I think there aren't enough heroes, those willing and actually helping others.But for example, if there is an act of true heroism, it it alright to be rewarded with plaques and the like. As far as the armed forces that is not any part of my question I do agree that bravery in the face of battle should be rewarded, but on a personal level, in just day to day living should we not do what we can, even outstanding, and not have it broadcast or given these types of rewards.

Comments please.

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What is a "Hero"?

Is it someone who faces negative situations and moves into them to personally correct them though personal effort, personal struggle, and personal exposure to danger?

All they do is to disconnect themselves from Source so they really have little idea as to what is really happening. Sometimes they finally have a victory that was not worth the price or they die.

Then people call them brave or "Heroes".


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Agreed. Rewarding "heroes" is really just applauding "misalignment" :) http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2597#2619

(28 May '13, 08:50) Stingray

Even the Hollywood movies seems to have got it spot on. I haven't seen a happy fictional superhero yet. They all seem to have some personal crisis going on.

(28 May '13, 11:16) Satori

No, I believe that is right. Good is rewarded and encouraged. It shows others examples. Having good not profiled inspires none to say this is right and should be done.

Also this puts out a mind state that not everything in life is bad. It leads others to look at the bright side of life.

It shows there is good news. When one helps another, another comes and offers help to. Would this other have helped if the first didn't? Probably not since the first helper is a leader the second a follower. So without this first inspiration the second helper would not have helped.

Now lets say this gets news coverage, someone that is a follower watches this and comes across someone that needs help. The hero he saw on television influenced him on a subconscious lever to now help this person.

Everything has influence including this post. This post may influence someone to help someone in need. I think good should be rewarded with recognition. Bad is constantly rewarded with recognition on the news. This man killed that man, this man robbed this store, this man raped this girl, this man burned up this building, this man attested for smoking pot, Etc.... What influence is that on people?

Much better to show positive influence on the news.


answered 28 May '13, 01:28

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