing for another. The cost of making money seemed too high for me and its reward very small. Even if I made a million dollars, that wouldn't really buy me what I want and I would have spent the time that I wanted to invest into being someone else into something that, while not without value, isn't really the person I want to be.

(19 Mar '13, 21:10) flowsurfer

@flow - and that is the only reason I'm not a billionaire. I don't desire or need a lot of money & the main reason I live the way I do. This would allow me to do more of what I love. What do you want to be? Don't say I want to be a model either! You quit your job quite a while ago. What are you living on? I saw your ermail as I was editing this. I don't believe you.

(19 Mar '13, 21:16) ele

@ele I didn't quit my job, but yes, I did have a series of business ventures that went under. This is actually one the things that woke me up to the understanding that I was wasting my life trying to make money because to me, those were deeply empty years. I am living off family, as a guest. What do I want to be? In a nutshell, I want to be young. I've already expressed what I want as clearly as I am likely to here in numerous questions and comments and I think you already know.

(19 Mar '13, 21:38) flowsurfer

@ele Note, try to avoid too much editing, I didn't catch that you were talking about the modeling thing. Why don't you believe it? There are things that would be difficult and time-consuming to describe but in essence, yes, I do want it. There are reasons why I want it that could be met in ways other than modeling but that actually makes things harder and more complicated, not easier, and ease is something I really want at this point in my life.

(19 Mar '13, 21:44) flowsurfer

@flow Your story. Your wants. Your desires. Missing puzzle pieces. You knew exactly what we were referring to. I was just waiting for ru to catch up (haha). Funny, earlier I was going to say in a nutshell also. lol! Now, I think I know - haha - it's exactly that, in a nutshell. It's NOT my story to tell.

(19 Mar '13, 21:54) ele

@flow sorry about the edits.. mainly add toos. I can't find your last comment. I wasn't just talking about modeling & yes I am aware of your other wants. Being young is easy; it's a state of mind. If you are a guest - you are NOT living off family.

(19 Mar '13, 23:11) ele

@ele I don't understand your "guest" comment. I don't want only the feeling of youth, I want the circumstances/experiences of youth. Even with regards to modeling, I would feel much better being a 17 year old model than a 30 year old model. The "state of mind" is not the actual thing. I don't want to dwell on something that is apparently impossible but the desire is so intense that I find myself constantly asking myself is there isn't a way.

(20 Mar '13, 00:04) flowsurfer

@flow "I am living off my family, as a guest" If you were a guest in my home, I would not view it as 'living off me'. I would view it as a gift & not charity. No strings attached. Perhaps you should too.

(20 Mar '13, 01:12) ele
(20 Mar '13, 02:20) ru bis

@ru bis Have you read any of the soul trader, surf & flow or zen books? I agree, wow! @flowsurfer any recommendations ? I value your opinion.

(20 Mar '13, 04:08) ele

@ele on the subject of flowsurfer, "il cache bien son jeu"

(20 Mar '13, 07:07) ru bis

@flowsurfer You are probably too young to know who Joan Collins is but I remember reading once that she said something like ... you're over 25 for a helluva lot more years than you are 25 or under so why not just enjoy it? Your soul wants you to have different perspectives - it wouldn't want you to remain 25 forever. Take it from someone who is older (not necessarily wiser - you seem wise in many ways FS) don't waste your twenties wishing you were a teenager!

(20 Mar '13, 10:21) Catherine

@flowsurfer "I am living off family, as a guest" no...

(21 Mar '13, 06:45) ele

@flow a successful engineer designs useful things, a successful singer sings songs that rouse feelings, a successful garbage collector moves garbage and helps keep things healthy and clean, a successful stock market trader feels the future flow of energy by looking into the past.

(28 Mar '13, 10:49) ru bis

@flow "there is only exchanging" thanks for the insight

(29 Mar '13, 02:47) ru bis

To whom it may concern - "Past" hmm ... I think your fears are standing between you & what you want. You can't let go of the past & it's "cellular level deep". I don't think you have fully embraced abundance consciousness If you believed that you deserved everything you want; you'd have it. "exchanging" - absolutely true.

(29 Mar '13, 05:25) ele

@ele well at least now we know the flip side of how you see me :)

(29 Mar '13, 05:35) ru bis

@ru bis - actually, I wish you could see yourself the way I see you - absolutely brilliant, extraordinary, beautiful & wise soul & teacher. I have no idea how to convince you otherwise. In the last 24 hrs you said - "it was over 15 years ago but it still haunts me" & "the reality of real prison is just a reflection of what i felt inside" - the wow was added afterwards. I could list numerous examples. Also, my post was not addressed to you specifically - it also applies to flow. I wish you

(29 Mar '13, 06:05) ele

the best of everything. I wish you could accept prosperity/abundance in every form the Universe has to offer. I have absolute faith in you & your methods. Here's a ?. You always say blu is in heaven. Where are you? Tell me I'm wrong & I will take your word. No questions or hesitation.

(29 Mar '13, 06:13) ele

ele i'm in heaven too :) ... and thanks for the insight, the phrase now reads "a successful stock market trader looks, sees and feels in both directions at the same time, that is, the inner world and the outer world"

(29 Mar '13, 06:15) ru bis

@ru bis - that was response I was hoping for & prob the real reason you kept saying blu was in heaven. Being honest; I just wasn't sure. I'm soo very glad we cleared this up. Right here, right NOW wherever we are on this earth, becomes heaven when we release our fears. Please, do the same for me - ok? I really like this; the way it feels. You make me feel like an artist (creator). It's fun & it's IMPOSSIBLE to have too much fun imo.. Thanks.

(29 Mar '13, 07:13) ele

If you haven't seen this before, you may enjoy this article "Money is simply the transfer of energy"

(07 Apr '13, 01:29) ele
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All experts agree that what counts in being a successful trader is that winning is internal, in other words you program your brain to win, you set your beliefs on abundance mode and what better way to do this than train yourself to be a genius

ffalt textff

Here are a few tips for apprentice geniuses;

  • think creatively
  • see things from as many angles as possible
  • learn and improve to do things better
  • recognize the value of other's opinions but stick to vision
  • emphasize productivity
  • live in the "now"
  • see obstacles as learning tools
  • be entirely committed

here is the reference with more complete explications;

and here is a method of mental programming using a specialized vortex graph, that is, a graph that is adapted for a specific purpose. It pulls it's power from what it is, in reality, a powerful whirlwind ever present in our environment. The earth itself has a giant electromagnetic field

and this drawing of a whirlwind mirrors its effects. It presents itself in the form of a two dimensional graphism of a vortex, with an amplifier in the center because it's the point at which energy is calmest. The whirlwind is auto amplified along with anything that it carries with it.

ffalt textff

To put the energies into motion place side by side a photo of yourself (the trader) together with a short written phrase ex. "each day my equity curve has a constantly positive slope" or if you prefer use a drawing:

alt text

This method has the advantage of acting at any point on the globe, that is, a person in australia can set up the device to act for a friend in canada for example.

As the photo and the written phrase are in place at the point of emission, the totality of the dynamic directed towards the beneficiary is automatically integrated. The device can be left in place as long as desired, because supra-consciousness is beneficial and so the vortex ring always acts delicately and with measure.

Once the vortex graph is well under way there is another graph that you can use this time to reinforce your intuition and sensitivity,

alt text

it acts as a net for collecting information carried by ambient subtle energies. Just line the graph with magnetic north and put a small photo of yourself on the center of the graph for 3 hours, twice a week. Note any dreams, synchronicities, intuitions, new ideas, inspirations, and especially act on them.

In stead of using a photo you can place an electret on the graph and keep the electret in your pocket. An electret accumulates specific subtle energies and diffuses them to you, it acts a bit like a rechargeable battery.

Here is the ref. for the graphs and electret

Personally i enjoy drawing the graphs myself, it's great fun and costs next to nothing, however making an electret requires specialist equipment and knowledge.

have fun


answered 24 Feb '13, 11:12

ru%20bis's gravatar image

ru bis

edited 22 Apr '13, 05:00

I'm so glad I decided to stop in check out a couple threads - this thread & the answers, create good vibrations. I love watching 'magic' in motion. Thanks for sharing & allowing us to view the progress of a very creative mind & stimulating my imagination in the process. Posting an encore (bis) of a fav applicable quote.

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." ~ Albert Einstein

(10 Mar '13, 19:15) ele

yes @ele this is ongoing work that i'm doing at the moment, i've found a brilliant successful trader that gives me great inspiration ... thanks for your confidence and support :)

(11 Mar '13, 03:18) ru bis

Always ... keep it coming; I'll catch up.

(11 Mar '13, 06:09) ele

Your edit reminds me of the intuitive conviction of all living things. A hidden essence; governed by a hidden process. Mental maps, numbers, innate modules & "laws" all driven by intuition.

(16 Mar '13, 06:52) ele

yes, the world within

(16 Mar '13, 07:01) ru bis

" i'll conjure " good job! You caught onto mirror gazing rather quickly my dear @ru bis . I know a vette isn't exactly a french sport car; but the car I first learned to drive was a red stingray convertible. In fact, I never drove any car which wasn't a sports car till I was out of college; including my parents. The wilder the imagination the happier I am.

(21 Mar '13, 03:42) ele

ha, so you rode a stingray, hope you enjoyed it :)

(21 Mar '13, 03:46) ru bis

That sort-of sounds dirty - lit?. No, not rode; I was in control.. Ok, you're right, it went too fast for anyone to be in control. 3 mile dike in sec's. When I was 16 my Dad bought me a sports car & said " now you never have to rely on a boy to bring you home." That was his 1 & only b & b speech - so ha!.

(21 Mar '13, 04:17) ele

My dad didn't buy me the vette; that belonged to a friend. My Dad bought me a less expensive new sports car - I would mention what it was; but it might date me.

(21 Mar '13, 04:23) ele

@ele dad was so rich

(21 Mar '13, 04:24) ru bis

No, my folks were NOT rich by any measure & until I was in hs, I would say we were very poor, monetarily speaking that is. My Dad recognized a good investment when he saw one. Instead of buying himself a new car which he needed; he bought me one instead. He knew I'd let him drive it to church. He died a couple years later.. You're right, my dad was sooooooo rich.

(21 Mar '13, 04:41) ele

I never asked my parents to buy me a car. The US is a sue happy country. It was a smart move putting the vehicle & insuring it in my name. If I had an accident; they couldn't take his property.

(21 Mar '13, 04:51) ele

@ele i was talking of my dad, he never had much money either, its only after he died that i realized how magnificent he was, how rich he was ... sync

(21 Mar '13, 04:51) ru bis

My Dad chose to do something he loved over making a lot of money. I didn't really 'lack' for anything. Yes, our Dad's were both magnificent & we didn't realize how magnificent, until they were gone. Sync....

(21 Mar '13, 06:40) ele

and sync again @ele, when i was 18 years old i had a red sports car, an MG "A" fixed head coupé, it was nick-named the flying bedstead because it had very hard suspension, it gave a bumpy ride

(21 Mar '13, 06:48) ru bis

haha . . . that sounded dirty too. Lucky you; I know my cars. Actually that car would be worth some money now. Did it have the auto/folding/flip top? Sorry can't think of what it's called. Actually my first car was not red & one of the reasons it was a deal - color was a one of kind & def a girly color. I never saw one that exact color in my life & 'marked'. I just went out with hot guys with hot red sports cars. (my 2nd car & my now car & prob a few in between were 'red' also)

(21 Mar '13, 07:16) ele

@ele i prefer the word "naughty" rather than "dirty" :)

(21 Mar '13, 07:23) ru bis

laughing . . . absolutely!

(21 Mar '13, 07:29) ele

@ru bis whirlwind computes. Really like it. You may want to send your friend the PB numbers - it's 325M...

(22 Mar '13, 18:53) ele

@ele yes whirlwind computes and it really works ... what does PB and 325M mean ?

(23 Mar '13, 02:37) ru bis

@ru bis I believe you in regards to whirlwind; but are you serious in regards to Powerball Lottery & 325 million?

(23 Mar '13, 03:03) ele

@ele the point is, are you serious about it, that is, do you really believe it ?

(23 Mar '13, 03:10) ru bis

@ru bis in regards to the whirlwind. Yes. In regards to telepathy, yes. I'm better at receiving then transmitting. I can't transmit unless there is lots and lots of emotion involved. Astral travel - yes. Actually, I'm a great receiver - hot empath.

(23 Mar '13, 03:24) ele

@ele "hot empath." that sounds very naughty to me :)

(23 Mar '13, 04:05) ru bis

@ru bis laughing & blushing. That's a start - for me, it has start with emotion - fear based, love or laughter.

(23 Mar '13, 04:30) ele

@ele you certainly are a good recipient :)

(23 Mar '13, 04:42) ru bis

@ru bis haha... Yes, I am! . . . and I just love how my comments are making it to the top. I'm so glad no one knows who I am on this forum. Still laughing & blushing. Stranger across the country, yes. Stranger on another continent, IDK. Counting on you to work your magic.

(23 Mar '13, 05:02) ele

@ru bis Remember the tale of the Indigo Bunting & the Blubird? I'm confident if I'm in heaven & find blu, he'll lead me to true bliss. You asked me if I believed, I said yes. I feel a lack of trust on your part. We'll do it your way. I prefer the electret; but I don't have the training. Will be happy to defer to your expertise in this matter - thanks for the link..

(24 Mar '13, 03:12) ele

@ele trust comes with experience, i have little experience in this area, you'll just have to 'bare' with me :)

(24 Mar '13, 03:22) ru bis

@ru bis My experience with sacred geometry & the like is limited. I do know someone who could teach me if necessary. I'm not sure if I can keep up to you; but I'm going to give it my best. Last yr, it seemed to me, blu was easily irritated at times by me. You are more laid back. My way was simpler. I'm surprised - no experience in this area? I trust in your methods.

(24 Mar '13, 03:43) ele

@ele i've tried and tested some of the servranx graphs; what i really like doing is tracing them myself to get into the spirit of it, to feel how they work, the vortex graph certainly feels great, these servranx guys sure knew how to make good weapons, oops sorry, i mean mental programming graphic devices with mathematical precision :)

(24 Mar '13, 05:42) ru bis

@ru bis Gave it more thought; your way is much better. Hopefully I will learn a new talent which will assist me greatly in life & possibly change it for the better. Thank you for the opportunity. You're pretty good at the other too. It did not escape me. The apostrophe's were not necessary. I make careless errors like that; you don't. No one would ever call me shy in real life & I don't recall blushing when I was a tween. Blushing & laughing - you are the magic man. This is absolutely

(24 Mar '13, 07:18) ele

going to work; I have no doubt. Feel the connection?. . . and just in case you're open to dream states. Wondering, are you afraid of altered states? Can you get in an altered state using breath? Have you tried tribal dance? I've even seen someone who is wheelchair bound take a class. Hey, give me a week & I'll be all yours. Ok adj my font, tells me they were quotation marks... lol

(24 Mar '13, 07:20) ele

@ru bis "This method has the advantage of acting at any point on the globe, that is, a person in australia can set up the device to act for a friend in canada for example." This is one of the reasons I'm so confused. Can you teach something you can't do yourself? I plan on doing it w/or w/o you...

(28 Mar '13, 21:57) ele

@ele any two dimensional graph, graphic design, picture, drawing etc. functions on the same principle as the three dimensional stingray manifestation box, that is, the intention is embedded into a physical support, and the action takes place in that place where time and distance are abolished, in "dream world", 5th dimension call it what you will. That is what i mean by global. The advantage with the graphs is that we can act "within " the box, that is, instead of waiting for results ...

(29 Mar '13, 01:57) ru bis

@ele ... we can receive immediate replies, either using a pendulum or by simply "feeling"

(29 Mar '13, 01:59) ru bis

@ru bis We see global, the purpose of air & waterways & earth energies & even the 'circle' differently. We create our lives with every choice we make. This feels good. It always did. I really like what I'm 'seeing' & feeling. I'm open to possibilities & over thinking is your job. I want it to be effortless. I'm easy.

(29 Mar '13, 04:41) ele

I've learned to take the path of least resistance (meaning there is only pain (confusion, waste of time & energy) in resisting ( meaning it feels good & I don't need to know all the whys & how's) & I find it best to relax, yield & go with the flow. I like all the graphs you selected. I choose those. Instructions please. I love the idea of 'immediate' replies & my only job is to 'feel'. Sounds like the ideal life & path. You did an excellent job of explaining btw. Thanks.

(29 Mar '13, 04:45) ele

@ele the center of the vortex graph contains 12 concentric circles from 1cm to 6.5cm in diameter, the diameter of the vortex itself; inner circle 11cm outer measurement 16.2cm ... do you need other instructions?

(29 Mar '13, 05:07) ru bis

@ru bis Please include the graphs for gambling also. I trust your judgment. I have the totems to go with those...

(29 Mar '13, 05:32) ele

@ele servranx never mention a graph for gambling, i'll search amongst other radionic specialist and let you know if i find one ... in the meantime your best bet is to use the vortex; put your photo and a short written phrase style "today i win a barrow load of dollar bills" (or a drawing of a barrow load of dollars) side by side on the center of the vortex and leave it there for as long as you feel ok.

(29 Mar '13, 05:55) ru bis

@ele give me a few minutes and i'll edit my answer and put in a drawing of the vortex with measurements

(29 Mar '13, 06:38) ru bis

@ru bis - the email with dimensions never came to my email. I think I got it. If I have more questions I will ask. I would appreciate help with the 2nd one. I'm interested in the stock market also. lol barrel load - that sounds fun & one can never have too much fun... Thanks..

(29 Mar '13, 07:06) ele

Your edit is very helpful. Thanks. What if I was trying to pick numbers - use the lozenge & method also?

(29 Mar '13, 07:19) ele

@ru bis That's why I mentioned the PB and/or MM. If you ever want to pick numbers - I'm buying & will split "whatever" in half after taxes. You have my promise in writing on a world wide forum no less. Nite!

(29 Mar '13, 07:26) ele

@ele yes, feel what the lozenge is like for selecting numbers, you can put a written phrase on the center of the lozenge (or a picture) that describes the intent, you can also put the number directly in the middle or mentally project it, and feel the reaction ...

(29 Mar '13, 10:05) ru bis

@ele i've edited blu's explication of the lozenge so as to include a short explication on how to use the graph in practice

(29 Mar '13, 11:37) ru bis

@ru bis Thank you, Thank you & Thank you. Much appreciated. I have to stop comparing. These graphs have very unique properties. I've used mandalas for both meditation & to enter a trance state. (Groff) I'm also very familiar with the NA mandella, mw & sp. Years ago I loved drawing mazes & studying mesmerizing labyrinths. Your graphs feel familiar w/o all the 'baggage' & now I understand your 'weapon' comment & their unlimited 'potential". You can answer my other ? here, if you prefer.

(30 Mar '13, 00:18) ele

@ru bis -- the comment regarding emotional & intellectual intelligence. Feel free to answer here. Thanks again, I'm going to really, really enjoy using the 'cyclone' - multi dimensional, not a mere two or three.

I also plan on getting back into the SM on a more personal level.

(30 Mar '13, 00:51) ele

emotional/intellectual simply means send in the intellect(precision) before the emotion, then when you see the target give it all you've got in the way of emotion ... in other words, "that which is real cannot be threatened, and that which is unreal does not exist" lol

(30 Mar '13, 02:26) ru bis

@ele i love crazy women, reminds me of my mum :)

(30 Mar '13, 02:28) ru bis

You are such a silver tongued devil or one sweet talkin' man @ru bis. You really know how to put a unique spin on just about anything. I'm not sure if " reminds me of my mum" is a compliment or not considering you said the same thing to Cal one night when you thought he was ranting. You must remember, back when you thought he was a girl & he thought you were a girl. lol! Well, absence does make the heart grow fonder; I will take it as a compliment.

(30 Mar '13, 03:16) ele

@ru Did you notice how popular this thread has become. It's only the 3 of us here. Now I feel bad about the deletes & the edits. Not everyone is subscribed. Old habit blu taught me - he preferred keeping our convo's private. Having fun?

(30 Mar '13, 03:17) ele

yes love it all, by the way my mum was really crazy, that's why i became mister twist flip spin because there was no other way out

(30 Mar '13, 03:24) ru bis

Sweetie, I know she was. Did you ONLY just notice me? That was a work in progress. BTW, the middle of no where is closer than Canada.

(30 Mar '13, 03:58) ele

now where did i put that damn shield? i feel like someones coming to get me lol

(30 Mar '13, 04:11) ru bis

@Barry Allen @Simon Templeton I noticed on another forum the number of subscribers to any particular thread is always shown. Would that ever be a possibility on IQ.

(30 Mar '13, 04:13) ele

@ru soo pretty.

You'll miss me when I'm gone...

(30 Mar '13, 04:17) ele

@ele thanks for the shield, it's beautiful, as a boy i loved pretending to be an indian, i love the american indian culture, so incredibly close and in vibrational harmony with nature

(30 Mar '13, 04:42) ru bis

@ru You're welcome. I wanted you to be dressed appropriately & easy on the eyes.

(30 Mar '13, 04:56) ele

@ele i now have a color copy of it on my desk ... a six sided love shield, it really does bring tears to my eyes ... it's a vibrational match to the servranx graph number 15 "bouclier"

(30 Mar '13, 05:00) ru bis

@ru bis Thank you. I knew you would love it. That's what I meant by 'views'; you could learn from me too...

(30 Mar '13, 05:27) ele

@ele yes there are certainly plenty of things i can learn from you ... thanks

(30 Mar '13, 05:35) ru bis

@ru bis I bookmarked this gorgeous 'shield' sometime ago. For many reasons, it reminded me of 'you'. I think I have a copy of it somewhere, from many years ago. I know the connection between a cube & sacred geometry. I thought I would find my answer w/ a search. Then thought it would be better if I just asked you why you made it 6 dimensional. .

(31 Mar '13, 01:51) ele

@ele i didn't make it "6" dimensional, i simply perceive that "6" corresponds to heavenly energy descending from the sky to protect us. The outer circle of the indian shield denotes the sky, the cosmos, the dream world and the drawing in the shape of a regular 6 sided polygon acts as a bridge between the sky and the earth, thus invoking the protection of the "great spirit in the sky", thus all that is contained within the polygon is protected.

(31 Mar '13, 02:47) ru bis

@ru bis thanks for the explanation.. "6 sided love shield" sounded like a cube to me. (I also never read your edits from last nite) I'm familiar with the "6" & what it stands for. "I remember." Sacred ground is native american burial ground. Not sure why anyone would desire or need a shield which wards off love. Protection . . hmm..

(31 Mar '13, 03:20) ele

@ru bis btw, don't delete any of your pic's in any of your answers. Evidently IQ is protecting this info cause I was not able to & have not been able to copy & paste. I could take a pic - I love when my self answers me. lol! As of Tues, I'll be done working for the year. I have to see what graph 15 is.. I can't imagine.

(31 Mar '13, 03:32) ele

@ru Graph no.15 Bouclier - this is one of my personal favorites, it acts as a shield against all vibrational agression. I name it the love shield because it allows me to travel without harm in hostile environments example; on the planet earth. lol! I won't be in need o No. 15..

(31 Mar '13, 04:22) ele

@ele that's why i name it the love shield, love protects

(31 Mar '13, 10:33) ru bis

@ru I agree; I see the vibrational match. From Servanx , Graph 15 Radionic graphic for protection against psychic attack or microvibratoire. It will protect you from any malicious action at a distance. This chart was designed to protect the user from any attempt to subordinate psychic or micro-vibration which could be the result of malicious or operators sometimes too enthusiast. This graph is the best guarantee of independence psychic known to date. What about a benevolent being?

(01 Apr '13, 00:44) ele

@ru bis you said "trust comes with experience, i have little experience in this area"

Perhaps you should look at trust as a gift. Trust is your gift to give as well as a gift you give yourself.

More than anything & I say this with all sincerity & love - I hope this energy work (flirting) ignites enough desire in your heart to take a chance, be open to & allow love in again. So many beautiful French women just waiting to meet you, my dear friend...

(01 Apr '13, 00:50) ele

@ele what do you use to visit IQ pad ,PC Apple Ö_ö ? I right clicked on 1 of the images "save as.." no problemo... ursixx =PC+chrome.

(02 Apr '13, 03:49) ursixx

@ursixx Ö_ö exactly how did you know this? Have you been discussing me with anyone? Well, funny thing is, I looked in my downloads file & they are already there. I did it right away, that day. I still can't copy or paste any words. Thank you..

(03 Apr '13, 04:04) ele

I get that it's a solar disc.

(03 Apr '13, 04:08) ele

@ele yes the dreamcatcher with 32 points is very tedious to draw, try a more simple version to start using just 16 points to keep in mathematical harmony(32/2=16) ... to regain that magical feeling try the vortex graph no.43

(03 Apr '13, 04:18) ru bis

@ru bis isn't the vortex the one I'm sketching? L.I.T.? You missed my point. I didn't delete my comment; no idea where it went. (in your inbox) Thanks, I can't do tedious right now. Need to shut down & go into protection mode.

(03 Apr '13, 06:34) ele

@ru bis I left out a couple important words last nite. Makes all the difference. I absolutely can't do anything tedious such as looking down. I activated an old injury which could be extremely serious & it's getting worse instead of better; which is very scary. After this week, I won't be online like I am now that work is all but done. I almost always get off the computer every 20 min's & do something physical. I have to get back to more normal hrs cause it's finally spring here & I'm out..

(04 Apr '13, 07:24) ele

...outdoors when the weather is good & I'm anxious to get started with the vortex & lozenge. Anyway laughing all nite & wearing my halo has helped immensely. Laughter is better than narcotics. Thanks. The reason I'm telling you this is cause I want those vibes back to draw the vortex over & over infused with love & laughter & then I will explain to blu what the whirlwind/vortex means to us individually. I know I have the power & it will be a very magical summer for me thanks to you. Bonne nuit

(04 Apr '13, 07:30) ele
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