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My answer is copied in full from because I can't say it any better!

"What is Courage?

Courage is the ability to act regardless of the feelings or potential consequences. Courage is following your intuition when the facts are against it. Courage is saying 'I am sorry' when you are at fault, 'I don't know' when you don't and 'I love you' despite the hurt, anger or fear. Each day we speak the truth with integrity, own our responsibilities and reach out to another ... we are building courage muscle.

Have you lifted any weights of courage lately?"


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To actually live life. Most of us get into a rut and are afraid to get out of our comfort zones. Getting out of that comfort zone and doing new exciting things that feel good to us is an act of courage.

Being able to admit when we have done something wrong or made the wrong decision is another trait of a courageous person.


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Pink Diamond

Agreed, these are some of the defining characteristics of a courageous person.

(22 Dec '09, 21:53) Vesuvius

I'm going to suggest a different, and probably unpopular, view of courage.

Courage = Misaligned Action = Action that compensates for Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt

Think about the difference between courage and confidence.

With confidence, you have an expectation that things are going to work out. You are sure and certain, and your beliefs about the action you are taking are in harmony with the action you are taking. Confidence implies a certain inner steadiness and calmness.

With courage, on the other hand, you have now added something else to the vibrational mix. You have uncertainty that things are going to work out, and you are taking action in spite of this uncertainty. You are uncertain, doubtful, perhaps even fearful, but you are doing the action anyway. Your beliefs about the action you are taking are not in harmony with the action you are taking. Courage implies inner conflict.

Looking at it this way, courage is perhaps not quite as virtuous a thing as many seem to think. It implies one hasn't taken the time to line up belief with desire and now one is attempting to compensate for the difference by taking (courageous) action.

But, for some reason, we humans seem to like the drama of it when someone gets themselves into a bit of a mess. We seem to elevate those who require courage to struggle and fight to overcome fears and obstacles the hard way, often in the view of others.

And we rather dismiss and forget about those who quietly and methodically align their beliefs with their desires, live happy prosperous lives, and never have any need for courage.


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I get what you're saying, but for some of us to align our beliefs with our desires, we first have to be willing to look at and change our conditioned beliefs that we've been taught as children so we can get to that place of alignment and live a "happy prosperous life". Without sounding like a 'victim' it does take courage for some people to explore that new way of 'being' if they haven't been taught otherwise.

(22 Dec '09, 21:05) Michaela

good points.........

(26 Jan '11, 00:23) Back2Basics

@Stingray- You rarely hear this...But solid answer. I learned alot!

(28 May '13, 10:44) Nikulas
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Courage is being able to face uncertainty or suffering without being overcome by fear.I wouldn't necessarily say that there are certain actions that define a courageous person because challenges are different for each individual. It is how we react when we are pushed past our threshold that determines how courageous we are and our threshold will be different for each one of us depending on our life circumstances.Being willing to go beyond our safety barrier and face what scares us the most, for me, is the sign of a courageous person; embarking on a spiritual journey and being willing to look at and embrace all aspects of your being requires tremendous strength and courage - we are all warriors :-)


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over coming uncertainty does take courage

(26 Jan '11, 00:20) Back2Basics

Courage is a battle ground for fears in action, overcome by Victory, and Heroes to celebrate with credits!


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Inactive User ♦♦

Beautiful! Vee, I love not only your pearls of wisdom but also your poetic delivery! thank you!

(25 Jan '11, 11:46) daniele

Surly courage or being couragous is something other people see in us.Courage isn't something I think about when dealing with tough and stressful situations and believe me I've had a few. It's other people who call the way you have handled something "courage"


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Quite true evelyn!

(25 Jan '11, 11:47) daniele

I agree; people have often told me I'm 'brave' to do something, but I think often that is because they are judging what I do by whether they could do it or not. For me it's not scary to start my own business or travel alone to the other side of the world (well, maybe a tiny bit!), but to some people that takes a lot of courage. Maybe courage is in the eye of the beholder!

(25 Jan '11, 14:26) aquamarine

My father was considered a heroe because of his courage. Apparently the area he lived in was cut out by the military who used a tank, from their hilltop location, to shoot at the civilian population. According to all accounts, my dad jumped out from behind the barricades and pulled a Rambo, single-handedly driving the military out of that area. Years later, for my dad never wished to discuss his courageous act or how he saved his neighborhood, he got to talking about his courage.

To my great surprise, my dad could have cared less about the neighborhood or the locals. He didn't even have a cause to fight for. He admitted to me, that he had nothing more than a death wish on that day. He was quite young, had fallen in love with his brother's wife (she was older and neglected by her husband who kept several mistresses),and were carrying an affair. When she became severely ill with cancer and had lost consciousness, he took her in his arms and took away her breath with his bare hand. After thus killing her, he slashed his own wrists. He was found and saved by his brother, who not only forgave him, but also extracted a promise from him not to attempt it again. His supposed courage was a desperate attempt to end a miserable life.

So, what's courage? For me, him coming out clean with the way it really was, must have taken quite a bit of courage!

thank you, namaste


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Very true. What war was this, where did this occur?

(26 Jan '11, 00:25) Back2Basics

Beirut, sometime in the 1950's.

(26 Jan '11, 07:18) daniele


i believe that courage is doing something ; you wouldn't expect from your self let alone from what people would expect from you . Doing something you believe in of course.



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Welcome, Yari! Nice answer!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(20 Oct '11, 06:06) Jaianniah

Courage is the life force in action of all living things ... a newly hatched turtle stumbling across the beach to affront the pacific ocean ... a lone arctic tern flying thousands of miles between north and south poles ... a three year old child joyfully playing in the garden ... a yellow crocus peeping through the freezing snow in springtime ... for me that is the nature of courage.


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blubird two

What a beautiful answer, blubird...Just wonderful!>>>>>>>>

(20 Oct '11, 06:05) Jaianniah

courage is when you protect the weak even if they deserve what is coming to them. courage is when you can tell someone the truth even if he is not going to like it. like that he is bigger then the weak he wants to beat up with is buddy. and you tell him i know this guy must have done this. but he is weaker then you and you are 2 against one. so i give you the choice you act like adult and solve this by talking or we fight and i will kill you and once you meet your creator your god tell him i sent you to him. i will give you even another choice you cannot say that i am not good you can climb back in your car and go back from where you come from. so what choice is it?

well he made the right choice.

It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

Since, then, we know what it is to fear the Lord, we try to persuade men. What we are is plain to God, and I hope it is also plain to your conscience.

There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you--who are you to judge your neighbor?

experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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white tiger, is it then a matter of conviction or knowing fear of the Lord? your mind is able to save or destroy.

(13 Oct '11, 09:29) fred

fred it is a matter of knowing doing the right thing and speaking the truth. i let the person the choice to do the right thing or he would have get the consequence of is action. the weak was not complitely clean also i am sure that he did not like that i told the other guy he must have done this. and it was what he did. i could have add 3 person against me. but it was the truth. i would have got no consequence of that because none of it was my choice. and yes if he would have made the wrong choice i would have kill him and he would have went to hell. i hope it will answer your question fred.

(14 Oct '11, 01:54) white tiger
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